Post-game Reactions

Highly recommend you check out the full piece at the Globe.

On Daniels:

“Marquis, that’s the guy no one talks about,’’ Rivers said. “I’m really looking forward to coaching him. I didn’t like coaching against him; I thought he was very difficult to match up to. He can play 2 or 3 and he has the ability to handle the ball. We’ll use him at point forward.

“Defensively is where I like him. I thought last year, without having Posey, we didn’t have that other guy that could guard guys off the bench, and that put a lot of stress on Ray and Paul. And this year, we’ll have another guy to defend.”

I’ve got a few reactions to this:

1) Point-forward is a lot of responsibility for Marquis Daniels;

2) This is a major indictment of Tony Allen, obviously;

3) What does it say about Bill Walker’s potential minutes?

On ‘Sheed and crunch time:

Rasheed has the ability to spread the court at the end of the game. His presence will probably affect Rondo the most, in a positive way. At the end of games, it will be difficult to come off of [Rondo] when you have four guys standing behind the 3-point line, or three guys [at the 3-point line] and Kevin on the floor. I think it will make Rondo a lot more dangerous.’’


1) This is not exactly a strong show of faith in Rondo’s jump shot, which is realistic and fair.

2) It sure sounds like Doc has a crunch time vision that includes a lot of Perk sitting on the bench, doesn’t it? Obviously, there is no set “crunch time line-up.” Basketball is more complicated than that, and it’s far too simplistic to suggest Perk won’t be on the court during the key minutes of big games. Match-ups dictate too much to say that. But I think it’s fair to say his clutch playing time will take a major dive this season.

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  • Interesting stuff. I really dig the Marquis signing for Boston, doesn't surprise me that Doc's excited about him.

  • Steve

    Why on earth do you have a pop up that shows up right over the article??? Do you want us to read this or not?