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Daniels’ Tweet Raises Some Eyebrows

Celtics Hub’s very own Zach Lowe has stirred up a bit of attention (rightfully deserved I might add) around Marquis Daniels’ twitter posting from yesterday. Here is a detailed description of the post, along with the exchange between Lowe and Daniels, courtesy of a post made by our faithful leader and Truehoop blogger  Henry Abbott

Last night, Zach Lowe of Celtics Hub e-mailed somewhat alarmed to have seen that Marquis Daniels had tweeted this:

Any body got a rednose pit dat u wana breed wit my Orlando raised brown eyed Doberman I have her tail n ears clipped…she’s a prize fighter

Holy ghost of Michael Vick. Please, Mr. Daniels, on behalf of the Celtics and all that is holy, explain this in a way that makes sense. You are not really bragging about your prize fighter of a dog, right?

Lowe reached out to Daniels by Twitter last night, and got a couple of quick denials that this is what it appears it might be:

  • celticshub it was a joke towards someone I kno back in orlando alot of my posts r me joking on someone
  • wat did u think I was talkn bout….lmao, ion even like animals wit teeth….lol

Two people who know Marquis Daniels say exactly the same thing: Daniels is the kind of guy who would make an outlandish joke on Twitter. But he is not the kind of guy who would fight dogs.

More from the post…

Casimir K. works for Colourful Money, the firm that designed Daniels’ Twitter page. He confirms that this Twitter feed really does come from Daniels the player, and that Daniels is no Michael Vick.

“No not at all,” he explains. “He doesn’t have time for that. He doesn’t do much of anything besides basketball.”

But is Daniels the kind of guy to say outrageous things in the name of comedy?

“Yes. He’s a silly, down-to-earth, cool dude,” says Casimir.

And, apparently, he does not have anything to do with fighting dogs, despite what you may have read on Twitter.

I’m thinking that next time, it might be smarter to skip that particular joke, or have you considered a text message?

Abbott sums up the situation quite well there with his final line when looking at the situation many players will be facing when letting themselves speak unfiltered on twitter. Kudos to Zach for following up on the situation with Daniels and giving him a chance to explain himself.

Celtics fans are still in the process of getting to know Daniels right now, so I guess it’s good that we know the guy will have a sense of humor, albeit maybe a little out of the ordinary one at that. People should try not to judge Daniels too much here, but here’s hoping next time Quisy makes his jokes about sensitive subjects a little more clear…..especially when the rest of the online world isn’t in on the joke.

  • http://www.jameyburke.blogspot.com KobeWearsAPurpleThon

    Was it really neccessary to post this here? Wasn't it enough that ESPN picked it up? These guys are grown men, and don't have to really explain anything. They Tweet and interact w/the fans which is great. If they aren't being disrespectful to anyone, then leave them alone. Most of Marquis' tweets are to his family and friends. Occasionally he'll Tweet w/fans which is great! Why can't you just appreciate that? This guy Zach seems a bit sheltered-I mean the comment he made after that about "birds"..?? WTF was that? Really guys, no disrespect intended, but if you are any bit of a bball fan, you know alot about some of these players and some of them you may just not want to follow if you are looking for "prim and proper". May I suggest @sheldenwilliams or @sugarray20? Thanks guys. -KWAPT

  • freebird1963

    24×7 news has killed the media intelligence.

    Next time how about a story on if the dripped on the toilet seat and girl couldn't squat to pee. That be more interesesting.

  • bizona

    Personally, I appreciated this post. I have season tix. I spend a lot of my money on the Celtics and I would prefer to not be supporting – directly or indirectly – cruel, inhumane, abusive behavior towards animals.

    Other posters can say Daniels doesn't have to explain himself or his personal business. Fair enough, but we're talking about him potentially breaking laws. That affects the Celtics and therefore affects the fans, particularly the people who pay for a whole season up-front. If he's not breaking any laws and not hurting anyone, then it's his business and he need not explain himself. However, in this case, it was totally appropriate for Zach Lowe to inquire about it and ask for it to be explained. Daniels apparently recognized this considering he responded.

    Nice work Zach. Also, nice work by Henry Abbott & Brian Robb in compiling it all together.

  • http://www.celticshub.com Zach Lowe

    For the record–and I may have to do a post on this–I believe Daniels is absolutely telling the truth when he says it was a joke. Most of his Twitter account is inside jokes–I don't understand most of his tweets. By all accounts, he's a bit of a goofball–and I mean that affectionately–so I believe him here.

    That said, his Tweet was weird enough to at least warrant me asking him about it. Henry took it from there and made it into a post about social media on TrueHoop, which I had very little/nothing to do with.

  • bear

    Maybe I'm dense… I can't figure out how this could be a joke in any way. Doesn't mean it isn't – I just don't get it.

  • urbeltic

    At the very least, his tweet reflects a lack of intelligence. If he can’t grasp the complexities of a public tweet about a hot button topic/criminal activity, then he may not be able to grasp the complexities of coach T’s D.

  • http://n/a Ian

    I wouldn’t go over analyzing everything people happen to say…..I’m sure if you analyzed all of us thoroughly enough then you would find that we all sound a bit like dog fighters.

    Get more updates on KG…..not on lame twitter accounts

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