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This morning I woke to news that Quentin Richardson was yet again on the trade block (thanks to Jerry Zgoda and HoopsHype.com).  This is hardly surprising considering the T’Wolves massive rebuilding operation and Richardson even calling it himself.

If you’ve read any of my stuff before, you know that as soon as I read this news, I went immediately to the ESPN NBA Trade Machine and tried to figure out ways in which this could help the Celtics.  The best option I could come up with is Richardson being the X-factor in the sign-and-trade for Marquis Daniels.  The Celtics are currently looking for a third team to make it work and Tony Allen and Brian Scalabrine’s expiring contracts may make the T-Wolves happy to oblige.  The most glaring potential road block is the number of players under contract with the T’Wolves, as I have them taking back three players in the deal.  It seems weird that Minnesota do a three-for-one considering they just did one themselves in getting Richardson.  The only difference is, Sebastian Telfair’s contract had a player option while all three contracts I sent to Minnesota were expiring, which would give Minnesota a total of 5 expiring contracts (not including Atkins and Brown), making them a major player in the 2010 free agent sweepstakes.

The details of the trade are after the jump.

Because the Trade Machine doesn’t have a sign-and-trade feature, I had to improvise.  I sent three contracts from the Pacers totally $5.4 million, Quentin Richardson to the Pacers, and Brian Scalabrine, Tony Allen, and Travis Diener to the T’Wolves…

…and in case your windering, I did also complete a straight up trade involving Richardson for Scal, Allen, and J.R. Giddens, which worked.  Despite not really needing him, Richardson is even less likely to come to the Celtics given their past squabbles.  He also seems to be fading into obscurity (his new team will be his fourth team in the last year) and I think we’ve learned our lesson on that here and here.

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  • Tom

    Players who had been traded can't be dealt in a multi player deal until after 90 days if I recall correctly, also the Wolves won't have the roster space to house four new players.

    Lastly, the trade makes no sense to Indiana….

  • Why would the Wolves trade Richardson for expiring contracts when he's already an expiring contract?

  • Brendan Jackson


    I'm pretty sure Richardson can be included in any trade on or after September 20th, the post cites and explains T'Wolves roster concerns, and Indiana only has one shooting guard on the roster who is not even a pure shooter in Brandon Rush so I'd say it makes a lot of sense for depth reasons.


    with Richardson pseudo-publicly on the trade block I don't see the T'Wolves getting anything but expiring contracts for him. In other words, I don't see another team giving up a quality player for Richardson, but maybe I'm wrong.

  • reg35

    why would the Celts want to overpay Daniels at 5.4M per? Makes no sense

    A trade that makes sense is Scal to Indiana, TA & Giddens to NJ, Dooling & Daniels back (Daniels at about 2.5M per). Works for all 3 teams- gets Larry a guy who won't assault anyone, NJ cap relief for next year's big FA push, the C's a backup PG with size & range to pair with Eddie and Daniels.

  • I'm stating the obvious in I forgot all about Vin Baker playing for the C's. I forgot yesterday in one sports converstation that Don Baylor played for the Red Sox.

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