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CelticsBlog has the skinny (via Hoopsworld and Sam Amico) on Bruce Bowen, and though it’s unclear exactly why, Bowen is apparently not going to be a member of the 2009-10 Boston Celtics.

As Roy Hobbs at CB notes, the level of interest on the Celtics side in signing Bowen is unclear. But Roy is dead on about one thing: If the C’s indeed had interest, it could mean that the team is comfortable delegating back-up point guard duties to House/Daniels, since signing Bowen would give the C’s the maximum 15 players under contract (and therefore require waiving Lester Hudson).

It could also mean that any signing of Bowen was contingent on dealing someone (likely Tony Allen or Brian Scalabrine) to the Pacers in the Daniels deal. With both of those guys on the roster, Bowen’s skill set is probably redundant—especially considering his age.

Then again, he brings something to the table both our main expiring guys don’t. He can hit the corner three (unlike TA), and he can serve as a lockdown defender on shooting guards and some small forwards (unlike Scal).

That said, I don’t think Bruce Bowen is going to determine the balance of power in the East. And I think we’ve also exhausted your (and our) level of interest in the drama surrounding the Celtics 15th man. We’re ready for next season. Let’s get it on.

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  • TarHeelMA

    DA is certainly signaling that he is happy taking a chance on Eddie and Marquis as a combo PG solution. I would certainly feel better if they kept Hudson if that blows up (given that there is precious little on the "scrap heap" left!).

    Perhaps if we get lucky a better solution will fall in DA's lap later in the season??

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  • Sweeney

    When has the 15th spot on any roster had an impact on whether or not the team won anything. Time to focus on the Randy and Brady connection for a bit…

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