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Picture 17Kevin and Henry at TrueHoop are doing their best to get us through the dreary part of the off-season. One idea they suggested: Every blog in the TrueHoop Network should come clean and pick a team they consider their “second favorite” NBA team. There was no set criteria. It could be a team you genuinely root for, a team with a star you like or a team you simply enjoy watching on League Pass. It was a combination of the latter two reasons for me, as you’ll see. I don’t have a true “second favorite” team in a fandom sense. It’s Celtics, Celtics and Celtics.

The ESPN guys wanted 200-250 words, and they’ve collected the responses here. Here’s my bit:

My second favorite team rotates every few seasons depending on players and style, with the ironclad rule that it can never be the Lakers or Knicks. Right now it’s the New Orleans Hornets, and I suspect it will remain the Hornets as long as Chris Paul plays there and the team is at least decent. Chris Paul is John Stockton if John Stockton had to lead his team in scoring along with controlling every second of every offensive possession. He is simultaneously super quick and amazingly patient. I love that moment when he turns the corner on a pick-and-roll and just stops right above the foul line, keeps his dribble, feels the defender on his back and surveys the court. The contrast between that pause and the explosion toward the rim that sometimes follows–I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a bigger contrast in the same player within a second or two. Toss in an all-time great dead-eye shooter who sports a permanent three-day stubble (Peja Stojakovic) and a post player with a set of moves that is a deadly combination of awkward and athletic (David West), and the Hornets are one of my go-to League Pass teams.

Remember, we were limited to 200-250 words, so I didn’t have much room to elaborate. But I’m curious what other teams C’s fans enjoy watching or half-heartedly cheering for, or if the idea of having a “second-favorite” team is unacceptable to C’s fans.

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  • robert eguchi

    i second favorite team is the timberwolves cuz they have alot of celtics

  • Clawlin

    One cannot, as a celtics fan, be a secondary Hawks fan. Mike Bibby just eats too much shit.

    That being said, the Thunder are becoming a second favorite of mine. That building young core which is not only extremely talented, but fun to watch, has the potential to be a championship contender once experience grows.

    However, as of now, they are no threat to the Celtics’ throne, so it is easy to like them.

  • a solid, solid choice.

  • ron mayfield

    whatever team is playing the Lakers

  • Brendan Jackson

    Yeah the Thunder is a great choice. I was watching NBATV the other day and they were showing a Thunder game from last year and it was so fun to watch the young guys work so well together. Green, Durant, and Westbrook could be great and for a long time. I also love how they give guys like Kyle Weaver a shot. In terms of Chris Paul, he’s great, but I still haven’t forgiven him for the Julius Hodge cheap shot. I was a huge Hodge fan back in the day and I remember saying how I would never forgive Paul for it. Although after the Ray/ Varejao incident last year I have to rethink my criteria for forgiveness. As for my second favorite team- hands down Blazers.

  • KY Celts fan

    i’ve got to say the Thunder as well. They’re going to be fun to watch, if you ever actually get a chance to watch them.

  • I like Ron Mayfield’s answer a lot.

    I thought about the Thunder, but I’m not ready quite yet. Runners up for me included: Spurs, Jazz, Magic. (Yes, I like the way Orlando plays despite their whining coach).

  • Jay

    The Pacers, and it has nothing to do with their current team. But I was a die-hard Miller fan back in the day, during the years that there was no celtics basketball to watch come postseason, I’d follow the Pacers religiously.

    Add in the fact of Larry Bird’s presence with that organization, and I have to put them number 2.

  • @Jay–Loyalty to Larry Legend cuts both ways in regards to the Pacers. I remember Chuck Person’s dirty play in the early 1990s all too well.


    My second fav is BOSTON third fav BOSTON again 4th fav guess what its BOSTON. Ive been through too many downs (Bias tragedy, Lewis tragedy, Patino years tragedy)with my team to even think about liking another. F everyone else.

  • My second favorite team is any team playing the Lakers. My third favorite is anybody playing the Cavs. And My 4th fovorite is the Magic as long as they aren’t playing the Celtics.

  • Kevin M

    I must say I always liked watching Tim Duncan and when the Admiral played for them so the Spurs until Duncan retires. Very soft spoken gentlemen of the game and has always been one of the best just like the Admiral was.

  • Eben

    Until a couple years ago, it was the Suns… loved watching Nash run the offense with Amare, Barbosa, Raja Bell, Diaw, Marion, etc… Before that it was the Kings during the Bibby-Christie-Bobby Jackson-Hedo-Peja-C-Webb-Divac years…. I guess I’m a sucker for great offensive teams that can’t get it done in the clutch

  • mugi

    for me it has to be either denver or orlando. it’s cool to see birdman or dwight getting blocks. (as long as it’s not on the C’s)

    I’m also a sucker for teams who can shoot the 3 ball well.

  • Sweeney

    This year I am going a lil’ more obscure and going to say the Clippers. There is just too much not to want to see this year. Can Dunleavy fix things with Baron? Can Baron resurrect his career? Which big man get’s dealt because they are a lil’ too stacked at the PF/C position. Eric Gordon, et all…too much potential. Oh, and there is that guy the #! pick in Blake Griffin. I like the fact that he put it on his shoulders and said basically the past is the past…let’s see what we can do this year.

  • Joe

    For the last year or two, it’s been the Blazers. Roy, Fernandez, Aldridge, and the promise of Oden. T Wolves are up there too, get to catch up with Big Al and see how Kevin Love is developing.

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  • billy bob thorton

    San antonio Spurs. I realize they’re getting really old but still they do extremely well for the oldest team on the league.

  • The only other team I ever even had a hint of cheer for besides the celtics was MJ’s 90’s Bulls. I allways loved MJ allways will.
    Aside from that no other team gets my cheers…unless it’s a team beating the lakers!

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  • b funk

    i will forever hate chris paul for that cheap shot to the nuts he gave julius hodge while playing for wake forest (full disclosure: nc state fan). you can watch it here…

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