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The great Woj is reporting (on Twitter, natch) that the Cavs are going to sign Leon Powe to a one-year deal worth the veteran’s minimum with a team option for a second year, provided Cleveland’s doctors don’t find anything unexpected wrong with Powe’s knee/s. 

The deal could be done as soon as tomorrow (Tuesday). 

Well, that’s going to be a little uncomfortable, isn’t it? I told you how I feel about Leon in my farewell post a few weeks ago, and I suspect many of you feel the same. And now we may be in the awkward position of rooting for Powe while simultaneously rooting against his team. I guess it’s no more awkward than a million fantasy baseball dilemmas that pop up every night, but this is actual real life with real teams and real players. 

Ugh. Let’s at least hope we don’t see this scenario play out. 

Good luck, Leon. I hope you pass your physical, stay healthy and leave Cleveland in two seasons for a much more lucrative deal somewhere else.

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  • Sorry my spelling stunk. Sitting on the can took away from my concentration. LOL

  • cameron felice

    i can't believe it. i'm almost in tears. come on boston. please re-sign him. i'm gonna cry if he goes to another team. he is what the soul of boston represents. he is a playmaker with a great attitude. we gave him the best oppertunity and he took full advantage. he belongs in boston. if he goes to cleveland i'll be so depressed. he's my favorite player. i met him in person, and he's the nicest guy you'll ever meet. PLEASE STAY LEON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Say it ain’t so Leon!! (coulda went all rhymie on ya but didnt)
    Wow, the few years I had the fortune…the honor of cheering for you the under dog In the glorious Celtic green are over…? Really just like that your gone? The coast to coast throw down, the 2-4 offensive rebounds of your own missed shots to finnally get one to go and the foul, the quiet agression you play with…man! I am going to be sad seeing you in another uniform! Even if leon could never play again on those knees the Celtic should pay him a yearly salary just for helping us l relive the glory of a championship days of old. Leon Powe…a good man…a great teammate…an inspiration to many. Best of luck and the celtics nation will allways love you for all you have done. No go dunk on bronbron and put it on utube!

  • Kevin

    Good Luck Leon. Too bad we didnt sign him again and not Shelden Williams. I would MUCH have rather had Leon and all his injuries. Get rid of Scal and Tony Allen and keep Leon. Ainge could make that bench work with Daniels, Baby, Leon, Sheed, and House. Actually that would be just fine for me. Daniels and House in backcourt. While Sheed, Baby, and Leon in front. I actually kind of like that lineup a LOT for about 15 to 20 minutes a game.

  • Nick

    Good Luck Leon. The feel good story on celtics is no more. Even though he wouldn't have played til late mid-season it would've been a plus to have him. Maybe he's gonna spy for us. lol. wouldnt that be something. The celtics will still have a good team but leon we'll miss ya.

  • James

    it's a a shame to lose leon. he is a true celtic to me. i loved his story and how hard he had to work to get into the league. and at the end of the season it seemed like his loyalty was going to be rewarded, bad knee and all. i wish there was some way to keep him.

  • Green17

    Cavs sign him to a vets minimum? And we can't do that? maybe I'm misinformed, so somebody please tell me why we can't match or beat that offer? We're already over the luxury tax, so how much more would it really cost us? He is one of our young stars…don't let him go Ainge. Listen to your fans on this one!

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  • Green17

    Attn Zach Lowe:

    Please forward this to Leon somehow.

    Leon, don't go to Cleveland. You represent the future of the Celtics along with Rondo and BBD. Have your agent convince Ainge to match the offer and stay with the winningest franchise in NBA history. We love your attitude off the bench and the grittiness you brought to the floor. The coast to coast will live forever in our memories (and in the history books). You have more memories to make….with us! DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!

  • Well, I understand the Celtic's reasoning in not resigning him. He's a role player with a terrible injury history, and a team with limited roster space and a heavy luxury tax bill, that is competing for another title or two this year and next, can't really afford to take a chance on him right now.

    Even so, I'm sad to see him go and I wish him the best of luck in Cleveland, or anywhere else he winds up.

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  • well leon pow is real crazy trying to sing with the cavs but it really doesn't matter cause the celtics are gonna steel get the championship in 2010, but if that's what he wants let him he's the 1 who's gonna miss out just because he's getting more money doesn't mean nothing good luck leon have a nice season with the ennemy!!!

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  • Hey lugo, you DO understand that the Celtics weren't even trying to re-sign him, right?

    What do you expect him to do, sit around not getting paid and hope the C's call him up at some point?