Post-game Reactions

When he was asked why he had a hat full of yogurt in his locker, Phillip J. Fry quickly replied, “it used to be milk, and well time makes fools of us all.”

That is exactly the sentiment I hope to feel after the season starts.  My mind has lately been so preoccupied with who the Celtics will get as their back up point guard and how is Marquis Daniels is getting to Boston.  Instead, I’ve decided to take a step back, and look at who is already on the roster to assuage some question marks that only die-hard fans even think about.

Back-up Point Guard: It has pretty much been established that the back-up point guard duties will be divided among Marquis Daniels, Eddie House, and (if signed) Lester Hudson.  Still, none of those guys match the hope fans had last year when it was announced that Marbury was signing with the C’s.  While that didn’t work out the way anyone had hoped, the idea of getting a former Allstar/ number-one-option jaded us a little.  In the age where everyone is stock piling old superstars (Vince Carter, Shaq), or getting younger but still aging players to sign for the mid level (‘Sheed, Artest), fans have become jaded and expect every roster spot to be held down by a household name-which is just impossible.  Still, even without a capable household name available, I thought that the C’s should sign a capable young guy with some athleticism, handle, and scoring ability- in the model of a Bobby Brown or the newly available Mike Taylor.  I loves these types of players because of their explosiveness, scoring ability, quickness, and their underdog status but I realized not only did the Cs have that prototype in Lester Hudson, but they simply do not need another player to sit at the end of the bench.

Small Forward/ Defensive Specialist: Once it started looking like the Bucks were going to release Bruce Bowen, I prepared to jump on any band wagon that had Bowen bound for Celtics town.  I have since revised my position with cooler heads prevailing.  Even though the Cs have Marquis Daniels on the way one way or another, I caught an article title the other day that made me even more sure that the C’s have no use for Bruce Bowen– they have Bill Walker.  I didn’t have time to read the post when I first saw the title, but I vowed to go back and find it, but failed (if anyone knows what I’m talking about, post the link in the comments section and I’ll link to it in this post, gotta give credit where credit’s due).  Anyway, without knowing what the article argued for, I do know that the idea of Walker filling the role as defensive stopper excites me to no end.  Not only do I love Bill Walker (great anecdote about where I was when I found out the Celtics obtained his draft rights), but I have great faith in his ability to be an NBA second tier superstar.  The biggest comparison Walker has consistently garnered throughout his scouting report is to Vince Carter.  After this season, we’ll know if one can add Bruce Bowen to that scouting report.  Walker is strong, fearless, and hardworking.  All qualities needed to be a defensive stopper.  Bowen seemed to also be a one trick pony on the offensive end, a quality which Bill Walker shares to some extent.  However, while Bowen’s trick was the corner three, Walker’s are thunderously embarrassing, momentum-turning dunks.  Walker is also young and has time to develop even more offensively.  I would love to see Bill Walker bodying up superstars than Bowen slowly go the way of John Smoltz.

Role Player Competition: When the offseason started, us here at Celtics Hub came out firing with analysis on all the potential free agents-who all quickly either resigned with their original teams or went to the C’s rivals.  Anthony Parker, Jamario Moon, Matt Barnes, Brandon Bass– all signed with either the Magic or the Cavs.  All of these signings were especially dissappointing- until I really put them in perspective.  Each one of those players are solid if not great role players, but used together probably won’t yield a threat as imposing as it looks.  They work well when attention is diverted from them, but with the whole second unit, no one is going to leave their man to double team Jamario Moon thus leaving Parker open for three.  It just won’t happen.  After realizing this, coupled with remembering the Celtics role players (House, Daniels, Davis, ‘Sheed), these free agent signings don’t seem as daunting anymore.

If the season started today, provided that the C’s have signed Dnaiels and Hudson, I’d say let’s give it a go.  When given some PT, a guy like Houston’s Aaron Brooks can prove his chops, and the more I think about it, guys like Hudson and Walker can to.  Let’s hope that after this season we can all look back at how we became “masters of panic” and think, “man time does make fools of us all.”  All while watching the duckboats mind you.

If that’s not enough, just listen to this, you’ll feel better.  Trust me.

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  • sal grecco

    I don't know if Sky-walker will be a prolific defensive stopper like Bowen WAS. but i can see him holding his own on d while being able to contribute on offense with his explosiveness and sky-walking ability. Would I take Bowen or Walker… from what I've seen from both…as of now…Bowen. He's proven and can sit in the corner and at least force a defender away from the basket b.c. of his 3-point shoot. walker has shown he can dunk and…well yea that's just about it…..for now….

  • I think I am in the minority here, but I have absolutely no faith or expectation that Walker contributes in a meaningful way this season. Then again, I am a grouch.

    He just looked so unready to me last season. Rushed shots, air balls, mental mistakes. Yes, that's rookie stuff, I know. But I didn't see anything positive but the occasional dunk.

    I hope i'm wrong

  • steve

    I do love the intensity Bill Walker seems to play with. What worries me is he seems to make a lot of fouls and sometimes borderline flagrant fouls for no reason. Hopefully that's just part of his mental game catching up to his physical game. One season with more playing time should prove things.

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