Post-game Reactions

Ray Allen, here’s a quick anecdote.  This afternoon I was on Route 16 on the way to get what I think is the best coffee in the greater Boston area (that would be Quebrada Bakery in Wellesley) when I saw a bright blue Range Rover trying to merge on to 16 West.   At first I thought this was some generous (crazy?) father’s sweet sixteen present to his daughter.  Then I realized that sixteen-year-old’s don’t usually ride on very nice 22’s.  The my friend Dev made a crack about how much he doubted this Range Rover could actually rove off-range when the car was able to merge successfully and wouldn’t you know it, it was none other than the Jesus Shuttlesworth himself.  While I feel like an unwilling member of the paparazzi reporting this I thought someone might be interested.  I don’t condone pestering celebrities but if you see a lightish-darkish blue Range Rover with really nice rims (kind of looks like this), chances are Ray Allen is close by.

Oh and he was also wearing headphones, which is a not a good thing to do while driving.  Seriously, I love Ray Allen so much I just want him to be safe.  Oh and I love Ray Allen so much I photoshopped this picture:love-of-Ray5

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  • I wear headphones when driving too!

    Whats unsafe about that?

  • Brendan Jackson

    It could prevent you from hearing road noises like sirens and someone honking. Here's something that might interest you: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/181293/i
    Here, the author doesn't find a notable difference between listening to headphones or a car stereo at full blast, however, I feel both are dangerous to do while driving- oh and reading. Don't read when you drive, you will probably kill someone.

  • Jack Hannah

    I was driving with my father, and as we past a slow moving BMW in the town of Wellesley, I peered into the front seat and saw the woman with a magazine on her steering wheal. We came to at stop so i had time to analyze said magazine and noticed it was a yellow crossword book.

    And people said texting while driving was bad.

  • Sweeney

    Walk away from the man crush as you cross the line when you photo shop his image…ewwww.

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