Post-game Reactions

Since everyone is posting everyone else’s take on the Celtics off-season moves, I thought I’d point you to Rob Mahoney’s fun post over at Hardwood Paroxysm. A couple of excerpts:

On KG: At this very moment, he’s probably making this face while leg pressing school buses.  Full of children.  And rhinos.  The same player that was accused of being too passionate is now flagged as an injury problem waiting to happen, and I’m just not sure that adds up.  While I’m well aware that Garnett’s heart doesn’t vouch for the rest of his body’s welfare, I believe very much in the mental and emotional sides of injury recovery.

On the new front court: That’s a set of bigs to be proud of, even if the rest of the world eyes your team with bitter jealousy; Wallace and Davis can both space the floor on offense, while Perk and Williams are more prototypical defenders and rebounders inside.  That’s depth without Kevin Garnett, and adding one of the best power forwards in the game back into that mix only makes it that much more potent.

And most non-Boston fans probably share his views about the C’s: I have a hard time getting behind Garnett’s antics, Pierce’s hubris, or Rondo post-Hinrich.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t respect the hell out of ‘em.

There are a few things Rob and I might quibble on (namely, the C’s defensive performance in the post-season), but for the most part, he’s right on the money. Go read the whole post, and while you’re at it, check out the work Jon Nichols is doing over there with some great stats research on which players like various types of shots and what types of shot attempts (threes, lay-ups, etc.) happen with greater frequency at the end of games. And check out Rob’s other work on the Mavs at The Two Man Game.

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