Post-game Reactions

Over the weekend the Boston Globe floated the idea that Ray Allen may be in talks with the Celtics about signing an extension because it’s a possibility that his daughter might be moving up to live with him in Wellesley:

File this under the “Hot Rumor’’ category. Ray Allen’s contract is up at the end of the season and Celtics president Danny Ainge reports that no serious talks have taken place regarding an extension. But there is considerable chatter in Wellesley, where Allen lives, that his teenage daughter may move in with him. Tierra Allen has lived with her mother in South Carolina and plays volleyball and basketball in high school. She would be a junior at Wellesley High (and why would she come if dad wasn’t planning on playing beyond this year? Just an observation). Needless to say, the Wellesley basketball community is watching all this with great interest. With volleyball starting this week, one would think something has to break pretty soon.

Alright then. I’ll say that’s a leap but in the spirit of connecting dots that are really far apart, what do you Boston Celtic fanatics think?

Is Ray Allen gearing up to finish his career in Boston?

If so there are some things to think about.  First earlier in the offseason, Wyc Grousbeck said in a WEEI interview that the Celtics will be prepared to offer a max contract next year to one of those coveted free agents everyone’s been writing about.  Assuming that is still true (with a ton a finagling of Paul Pierce’s contract and not signing any of their own free agents, including Rondo), is this the first step towards being able to offer a max contract?  If Rondo develops a jumpshot, would that max contract be for him?  Is Ray Allen being paid by the Wellesley School system to bring his daughter up to play basketball and volleyball?  Will there be a crazy paparazzi chase starting at Brueggers’ Bagels ending in a firery crash at White Mountain Creamery??

Maybe none of those are true (and by maybe I mean the last two hypotheses are definitely not true).

Anyway, the offseason’s slow, what do you think?

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