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In most stories about Marquis Daniels, the writer notes that Daniels played some point guard during his rookie season in Dallas under the Mad Genius Don Nelson. (Daniels backed up Steve Nash at points during that 2003-04 season). 

But it’s important to note that Daniels occasionally ran the point during his three seasons with the Pacers. In 2007-08, for instance, Daniels played about 11 percent of Indiana’s  available point guard minutes, according to 82games. That’s not a ton, but it’s something. And it’s important because there is some notion out there that only Wacky Ol’ Nellie was crazy enough to install Daniels at the point for extended minutes—as if only a gimmicky head coach would do such a thing. 

So it’s really nice to see that Jessica Camerato of WEEI got Stephen Graham (otherwise known as Graham The Lesser) to chat a bit about Daniels’ time at the point while the two were teammates with the Pacers. 

Here’s Graham:

“He actually did play some point at one point in time when we had a couple of guys out on injuries. In my first year with him (2007-2008) he played a lot of point when Jamaal Tinsley was out. He can definitely handle the ball and he can guard a point guard. 

He’s pretty vocal. He’s not a solidified point guard, he’s a multi-position player, but he’s just as loud as any other point guard that you’d play with and he can see the floor just as well as any other point guard that you would play against. He’s one of those tweener guys who can play the point, shooting guard, and small forward. He definitely has a high IQ and is probably one of the better passers I’ve seen playing and as a slasher as well.”

I think we’ve seen the last of Lester Hudson.

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  • Still enjoying #17

    See ya Lester, we hardly knew thee

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  • jeremy hitchcock

    Marquis Daniels is going to be the celts back up pg because he played some at dallas where don nelson was coach a professional wak job whos whole game plan is based on playing guys outta position

    and what stephen graham thinks remember the pacers werent so flash