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The re-signing of Anthony Carter by the Nuggets on Friday ended any potential possibility of one of the best free agents points out there joining the C’s. With the signing, it’s time to take a quick look at the remaining market (or lack there of) out there. A few names to consider who could in all probability be brought in for the veteran’s minimum:

Stephon Marbury: Just kidding……I hope. Moving on.

Bobby Jackson: Definitely more of a shooter than a distributor, but easily one of the best remaining options out there, if the Celts wanted to continue to improve on its offensive firepower. I hesitated earlier this offseason about suggesting bringing a guy like this in, as I wondered if there would be enough shots to go around for the established veterans of the new look bench. However, given the lack of other options out there, I hope the C’s at least give the 36 year old Jackson an extended look as he showed last year he could still play competently off the bench.

Tyronn Lue: A guy who generally summons groans and expletives when brought up in front of fellow Celtics Hub blogger Brendan Jackson. I understand the disdain toward the player but as a natural PG, feel he could be valuable insurance for theam. He was acquired as a potential help for the Magic last year once Jameer Nelson went down, but only played sparingly for the team once acquired. He still shoots well for his position, especially from downtown (40% 3 pt shooter) and given his close relationship with Kevin Garnett, it’s possible he could be brought in for at least a training camp invite.

Jacque Vaughn:The former Jayhawk has been in a downward spiral the past few years, but seemed to hit rock bottom last year with the Spurs, falling out of the regular rotation by playing just 30 games and shooting a dismal 32 percent from the field. The guy is a heady veteran at this point, but lacks the skills to be a meaningful contributor off the bench at this juncture of his career.

Brevin Knight: A distributor to be sure but much like Vaughn, has taken a huge step back in recent years, completely falling out of the rotation in Utah. He could be a valuable mentor to a young guy like Rondo but would be limited in what he could bring to the floor as his strength (quickness) has vanished.

Jason Hart: The point guard was released by teams, bad teams (Clippers) at that in the middle of his last two seasons. His inability to stick to those squads provide the unlikelihood he’d be useful and be able to make it out of a crowded roster situation in Boston.

There are other candidates that remain out there which are out of the team’s price range (C.J Watson, Allen Iverson) but those list appear to be the cream of a very weak remaining crop. Given that reality, it was not surprising to hear these uncertain words come out of Danny Ainge’s mouth earlier this week regarding the point guard issue:

“We still have to . . . really decide what we’re going to do with that third point guard position, which I’m not feeling great urgency because I think that both Eddie (House) and Marquis can play there,” Ainge said.

The hesitation to commit to another player seems warranted by Danny, but I wonder how Marquis is going to reduce Paul and Ray’s minutes if he is stuck playing the point regularly. It’s evident the team needs some insurance as well as roster space to bring in a veteran point guard. My question to you guys is who, if any of these players listed make sense for the C’s to go after?

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • reg35

    All of those guys are unbelievably terrible (but for CJ Watson) stop writing about them. Please. Why not a trade of Scal or TA to the Nets for Keyon Dooling? Gives cap room to the Nets, a PG with length and range to pair with Eddie in the backcourt 10-15 min/game.

  • T.Q. Smith

    It's still early dont worry, were going to get one.

  • I'd rather see Danny sign another wing than a third string point guard. Someone like Udoka or Bogans.

    Then allow Daniels to double up as the first wing off the bench and the third string point guard. Should something happen to House, he could take over the point, and this new wing (Udoka or Bogans) takes over the main backup wing slot.

    I think there's more talent available on the wing than with those point guards mentioned in this article. Thus, a new wing could help the team more so.

  • At this point, unless we can bring in Jason Williams for a look, or maybe Bobby Jackson, I say don't bother. I see no point in committing a roster spot and luxury tax money to some worthless loser who can't do anything to help us.

    It's highly probable that a player of their caliber or better will be available by trade or waivers this season, and it's worth remembering that we won a title with House playing most of the backup PG minutes. Yeah, they brought in Sam-I-Am, but let's be honest, he didn't really do much for us. The Celtics were FAR better with House than Cassell, and House's defense, distribution, and ball handling have improved markedly since he came to Boston.

    So, let it slide for now, if something ACTUALLY WORTH DOING comes along then great. If not, oh well.

  • Mike

    Tyronn Lue is a pass first guard who can still play. He’s a great shooter who can pull up and also get to the rim if necessary. Knows how to run a team and doesn’t make too many mistakes on offense. His defense isn’t anything special but neither is that of any of the other candidates.

    Bobby Jackson is pretty much Eddie House so that’s sort of redudant and the others are too old although Brevin Knight would be a decent choice as well. But how could they not get Lue if he’s KG’s friend and also the best option with regards to being a pass-first guy that hits shots

  • Steve From Milford

    Please stop bring up players who would have more negatives than positives. They are not coming to Boston. If we acquire a true backup point guard it will be via trade.

    However, I am at least somewhat okay with having Eddie House as our backup point guard for two reasons.

    1) With this revamped second unit, we aren't totally dependent on House to score.

    2) With other good passers, shooters and ball handlers also on the floor, House will still p get plenty of open looks.

    So, would I like to see us get a pure backup Point Guard? Sure. However, I feel that with good team play this will not be an area for concern.

  • Billysan

    I think another direction to look is the undrafted FA and younger prospect 'scrap heap'. A guy like Sean Singletary or Javaris Crittendom would not cost us much and would be happy to man the end of the bench just to belon. These types also dont have the injury issues and are more maleable for Doc and the staff. Many can already potentialy contribute defensively and none on the present veterans list can make that claim.

  • Arvin

    I agree with Steve and Dave! The pg's mentioned are not going to put the C's over the top. Why not wait and see if a vet is cut when rosters are trimmed down or if we can later make a trade for a pg even before the trade deadline. I am sure a vet will be available by then from a team wanting to cut salary.

  • Rob Ace


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  • mallz

    i would say get in a 3 way trade wit pacers,nets,celts. and send tony allen to nets, scal n walker to pacers,marquis fr pacers n keyon dooling n trenton hassell from nets.so it would like dooling house daniels baby wallace. hassell inactive. not bad

  • billy bob thorton

    either jason willaims or lester hudosn

  • Pat

    Marbury Or Hudson. I say Marbury cuz that if that happened It just seems like an instant championship to me. Hudson Because he is a young guy an we need to start looking towards the future as well.

  • Pat

    Matter fact im sorry i gotta take that back i just looked into it an i realized that the bobcats are not close to making a new deal with raymond felton so id pick him over any pg besides rondo in the league right now. an your a hatter if you not feeling that

  • jeremy hitchcock

    patty mills patty mills

  • jeremy hitchcock

    Marquis Daniels

    i dont see how this is any sort of upgrade of anything its a silly move if a sign and trade is in order why not for a combo gaurd kirk hinrich or delonte west someone like that

  • TarHeelMA

    Felton will want $$– not an option for C's.

    It sounds like DA is going with a combo of Eddie & Marquis, will see how this works & see who is available later in the season.