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babybaseline1The final hours of a Friday evening in August became surprisingly eventful for Celtics fans as Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports broke the news that Big Baby was closing in on a 2 year deal with the team. Here are the highlights of the report that contained a couple other interesting Celtic tidbits:

The deal is expected to be signed early next week.

Davis tried to get several teams to offer him the mid-level exception, but a depressed financial market made it hard for that to happen. A handful of teams – including Detroit, New Orleans and New Jersey – discussed sign-and-trade scenarios with the Celtics, but Boston general manager Danny Ainge never wanted to lose him.

Boston no longer has interest in re-signing guard Stephon Marbury.

Let’s take a look at these items of interest one by one, starting with the Baby deal:

It appears that the Celtics’ patience has paid off quite well with Big Baby here. The money for free agents had been drying up more by the day, and with this realization in mind, Davis looks to ready to swallow his pride and return to the Celtics at a reasonable price, likely 2 to 3 million dollars per year.

While the C’s played their cards to perfection here by letting the market dictate Baby’s price, you have to feel a little bit for Glen Davis in this situation in failing to get his targeted payday and long term deal. If Big Baby hit the market in earlier years, he could have fielded some long term big money offers that would have given him security as well as potentially a starting job in the league.

The restricted free agent tag, a down market combined with the reduced salary cap proved to be Davis’ undoing in talks as Wojnarowski noted. Boston just had too many chips stacked in their favor during these negotiations, making this a fight that Big Baby’s agent wasn’t going to win given his lack of options.

There was of course the sign and trade possibilities, but Danny Ainge wasn’t going to make one of those deals, unless he received ample compensation for the young power forward, an unlikely scenario in this market with the C’s trying to win another championship now.

With no sign and trade imminent and a bear market, Davis could have come back and signed his one year qualifying offer with the C’s and try to go back on the market next year. The problem with this scenario is that Davis still would have been a restricted free agent next year if he took the qualifying deal.

That possibility would likely have left Big Baby in a similar situation to now for next year, with limited offers due to a reduced salary cap during unstable economy times. Also teams next offseason will be looking to spend their big money on the unrestricted stud free agents, not guys like Glen Davis. The Celtics would once again be negotiating from a position of strength, leaving Davis unlikely to get the big deal he is targeting.

Taking all of those circumstances into consideration, the two year deal seems like a smart move for the former LSU star. Those terms of the potential deal have not been disclosed, it’s certain that the power forward will receive a considerable raise from his $711,517 salary last year.

In addition, when the new deal expires Glen will be an unrestricted free agent and only 25 years old. Thus Big Baby will be young enough to land a more attractive long term deal at that juncture, while improving his overall play and resume in the meantime, by playing with a revamped Celtics bench that will include Rasheed Wallace and Marquis Daniels for at least a year.

The pressure and attention will be off Baby playing with established NBA veterans like those two and that will allow the undersized power forward to excel in his role backing up Kevin Garnett the next two years.

Clearly, a 2 year deal not the ideal situation for the 2nd year player coming off a run in the playoffs where he averaged over 15 points a game, but given the circumstances it’s the best he could do. My question for everyone out there is if you agree with this analysis? Do you think Baby is smart for taking this deal or should he have held out for more money or a longer deal?

Thoughts and questions about the potential the end of the Stephon Marbury era in Boston, after the jump

The Yahoo Sports report also had a quick tidbit that will surely make Zach Lowe pleased, noting that the C’s no longer have interested in bringing back Stephon Marbury.

Personally, I was in the camp that was for bringing back Starbury at the beginning of this offseason on the cheap. I was curious to see what the guy could do with the team after a full training camp with the squad and given the fact the market for free agent point guards was not all that appealing, it seemed worth the risk.

Marbury however has challenged the notion that no publicity is bad publicity with his live webcam antics during the past month. It can’t be known for sure whether these broadcasts were the straw that broke the camel’s back in the team’s interest in bringing back the point guard, there is no doubt that they could not have helped out Marbury’s cause.

For now, we must watch and wait to see how the rest of the point guard dominoes fall as a somewhat intriguing group of players remain out there between Jason Williams, Jamal Tinsley, Bobby Jackson, and Anthony Carter who is a favorite of Zach Lowe and myself amongst the notable names.

Given those names, and some lesser ones who would you want the C’s to bring in for the veteran’s minimum, now that Marbury is no longer a possibility?

To round things up, Shelden Williams was also officially signed by the Celtics yesterday to a veteran’s minimum deal. Celtics.com announced the official press release late yesterday.

The Boston Celtics announced today that the club has signed free agent center/forward Shelden Williams to a contract. Per team policy, terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Williams, a 6’9″, 250 lbs center/forward, was originally drafted with the fifth overall pick in the 2006 NBA Draft by the Atlanta Hawks. The former Duke Blue Devil has posted career averages of 4.7 points and 4.2 rebounds in 14.7 minutes per game. After being acquired by the Minnesota Timberwolves from the Sacramento Kings on February 19, 2009, he appeared in 15 games for his new team and averaged 4.9 points and 5.0 rebounds in 13.8 minutes per game.

For full analysis of Williams from Celtics Hub’s Zach Lowe check out his report from last week on the former Duke star.

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • mallz

    seeing shelden signed and big baby is almost signed now.. i would say go big and get a wing. the celts dont run a pg reliant offence. so marquis should be capable. i would say stackhouse, he brings heart n grit goin to the basket. pierce was the only slasher n now marquis why not add a slasher/shooter in stackhouse to go with all them shooters in house,garnett,wallace,ray allen, big baby

  • kiril

    I would still like to add a veteran backup PG with Pruitt gone. I honestly thought that he could've handled the backup duties for 5-10 minutes a game, with Daniels stepping over when Doc wanted to go big.

    Now, however, I think we need someone that is capable of pushing the ball with the second unit. With House, Daniels, Davis, and Sheed out there, the 2nd unit should be able to get out and run a bit.

    Of the vets out there, I'd like to give Jason Williams a shot, but Carter is probably the safer route, given his superior defense and the fact that he actually played in the NBA last year.

  • Jason F.

    2 years for Big Baby is good…if he plays as well as he did last year these next 2 he should without a doubt get his big deal after the contract is over. 'Sheed off the bench at the 5 and Davis at the 4…it's not Wallace/Powe but it's still very good. And 'Sheed better come off that bench. Do not mess with the starting lineup.

    I dunno I think the idea of signing Shelden Williams is that he might turn into a Leon Powe (wouldn't that be nice). Apparently it's said he can't shoot, but he doesn't have to. Just grab boards, play D and if he can take half the charges Leon did, we'll be alright.

    Back up point…it's not that important IMO. Championship year we had Cassell and he did nothing. But then again, I remember getting nervous when Pierce or House was taking the ball up. And after last year with Marbury, it turned out to be a good luxury to have. Now that Stephon is said to be out of the picture, I like the idea of Jason Williams or Anthony Carter. And considering the 2nd unit looks to be more tilted on the offensive side with Wallace, Davis, House, possibly Scal…Carter's the better defender so I'd lean that way more.

    But let's just get this Daniels deal done or some other quality wing player so #34 isn't running on fumes in the postseason when we need him.

  • kenyatta

    The big baby deal was smart. He has some value and helps the celtics with his shooting range and determination. He will only get better.

    I think the celts should go after damon jones at the point. He is like 6'3", 32 years old, and can shoot lights out. He can also be used sparingly to get Bill Walker some minutes at the 3 and M. Daniels can run the point on occasions. Coach has to give Bill and J.R. time to improve, develop, and gain experience, so maybe the Celts can go without a "true" PG. Rondo would only be out the game for like 10-15 minutes at most. House, Ray, Paul, or Daniels could bring the ball up in those situations.

  • Yes, I think it was a smart move for Glen Davis. He was only likely to play 10-20 minutes a game next season, and it would have been very difficult for him to prove himself worthy of an MLE type contract with so little court time.

    The two year deal was the best he could do. Good business for BBD.

  • gen davis your'e the man for real keep it up!!!!!!!!!

  • Kirby

    Signing Big Baby under these circumstances is great for the Celtics and mediocre for Baby.

    The Celts get him for a lower price than they would have normally get one of the best back up big men in the league.

    For Baby, this isn't the greatest of circumstances. First off, the Celtics added Rasheed Wallace and Shelden Williams. Only Rasheed is going to challenge Baby for those minutes. I just don't know where his minutes are going to come from though. Maybe with Leon Powe on the way out, it looks like there will be more minutes for Davis. Second, Davis doesn't have a chance to start anywhere. He proved he can play solidly, albeit inconsistently, in the starting role. It stinks for him that he has to back up KG and split time with Rasheed Wallace instead of starting somewhere. But, I'm happy that we get back a great prospect and he might be starting when KG retires.

  • Ahhhh…big baby Davis….reality checked you HARD!

    I'm glad your back with my c's. I'm also glad we were smart enough to wait you and your agent out. U need us mrs than we need you. Your hustle and versitility are a key to our bench, and our team success is key to your financial future. Players who are just above average but who play for winners get Paid actually over paid very often…so smart move for all involved. You improve your game help us win a title or two and the c's or anyother team will pay u depending on the market. Side note I don't think saying daniels is part of the c's is cool! He isn't signed! Boozer ring a bell?" Yeah Cleveland I'm with u all the way!" "oh hello Utah!"

    So when he and bbd are inked and intro'd then they are c's so till then don't count them in it's a bit presumptuous!

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  • Nick

    the celtics need to focus on gettin a good veteran point guard im disapointed that marbury is no longer in that category but nonetheless the backup pg. position is a vital spot that must be filled. and unless daniels doesnt get the bianual exeception either giddens, walker, scalabrine, allen could be in Indiana

  • Green17

    I'm happy the BBD is staying with the team. It will only improve his value in 2 years. Now, lets focus on resigning Powe!!!!!

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