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Celtics Knicks BasketballChris Sheridan of ESPN is reporting that the deed will be done and on Wednesday Leon Powe will be officially a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers. A few excerpts from the report:

Powe traveled to Cleveland on Tuesday to have his knee examined by Cavaliers team medical personnel, with the expectation that he will sign a two-year, $1.77 million deal Wednesday.

A source told ESPN.com that Powe will sign for the league minimum for players with three years of service — $855,189. Cleveland will hold a team option for a second season at $915,852.

Los Angeles, Portland, Dallas, Orlando and Miami also expressed interest in Powe, whose preference was to remain in the Eastern Conference and to sign with the team most capable of giving him his best shot to exact some revenge on the Celtics after they effectively gave up on him by declining to tender him a qualifying offer.

And just to throw salt on the wound, Sheridan added this blurb to their report.

Powe had a huge game against Cleveland last March 6, going for 20 points on 9-of-11 shooting with 11 rebounds.


Zach Lowe wrote at length about Powe’s probable departure yesterday and I strongly echo his declarations.

More reaction on the way as one of the most likeable Celtics players in recent memory will likely be suiting up for the enemy during the 2nd half of next season and perhaps beyond.

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • KY Celts fan

    "team most capable of giving him his best shot to exact some revenge on the Celtics"

    Is this Powe's sentiment or Sheridan's? Is Powe really that bitter towards Boston? If he really feels this way, than I look forward to playing him. Bring it on.

  • Carlos PR

    Is a sad day. We could have done the same thing a bring him back. Why we could not do it?

  • cameron felice

    i am deeply saddened by this news. hearts just dropped in boston.

  • Rob

    I don't understand why all these three years or less experienced role players expect to be given amazing contracts during these two very impressive free agent years (09 and 10). It's ridiculous to think that since you had one good year that you deserve a mid level.

  • Rob,

    I don't think these players expect huge contracts, they just want to be paid for what they're worth. How many of those f.a. players were solid contributers on title teams? Leon and Glen Davis deserved better than what they were offered. Karma is a b, and I wish Leon and his family the best.

  • If some team had tried to overpay for Powe or Davis, for example the speculation that the Pistons would offer Davis their MLE, how much loyalty do you think THEY would have shown the CELTICS? How much would you really expect them to? I'm really gonna miss Powe, I like guy like him, guys like Eric Williams and Ryan Gomes. But the reality is that those guys, while valuable, are not irreplacable.

    And the further reality is that Powe has serious knee issues, and the Celtics have both a whopping luxury tax bill and limited roster space. Maybe they could have signed him instead of Sheldon Williams, but maybe they're better off in the long run with a Dukie who played for Mike Kzchshcwhowthehelldoyouspellthisguysnamey, who has a reputation as a defensive banger and offensive rebounder, and no injury issues as yet. Certainly Powe would have been cheaper, but he wouldn't be available until well into the season, and that's assuming he actually fully recovers, which is a question mark at this point. Time will tell whether they made the right choice, but I certainly understand their reasoning.

    As to Davis, he got a good enough deal. It'll make a millionaire out of a woefully undersized PF who, prior to being thrust into the starting lineup, was the guy who really stood out to meas being the weak link in the Celtics bench. Hopefully he will continue to build on how he ended the season, but again, time will tell. Overpaying for guys based on sentimentality or a few months aberration of quality play is a great way to screw up a team.

    Bottom line, I don't have any problem with how the Celtics office has handled this. I hope Powe gets healthy and has the nice NBA career he SHOULD be able to have. But these are the tough decisions teams have to make.

  • James

    Powe isn't about extracting revenge. That was an ignorant comment to say the least.

    Sorry to see him go. Should The Celts get banged up again and are unable to compete at 100% like this year, It'll be hard not to root for Leon against the hated lakers!