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Well, now I’m ready for the season to start.

Something called “Starting Blocks” at the Cleveland Plain-Dealer finally noticed the Celtics.com Paul Pierce interviewa week after it happened—and is sort of surprised that Pierce likes the 2009-10 Celtics better than the 2008 champs. The Plain-Dealer (which employs one of the true great NBA beat writers in Brian Windhorst, by the way) thinks Pierce’s comments amount to a declaration that Boston is “the team to beat,” and thinks that notion is insane.

To wit:

Despite the Cleveland Cavaliers’ acquisition of Shaquille O’Neal, and despite Ron Artest joining the Los Angeles Lakers, Paul Pierce says the Boston Celtics are the team to beat.

Insert laugh track.

Confidence is paramount in every sport and for every athlete but Pierce, apparently, is delirious or whistling in the dark.

The blogger goes on to make the fair point that age and health will be real concerns for the Celtics this year, though the age and health of Shaquille O’Neal are not discussed.

Also not discussed: The Orlando Magic, the team that beat the Cavaliers in six games in the Eastern Conference Finals last season.

Also: Calling Pierce “delirious” for being confident about a team that won 62 games in 2009 and then signed Rasheed Wallace and Marquis Daniels— well, that’s a little ridiculous. Call Antawn Jamison “delirious” for talking about championships, and I understand.

The season can’t start soon enough.

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  • DeVelaine

    Well… It is a fair point to expect age and injuries to hurt us this year, but so many teams are pointing to it because they can't find any other glaring weakness they can continually exploit. As for the other two big names they mention…

    Shaq is an actual second option in Cleveland, so I'll agree that he will help them win games. Winning a "Ring for the King" probably isn't going to happen though. He was in LA for 3 years before the first title there, a full season in Miami before the miracle run, and no titles in Phoenix or Orlando. Great addition, but not going to be an immediate lock for the title. Not seeing how Perk plays well against him, and Davis almost jumps out of his skin at the chance to guard Shaq.

    Then there's Ron Artest. A very good defender that needs to defend the world from himself first. People like that addition in LA, but I'm expecting that to end up a bust and costing the Lakers a return chance at the Finals. Which sucks because KG's going to be on fire for the season having been forced to watch from the sidelines.

  • Schruted it

    Just so you know, I'm a C's living in Cleveland and that "blog" is written by the worst sports writer in town. He recently was demoted from being the Cavs beat writer. All of his posts are garbage.

  • Brendan Jackson


    Dwight Schruted? Yeah I agree with you that that analysis is a little homerish or hackish (take you pick). Shaq is one of the best big men the game has ever seen, but everyone knows that Cleveland got him to defend Dwight Howard and not to actually do damage during the regular season. I love Shaq but taking him as a guarantee to success is "whistling in the dark."

    There is no definitive evidence that the age of the Celtics team will be an absolute detriment. It'll be something we'll all watch as fans but we're not ready to call it quits now. I like the confidence of Pierce (very different from the "I'm the best player in the world" of last off season) and I don't take it as a shot at Cleveland and anyone who says otherwise is either an aforementioned blatant homer or a hack. Given your input, I guess he's a hack.

  • KY Celts fan

    Alternate title for this article – "Cleveland are sort of dicks"

  • Indy Cavs Fan

    Pierce is smoking something. The Celtics have no prayer of making to the Eastern conference final lets alone winning the NBA title. They did nothing to improve themselves this off season. Wallace was not an addition for this team. He has gotten increasingly worse over the last few years and the Cavs pushed him all over the floor last year without Shaq. Allen has lost a step and KG is not the athlete he once was with all the injuries and there is still talk he won't be at full strength this year. We even stole Powe from them. The is nothing to worry about from those old farts in beantown. It will be the King and his Court winning the Title this year.

  • Brian

    Hey Indy Cavs Fan, didn't you delirious douches say that last year was Cleveland's year? Didn't Cleveland get their asses handed to them by Orlando who could barely beat us without KG or some other rotation players we were missing? Enjoy being humbled again. There's nothing worse than Cleveland fans. You've never won shit and yet you post with more arrogance than Lakers fans do, not exactly an easy thing to do.

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  • Clevland fans….LOL you all are funny people. No titles…none.

    And yet for some inexplicable reason you feel like champs. I'm a little confused by the arrogance…is it an attempt to cover up all your failures…? Maybe it's a last gasp? The jester James and his flunkies…still don't have enough. Look the celtics are back rested and reloaded. Our defense can contain James…and nullify his flunky teammates. I love shaq's personality and presence….but he won't contribute much. Some fouls some boards and a huge cap hit. That's it. He can't carry a load. Perk and Wallace can easily handle him. With the addition of daniels we can match up better with teams that have bigger guards and play with a couple of sf's. Cleveland…u still don't have a robin for your version of batman. We have the entire justice league! Wehave the big 9!

    Rondo Allen pierce KG perk Wallace daniels Bbd house! Talk after a title…or 17!

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