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Our much-discussed point guard talked at length with Sports Illustrated in a q-and-a the mag just published online. Most of it is, frankly, run-of-the-mill stuff in which Rajon says all the right things about keeping his teammates happy, having confidence, doing what Doc Rivers tells him to do, etc. Sorta bland. 

But the reporter does manage to drag some interesting stuff out of Rajon, including the fact that Rajon has somehow gotten himself into even better shape. Keep in mind, this is a player of whom John Krolik wrote the following on FreeDarko:  “His body looks like the product of Jay Bilas being allowed access to the Forge of Hephaestus.”

And now he’s eight pounds heavier with less body fat? 

Here’s the full excerpt: 

[Doc Rivers] and I talked after the season. He wants me to become a better floor general, a better leader. I’ve also been working on my shot and my strength. I’ve gained about eight pounds; I’m up to like 187 now. I came into the league at 160. But with the type of game I play, taking the contact and the hits, hitting the floor, it’s still a game of muscle. And my body fat has improved a little bit. I’m down to like 5.1 [percent] now.

Also of interest is this bit about Rajon’s alleged attitude problems:

Maybe on the court … [when] a possession or two may go by and I’m frustrated about the game, and things aren’t going well for me, I may get quiet or shut down, I may not talk as much on the defensive end and call out all the sets and all the screens.

And this exchange about his upcoming free agency:

SI.com:Is it safe to assume you’d prefer to stay with the Celtics?

RR:If the Celtics want me, then I’d be happy to stay.

There’s a lot more there, and I encourage you to check out the whole thing. 

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