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brian-scalabrineA quick roundup of some C’s related tidbits as we begin the countdown for training camp here at Celtics Hub.

Jess Camerato of WEEI.com caught up with Brian Scalabrine to discuss his progress recovering from the multiple concussions he suffered during the 2008-09 season.

“I didn’t play any basketball,” Scalabrine told WEEI.com last week at the USI Shamrock Classic. “I didn’t want to risk getting a concussion in that environment. So I just didn’t play any basketball and then I’ve been playing since I got back here.”

The Celtics forward began playing basketball nearly three weeks ago when he returned from Washington to Boston for the upcoming season. Up until that point he had been following the training routine outlined by the team’s strength and conditioning coach, Bryan Doo.

“We’re just going to take it day by day and see what happens,” he said. “The only time you’re really going to know is until you take a blow. It’s going to happen one time or another, just how I respond to it is going to be key.”

A smart move by the former USC star to be cautious during the offseason. These types of head injuries tend to linger if not addressed properly. My guess is Scal may have even rushed back a bit during the playoffs last season due to the influx of injuries that the Celtics frontcourt suffered prior to and during the Bulls series. Even if this was the case, he was a terrific contributor during the playoffs despite any lingering effects of the concussions  and stands to be again this year, despite the additions of Rasheed Wallace and Shelden Williams to the C’s bench.

Doc Rivers will not have to rely on Scal as much this year, but number 44 has proven to be a valuable insurance policy and additional option for the coach if he wants to spread the floor with 3 point shooters. Despite the logjam in the front court, I see Doc finding minutes for Scal this year, potentially even some at the 3 if the defensive matchup is favorable for Scal against certain opponents i.e. a bigger swingman with limited speed.

Meanwhile, the Celtics are still waiting on a decision from Dan Dickau over whether he wil accepting their training camp invitation from the team. Not sure Dickau could find a better opportunity to make a contending team out there given the lack of depth at the point guard spot for the C’s, but the truth is Dickau will likely be a non-factor either way.

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