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Picture 13• The news that Rashard Lewis tested positive for a steroids is, frankly, more surprising than the news about David Ortiz. I don’t really have much of a reaction beyond that. It might shock you all to know that I’m not much of a muscle head, so I really have no clue how effective those supplements are or what they do or what’s in them. (Lewis immediately apologized and claimed the steroid, commonly known as DHEA, must have been in an over the counter supplement he took toward the end of last season).

I’ve been into a GNC once, and it was only because it’s across from my gym and I was starving for a snack before a workout. I bought a Power bar.

 Like Henry Abbott and J.E. Skeets, I tend to believe Lewis here. On TrueHoop, Henry essentially argues that athletes are foolish if they take any supplement sold at your local GNC-ish place without doing a ton of research first. I suppose that’s true, though, as I said, I don’t really know anything about the stuff.

I will say this, though: Missing a key starter for 10 games could–could–have an impact on the home-court advantage race, considering how close the elite teams will likely be.

 • Everyone’s revisiting the old Powe-Baby debate today for various reasons, not the least of which is some confusion over why the C’s would give Shelden Williams $1.3 million but wouldn’t do the same for Powe.

A couple of interesting notes on this: Jon Nichols is doing some fun work over the summer examining various trends at Hardwood Paroxysm, including which players depend most on which types of shots for their scoring. Powe, it turns out, attempts a ton of lay-ups–not dunks, but lay-ups. Just over 50 percent of his shot attempts last season were lay-ups, the 8th-highest rate in the league, right behind Tony Allen and Rajon Rondo.

He’s also perhaps the best offensive rebounder in the league, in terms of the percentage of available boards he grabs while he’s on the floor.

Perhaps a bit of the C’s concern about Powe stems from the fact that if he loses whatever explosiveness remained in his knees, his offensive game will completely fall apart. He has nothing to fall back on.

As for Williams, I can only guess the C’s figured they could use a banger on the second unit. Assuming they re-sign Big Baby, they’ll have three of the most jumper-happy power forwards in the league in Baby, KG and Wallace (not to mention Scalabrine, if the survives the theoretical Marquis Daniels sign-and-trade). When Perk’s on the bench, the C’s could someone who can do Perk-ish things–set screens, grab rebounds, be mean.

  Bruce Bowen is still available. Let me say two things up front:

1) The Celtics don’t need Bruce Bowen

2) Bruce Bowen is really an amazing player. The guy does only two things well–man-to-man defense and the corner three. He’s terrible at everything else. He and Jason Kapono jockey every season for the title of worst rebounding forward in the league. His assist rate is non-existent. He can’t dribble in a way that helps his team. He doesn’t even record very many steals or blocks.

 If he didn’t have a reputation–some might say a deserved reputation–as a dirty player, Bruce Bowen would be a freaking hero. The guy has had a lucrative championship career despite having minimal basketball talent. He is exactly the kind of player fans should relate to.

Everyone says he’s declining–and he clearly is–but you can’t really tell by his numbers. Sure, his PER was 5.4 last season, his lowest mark since 1999, and he averaged just 2.7 points per game. But his rebounding rate and assist rate stayed the same, and his three-point shooting mark actually improved.

Bowen’s numbers have been so consistently bad that you actually have to watch the Spurs play regularly to know if he’s declining. Most guys see their numbers drop as they age. But Bowen’s numbers really had nowhere to drop. He hasn’t had PER over 10 since 1998! He’s never averaged more than 8.2 points per game!

Only his minutes have dropped significantly, from about 30 per game in 2008 to 19 per game last year.

Of course, Gregg Popovich jacked up Bowen’s minutes back up to 26 per game during the playoffs.

If the C’s did sign Bowen, I think the anti-Celtic hatred would reach record levels. Which would be sort of fun.

• The C’s still don’t have a back-up point guard, unless it’s going to be Lester Hudson or Marquis  Daniels, and they don’t really have Marquis Daniels yet, either. Somebody asked me about Anthony Carter today. I like Anthony Carter as a 10-minute per game guy. 

You know who I like him better than? Stephon Marbury. But Stephon Marbury is winning our reader poll asking you to choose one from among half-dozen potential back-up PGs (including the mythical “other”). He won a similar poll overwhelmingly on CelticsBlog a few weeks back. 

I don’t get it. What do you people see in this man? It can’t be his numbers. I’ve gone through them before. They were awful. Tell me. What am I missing?

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  • marbury is garbage and insane!!! just have the bench b this






    thats fine

  • well, for one thing those votes came before marbury showed some signs of his past attitude. i think if we are to vote again, it will be carter getting the votes. i agree with you, he's good for about 10 mins on the floor, so maybe the c's can use another pg or maybe daniels can fill that requirement. go celts!

  • Arvin

    Marbury is much too selfish for this Celtic team. He shared the ball well last year even giving up wide open looks (when we needed a basket!). I do not think he adds much to the Celtics. Anthony Carter on the other hand is a veteran leader who accepts his role (10 minutes). He would be a welcome addition. I don't see an available pg that is any better . . .

  • Pat

    Marbury is one of the best point in the league. To me it seemed like he wasn't really trying while he was playing for the c's. But my championship wining bench would be.

    Marbury PG/SG

    Wallace F/C

    Davis PF

    Walker? SF

    House PG/SG

    That sounds like a nice starting Five for me the d would be a lil rough but the offense would be tough to stop.

    Then would go with



    Just to feel up the roster.

    And stop hating on marbury he would make a fool out of anybody on the court act like you haven't seen his work.

  • Goceltics3332

    I don't think we have much of a choice…we NEED a backup PG. I think Anthony Carter would be a perfect backup. We aren't needing him to play a ton of minutes, but just pickup the slack. Time is running out and there are extremely few decnt guards available. I trust Danny a ton. His choices have turned to gold, but i'm just curious what the holdup is?? and SHELDON???? …um…..still wondering Danny!!

  • Zerb

    Say what you will about Marbury. But I think he would be just fine or even better with a full training camp under his belt. The guy can still play. And we have the team to keep his personality at an even keel.

  • KY Celts fan

    i think with a training camp, marbury would be better than we saw him last year. but the guy has lost his scruples and I don't want to bring that into the locker room. an arrogant guy is one thing. the big three can straighten that out. but a person who appears to be bipolar is something our team can't handle and shouldn't try. marbury needs to talk to a therapist, not a basketball coach. i feel for the guy and hope he straightens his life out, but he needs time to realize something is wrong.

  • Ok ok ok let's recompose ourselves. You people are so blind in both ways! Let's begin with the truth shall we.

    #1 my C's don't have $money$ to spend or players usefull

    enough that somebody…anybody would actually want.

    #2 with all the back up pg's available none are really cream of

    Any crop.

    #3 sorry danny!! But sheldon!!! Really danny?? Really!?!? Wasted

    Roster spot!

    #4 as bad as marbury looked last year just remember how much

    time he missed… Hello people it's called rust! A new system!

    No time to learn it! That said he's absolutely nuts! I'm scared

    he may shank some one after a game in the shower! No dice

    sorry steph! Get help!

    #5 tinsley anyone? Lestor our draft pick? Anyone? Anyone?

    Personally speaking, lestor whom I watched online in summer

    league..impressed me! He played hardnose D. His J is nice..

    Handles solid and can get his own shot. His vision is decent

    so point is an option. He is hungry. Danny sign him cheap!

    #6 signing BBD is leaps and bounds more importand than a back

    Up point! House or Hudson are capable and daniels could do

    It on an interim basis. Lack of size killed us last year!

    #17(sorry there is no seven to me withOut a 1 first) anywho last but not least… I don't see powe as a somebody danny forgot. If he is no signed danny will sign jim once he is healthy.

  • TrueNBAFan

    Marbury is the man. Quit letting the media feed you an opinion and form your own. Former 20 10 pg. Give him a full camp to learn the offense and season and you'll see why.

  • Brian

    Anyone who still wants Marbury after watching him be awful for us last year, and then eat vaseline on his ridiculous and pathetic webcam show, ought to be institutionalized. There is no way Marbury should be anywhere near the NBA after his recent behavior, he's mentally ill.

  • @TrueNBAFan: The idea that "the media" has informed my opinions about Marbury rather than, say, the fact that I watched every second he played for the Celtics (and re-watched them in many cases) and took a detailed look at his statistics…is, well, a bit silly.

    It is an objective fact that Marbury stunk last year. Could he be useful if he, you know, joined a team at the beginning of a season and got himself into playing shape? Maybe. But not after eating vasoline and weeping in public.

  • Sweeney

    Powe is a matter of bad timing. He is a good backup, a great energy guy, solid team guy, but he is injured. There is no evidence to believe that he could be anything more than a backup. So if he may not be able to go until later in the season then you have to look for other folks to fill the roster out with. This is the smart move at this time.

    I am a fan of the Sheldon signing. I am a believer in someone has to bang the boards, bang the lil' guys who get to the lane, and clean up things on D. Shelden can do that and there are enough offensive options on the 2nd team. If he was a 666 man as in boards, points, and GOOD HARD fouls then I would be stoked.

    Do you really think you can count on someone who lives on planet Starburry during that Texas 3-step in the 2nd half of the year?

  • TarHeelMA

    Sweeney has it right. Sheldon is there for defense, rebounding. Given the C's current reality it is a move with potential.

    Marbury is NOT the answer– he is a mess.

    Powe has a potentially career ending injury– Danny won't sign him until he knows whether he can still jump.

  • Nick

    Okay you want to know why we should resign Marbury. CUZ ITS STEPHON F****** MARBURY. This guy came to us late mid season and had to adjust on the fly. thats a difficult thing to accomplish on this celtics team. Now think if he has a full training camp and gets some preseason action. Im not saying he'll overtake Rondo but he could be on above average backup averaging maybe 11 points. Who gives a crap about his web show. It matters how he plays which he can still do better than some point guards in this league so stop bashing him and look at this mans BASKETBALL resume not his other life.

  • Sal Greco

    I dont get it either. I vote on Vaughn, as I previously mentioned. He's a well season veteran that knows how to run a second unit and can help get eddie, sheed, and M.D. open looks. Plus hes a decent defender that has experience w. the Spur's hard nose d. Marbury… well hes marbary. Brain said it right, " Anyone who still wants Marbury after watching him be awful for us last year, and then eat vaseline on his ridiculous and pathetic webcam show, ought to be institutionalized.".

  • Alex

    I have some thoughts on the adding of Shelden Williams. At first I was very frustrated about this acquisition, but I got to thinking…

    Who are the Celtics main competitors in the East? Cavs and Magic. Meaning that the Celts will need to get through them to get to the finals. Both those teams have dominating centers (Shaq and Howard). Perkins is our only "bruser" big man that likes to bang down low. Perkins is nearly always in foul trouble, especially against Shaq and Howard. I think the Celts wanted another bruser big man off the bench to spell Perkins when he's in foul trouble….thoughts?

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  • mallz

    the more i think of why they signed shelden williams the more i think big baby isnt comin back. just like alex said there main competitors in the east have shaq n howard. as a big men on d shelden williams COULD be an upgrade of big baby so if they trade big baby for a sf. marquis daniels probably wont be penciled in as back pg but him an house should rotate out of there n get a proven or capable scorin sf. after rasheed singin was unreal flawless. the shelden willaims signing wasnt all that which makes it 1for2.resolvin marquis will c wat happens 2 glen

  • Twaters

    starberry is still able to b a top back up… not a starter… he might b a lil hard to control but for the fact hes on the same team kg someone he respects n would listen to would help… lets not forget he was good off the bench for boston with the time he did get. and jus to put it out theyer… this is after the knicks kept him off the court all that time… hes not crazy or a bad player, he jus needs a 2nd chance.

  • NHBluesMan

    as crazy and impossible as it would be, i'd love to see AI come in as a back-up PG. I know it would never happen, and even if it did, they'd need to convince him to take a back-up role. But if somehow they managed that, he'd be a huge threat off the bench

  • boston

    heres the thing you carter fans. we need a back-up pg for rondo what happens if rondo gets hurt. are u seriously telling me u would rather see anthony carter starting for the c's over marbury hell no. u have to remember steph was out of pro basketball for almost a year and a half yeah hes gonna b rusty and hes not going to have the same swagg that he ahd before or the confidence, but hes a much better distributor than carter and i would also say he has the potential with kg coming back to be a much better defender i mean if we only needed a guy for 10 mins a game eddie house cna do that but the situation is this we need a back-up pg not a role player for a few mins a game we need someone that can start and we can trust that can score, breakdown the defense and penitrate the damn defense and kick out to ray ray and paul or even dump of to kg or perk, steph can do that and hes more physical which boston needs we dont need someone that is going to be soft and get beasted. WE NEED U STEPH COME BACK

  • bolvbball

    I agree with you on Stephon Marbury,i don't see what all these people see in his game.Recently when Stephon was on U-Tube for over a 24hr.period,a lot of people seem to like following him and felt he is just a regular guy that all could identify with.The only thing i can see is people are hoping he recapture his game by coming to Boston's summer camp .I think a lot of the posters here and Celticblog are near his age group and like his game in NY.Everyone likes to see a good comeback story,need some heros in their poor pathetic lifes.I wish Stephon take slow boat ride to China…like a two yr,cruise.

  • seelyday

    The collective influence of the Big 3 can control a head case like 'Sheed or Marbury, but throw them both in the locker room and you're asking for trouble. Marbury does have upside, but there's also major self-destruct potential. Sure he can still play and with a full camp may even be the best name in the mix, but that's an awful high risk vs. reward factor.

  • honestly i ca say stephon marbury is a great player all around the reason he was kind of off is because he didn't play the whole season last year but if ya give him the chance to practice in camp i promise u wont need another point guard cause when he played the half of season he played for the team not for him self and remember him and garnett didn't get to play, if you let them two together on the court it would be another championship for Boston Celtics i promise!!!!

  • WIlliams

    Stef has not had a chance to prove his self on the celtics roster yet. He had a mid season entrance and really did not get the chance to learn the system. He had about two years of sit down time in New York and maybe if he step his game up the way that he was before than it would keep rondo on his toes as the starting row on the celtics

  • kenneth stepnick

    why not like marbury?- he got thrown into the celtics half way into the season.

    give him a good training camp(full) start and wow!!!! if rondo or allen go to bench for a break- he would be able to keep it going.(lets face it he can play)his #s before he came to celtics shows that—-(LET HIM STAY). Also he already ahead of anyone else you bring in to know the play.

    (LET KG,PP,RA)DECIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Green17

    I agree with Nick. What happens on the court is what matters with Marbury. His personal life shouldn't come into play. maybe he is a nut job. So what? He had to learn a new system in the middle of the season. The guy has talent. I would like to see how he would play with a full training camp under his belt. If Rondo did go down, Marbury would be able to run the first unit…guaranteed. People are forgetting that every one banked on Marbury disrupting the team chemistry and exhibiting his old "me first" attitude.

    He did neither. He passed his 1st test, in my opinion. Give the guy a chance.