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Via the Herald:

The long wait for Marquis Daniels is nearing its end. According to sources, the Celtics expect to sign the 6-foot-6 swingman tomorrow to a contract for the biannual exception.

The delay in getting Daniels officially into Green was caused by the team trying to work out a sign-and-trade that would benefit both the Celts and Indiana, the club Daniels is leaving.

Two things of note here:

1) This means, as we’ve noted before, that the Celtics now have 14 players guaranteed money for next season. As you know, that leaves one free roster spot—a spot many teams are opting not to fill given concerns about the bottom line. Of course, when you’ve already committed about $97 million to luxury taxes and player salaries, what’s another $2 million for Lester Hudson or Carlos Arroyo or whomever else you’d like to see in that spot?

The bright side: All of those expiring deals–Giddens, Scalabrine, Tony Allen–remain appealing trade bait for a team looking to unload someone under contract through 2011 or longer.

2) One thing to keep in mind that seems so obvious I’ve (wrongly) neglected to say it before: The Celtics will not be able to use a bi-annual exception next season if they indeed use it on Daniels now. They’ll still have the mid-level and vet’s minimum exceptions, but not the bi-annual.

More proof this is the year to go for it all.

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  • trade scale ta giddens and somethin else for stephen jackson 🙂 lol i can dream

  • T

    The numbers work with Allen, Scal, Giddens, and Walker for Jackson (according to ESPN Trade Machine. That just isn't going to happen, but hey its fun to be imaginative.

  • scal when healthy played huge for the people gotta look at the lil things like bangin with the other guys or bein n positiion near the end of the season after he came back from the concussions he did what was expect … ta besides the knees and thumbs it seems like when he comes back he has flashes then gets injured then setbacks when healthy he can ne wing player and was a good slasher … gidden i would not trade he is a young athletic talent who can play both side off and def herounds good for his size hes like a young in experience james posey with more athleticism and hopfully bill walker dont turn in to leon great sotry plays hard has the 3rd acl then is sidelined but wwe will c

  • hey i can't understand why it's always written that boston already has 14 players. for the record, they have 13 players with contracts. lester hudson is still unsigned. correct me if i'm wrong, please… thanks…

  • 1) KG

    2) Perk

    3) Rondo

    4) Pierce

    5) R Allen

    6) T Allen

    7) B Walker

    8) JR Giddens

    9) R Wallace

    10 S Williams

    11) E House

    12) B Scalabrine

    13) G Davis

    14) M Daniels

  • josh

    trading tony allen would be AWESOME. i held out hope for him for a while, but when he gets the ball in his hands he is completely unpredictable and thus unreliable. i think he's a huge liability and we could definitely get somebody with the same benefits of TA without the spasticness.

    scal, on the other hand, i love. he is a perfect glue guy, does dirty work, comes off the bench and drains 3s for no reason. i love random players like him.

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