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A couple of links from around the internet this Thursday morning, as we await the any new moves out of Celtics camp during the dog days of August.

Kevin Henkin of CSNNE has a very interesting look at the debate between backup power forwards Leon Powe and Glen Davis. An excerpt from his piece:

Davis was an emotional player, prone to bouts of pouting (and even crying on one noteworthy occasion) when things weren’t going his way whereas Powe was more known for his steady head-down determination. Davis, despite his girth, was more of a finesse player who unveiled a new mid-range jumper which allowed the Celtics to spread the floor on offense whereas Powe was a straight-up power player, a more effective rebounder with more of back-to-the-basket game. Neither were as of yet consistently effective team and man-up defenders although Powe had an uncanny knack for drawing offensive fouls.

I have always been a Leon Powe man myself and still find myself to be overly optimistic about his prospects of a strong return after another major knee injury in what likely be some other uniform besides a Celtics one. My question though for you guys is if both men had remained healthy during this season and only one could be brought back, which one would you have gone with, Leon or Baby?

One other article of note this morning comes from Rob Finnan of The News Herald indicating that the Cavs are likely not interested in veteran small forward Bruce Bowen.

This development may increase the likelihood that Bowen ends up in Boston as Cleveland was one of the three teams along with the C’s and Orlando that showed interest in the 38 year old forward. The Celtics roster space is extremely limited right now with the addition of Shelden Williams and the impending acquisition of Marquis Daniels, leaving them one or at the most two open roster spots to work with. Here’s what I wrote regarding such a move last week:

The Celtics would need to clear some more roster space and glut at the SF position. With the acquisition of Daniels, the depth chart at the position is fairly deep with the multi-talented Daniels, Bill Walker and J.R. Giddens rounding up the bench for the 3 spot.

The addition of Bruce Bowen would only seem to make sense if the crowd at the position would be broken up. That could be done in two ways.

1) The trading of Walker and/or Giddens
2) The shifting of Marquis Daniels to be the primary backup PG

The 2nd option is the more intriguing but unlikely option to me. Daniels has shown the capability to play point throughout his career, but his time at the spot has been limited the past couple seasons in Indiana. With a lackluster guard market out there, it will be intriguing to see if Doc Rivers would want Daniels to perform some duties at the 1 with the bench if the team were to acquire Bowen.

Now with even less space on the roster, should the C’s try to make a run at Bowen or hold out for a veteran at another position with fewer miles on them than the 38 year old Bowen?

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • John A

    Before the playoffs last year I would have said Leon Powe. But now with the knee injury it is a tough call. I like both players. Neither will be all stars but both are key bench guys.

    I would love to see Powe back on the roster this year.

    I think allot has to do with his knee.

    It would be nice to see TA and Scal traded to make roster spots for a back up point guard and another key veteran.

    Do you think the Celtics would release either one and eat their salary to make a valuable roster spot?

  • Jason F.

    If Powe was able to go at the start of the season and with the 'Sheed signing…I'm alright with Baby walking (or involving him in some sort of sign 'n' trade) and making sure Leon returned to the C's for '09-'10. That's not the case, tho.

    I thought the majority of last year Leon should've been the first front courtman off the bench, whether it was the 4 or 5 spot he was subbing for. Glen was killing me with the mid-range jumper the beginning of the season, but he kept at it and finally got some consistancy with it. And I found it's hard to hate on him cos of how much of an effort he gives on the court all the time. Then postseason came around and the Powe injury…Big Baby got even bigger and took it to another level. With Wallace on board I'd think Davis is expendable because not only does he have the size but he spreads the floor even further cos he can go beyond the arc. I just like the Wallace/Powe frontcourt more than Wallace/Davis.

    My heart says Powe over Baby under any circumstance. My head says sign Davis cos there's just another added "?" with Leon's injury and there's already enough of those going into the season. Freakin' Sophie's Choice 🙂

  • I like both players, but I'd take Powe. The man can score very, very well.

    Marquis at the 1? Interesting. The C's do need an upgrade at the backup 1, but I hadn't thought of trying him there.

    I'm not sure how much Bruce Bowen still has in the tank. He'd probably fit in well, though.

  • icee cold

    Before the injury definitely Leon. He was one of the most productive backup big men in the league

  • James

    Somebody brought it up right, what you have to consider is what the celtics are trying to do, and thats have a backup 5 that can hold with other teams and put points up, assuming that doc is keeping sheed for the second lineup you'd have to keep powe over baby because sheed spreads the floor and powe wont, but if baby and sheed spread the floor theres no rebounding. But if sheed started and perkins went to the second lineup then you'd need baby to spread the floor. Both players play hard and put up the expected numbers. But its not about them its about who they would be put on the floor with. i say sign whoever will cost less and work with that, and sign a point guard before its too late and you have to risk putting pressure on daniels

  • Jeff

    I would take Powe for the fact that his inside scoring is something the C's need off the bench. Sheed and Big Baby stay on the perimeter more often while Powe just seems to be a tougher player inside. Only problem is how long will Powe be out and how much would that affect the C'S getting that all important #1 seed in the east. With the injury to Powe that really clouds who will help the C'S make that title run this year. Either player is a good one but what makes more sense is for Mr.Ainge to figure out.

  • Green17

    Damn. Tough scenario. Powe is a monster when healthy. We need powe more than we need Big Baby…plus, he'll cost less.

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  • Sal Greco

    Earlier I liked Powe better, and if he was still healthy I'd take him. But baby is a very good player that contributes and works hard. Powe was a tough rebounder, a good finisher, and a strong defender (he did draw a bunch of o' fouls). baby has that mid range game which is great to have coming off the bench but the problems are a) he hasnt been resigned and b) with wallace off the bench we got a big that can shoot….

  • Carlos PR

    Take both!!!!!!!!!! The hell with it. Le tgo some of the young ones Walker, Giddens and Tony and make room for both of them. They will help us for years to come. Not just this year.

  • Carlos PR

    We don't need Bowen.

  • i'll take bb, though powe is a tough competitor, bb has the midrange jumper that springs a surprise on the opponent from time to time. anyway, even if we,(leon powe fans)want him back, i don't think he'll be wearing green this season, but again, we can still hope he does. with regards to bowen, i don't think we need him at this point.a back up pg is what the c's need.

  • rav

    like a few other guys have said, without the injury, leon is much better. He compliments rasheed because he can play inside and rebound while sheed stays on the perimeter.

    on the bruce bowen thing: nowadays, he's too slow to be a lockdown defender like a few years ago. all he can do is hit the three. in college, jr giddens was a stud shooter. if he can get his stroke back he is much better than bowen

  • b funk


    it's pretty obvious that–if healthy–leon is the better player and it's not close. davis' rebounding numbers are atrocious for a power forward and all of this nonsense about him being able to defend centers is just that. leon can rebound, defend, and get to the foul line A LOT. hmmm…he took a lot of lay-ups? considering a lay-up is pretty much the highest percentage shot you can have (other than a dunk) was taking the right shot.

    moreover, leon was stoic and humble whereas davis wants to be affable but is better characterized as impetuous. case closed: celtics lose….leon's comments on his way out the door spoke of disappointment, but this is a man who will not be defeated–he is a warrior.

  • ATM

    I'd take Powe over Big Baby cause the C's already have two shooting big men in Garnett and Wallace. If they would keep Powe, they would get a relentless rebounder and scorer around the basket, while drawing fouls. The rebounding is key, because Pat Riley said it himself that rebounds get you championships

  • Blake

    I'd take Big Baby any day. Not to take anything away from Powe, but Big Baby had more heart for the game than most. I'd like to see Powe dive to the floor to barely edge out an opponent and recover the ball. I'd like to see Powe fall into the stands because he jumped recklessly out of bounds to try and gain possession. And, if Powe were on the court at the time, that amazing last second shot against the Magic..never would have happened.

    Is Powe the better player? Maybe. But, if he keeps up his drive and his hard work, Davis will be the better player..and that's the guy I want on my team.

  • pp34

    that poll u got on the side there I would add jason wiliams and tyron lue

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