Post-game Reactions

sasha_vujacicI don’t like to gloat or find happiness in the misfortune of others, but then again, I really dislike Sasha Vujacic.  That’s why when I woke up to this beautifully sunny day in Boston, my Folgers tasted a little better when I read that Sasha Vujacic didn’t make his own country’s (Slovenia) national team. I don’t want any player, friend or foe, to get injured but Slovenia?

Now I’m not really as up on my Eurobasket as I should be, but I don’t remember ever hearing how Slovenia has too many players from which to choose.  If you’re a Celtics fan, it’s not hard to appreciate this a little.  After all, this is the same guy that wouldn’t wear green after the Celts beat the Lakers two seasons ago.  And then there are some gems like this:

“They (Boston) foul a lot. They get away with a lot of fouls,” Vujacic said. “When we go back to Boston, we know that they are going do a lot of moving picks like they do, and they’re probably going to get away with it. But we got to stay smart, stay focused, and play with poise.” (Hooped Up)

I know there are Celtics players that complain to and about refs and talk trash, but those are the players who actually play in the games.  I can’t remember the last time I heard about Bill Walker or Brian Scalabrine talking trash in the media or even on the court (well, except for maybe this).

Anyway fellow Celtic fans, I hope this news finds you as well as it did me.

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  • Sweeney

    As you, I wish no one any undo misery. However, he ranks up there with the most annoying of opponents. I wonder if it was his play or his LA type of tude that got him kicked off of his neighorhood watch team back home.

  • B

    If I was in the NBA, I would hurt this guy. Easily one of the biggest (insert expletive) in the NBA. It really is a sad commentary on the female gender that supposedly this guy gets more a-s-s than a toilet seat in L.A.

  • Still enjoying #17

    unlike you guys, I don’t mind taking satisfaction in Sasha not making his national team. I tried to tell Laker fans he wasn’t that good. I have forwarded this article to all Laker fans that I know. Maybe Sasha should get a haircut and he’ll run faster…who knows? Maybe get a man’s name?

    (my day just a got a little better)

  • he is disgusting.

  • if you guys forgot, sasha got no minutes in the playoffs. he is merely a side note on a roster that is stacked. with the addition of ron ron, everyone in boston better hope sheed turns into what he used to be a couple years ago and everyone stays injury free. otherwise another lakers dynasty is on the way!