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Apparently, in order to get a restricted free agent to come back to your team for cheaper than he’s worth, sign a player of similar size who’s markedly worse.  So any logic heads out there, isn’t this a disjunctive syllogism or something?

Last night, Jeff Goodman of WEEI updated us all about the Glen Davis situation.  The new news worth knowing is that, contrary to previous reports, instead of the Celtics matching anywhere in the neighborhood of the 5-6 million, the matching guarantee has sunk to a 1 year deal at 3.5 million or a multi-year deal at 2 million per.

I’m just not sure what has NBA teams hesitating on spending reasonable money for a guy like Davis.  Goodman makes the case that teams are worried about Baby’s weight and ability to play above the rim- which seem like ridiculous GM negotiating techniques.  I can understand the weight issue being a concern, especially given the laundry list of past players that didn’t play up to their potential (Sean May, Robert Traylor, Stanley Roberts, Shawn Kemp…) but at the end of the day, numbers don’t lie, and Baby’s were nice.

Goodman also cites that if Baby were to come back to the Celtics, he wouldn’t be maximizing his opportunity to play or make money.   The money I understand, considering a person’s understanding of worth might not be universally agreed upon by GMs and players (Marbury anyone?).   The opportunity though?  As I see it right now, if Baby were to be re-signed, he would be the back up power forward.  I can’t see many instances where ‘Sheed and Perk would be on the floor together.  I also can’t see the Celtics signing Shelden Williams so I guess the opportunity argument’s a moot point.

The real point is, despite what some may percieve as a logjam at the “big man” position if Baby were to re-sign (Perkins, Garnett, Wallace, Davis, Williams, Scalabrine), two of those players will hardly play for the Celtics.  One being Brian Scalabrine, who might be shipped out in the Marquis Daniels deal and the other being Shelden Williams, who was clearly brought in so the Garden camera men have a go-to-gorgeous girl/ celebrity in Candace Parker to put up on the JumboTron during timeouts (Greek and Dave, I’m looking at you guys).

The way I see it, four big men is the ideal- two starters, two backups.  I don’t foresee a lack of opportunity for Davis with the Celtics except for maybe a starters job, which I don’t think he’s guarunteed on any other team that’s interested (for those playing at home, supposedly: Nets, Bobcats, Cavaliers, Pistons).

If the Celts could sign Davis to a multi-year deal worth two million per, it would be a coup.  Here’s hoping for the “coup d’état” rather than the “coup du jour.”

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  • Isaac

    Danny needs to resign baby to make the team complete

  • Ben

    I'm curious to hear why you think that Perk and 'Sheed won't be on the floor at the same time. I was pondering if they would go with a scheme where you (roughly) split the minutes at the 4 and the 5 three ways between Sheed, Perk and KG. At 32 minutes per game (again roughly), that would go a long way to keeping people fresh for the playoffs.

  • Brendan Jackson

    It's not that I don't think at any point in time Perk and 'Sheed won't be on the floor at the same time, it's more to the point that defensively, they play the same position. Both Perk and 'Sheed defend centers very well, Perk with his bulk and brawn and 'Sheed with his length. Offensively, while 'Sheed shoots very well and can dribble the ball, neither he, nor Perk can put it on the floor like KG or Davis can. I think in order to be the most offensively effective, you need to have at least one big man that can put it on the floor while driving to the basket, whether it be from the baseline, the wing, the top of the key, etc. All that being said, if the personnel out there needs shooting and tough rebounding specifically, I see 'Sheed and Perk out there. I'm thinking that line up could be something like Perk, 'Sheed, Daniels, Pierce, Rondo. 'Sheed provides an extra shooter in there to compliment Pierce.

  • Kso321

    Davis seems like a no brainer, but truth is theres not much better for the Cs given their money situation. The comparison to Tractor Trailer scares anyone whos thinking about inking Davis for more than a year. At least Shawn Kemp had some all star days.

  • Arvin

    I still do not understand the Williams signing. The only possible solution of "Celtic betterment" that I can see is if we can now trade TA and Williams for Daniels. Then we would have the cap room to sign Davis.

    What are the rules for when and if the Celtics can sign Powe? Are we out of the loop or is there still a chance to sign him? What about Big Baby for $3 million a year for 5 years and Powe for $2 million a year for 5 years?? Would love to hear your thoughts on such scenarios Brendan.

  • Lee

    I still think the C's should sign and trade baby for a taller stronger player, preferably a center.

    If Perk or Rasheed get hurt which is possible due to their past injury history and age the Celtics will be in big trouble.

    Especially when we play against Cleveland, Orlando and LA.

    I think a legit 3rd string back up center is vital o insure title # 18 is obtained.

    Any one else agree?

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  • Bostontitletown

    big baby needs to come back to boston. It would be wrong for danny ainge to not bring him back especially after what he did for us last year when kg went out and the clutch shot in orlando. He step up huge averaging almost 20pts. But ainge is an unloyal gm and untrust worthy if he was gonna ship out rondo and allen 2 key components to our team and championship. big baby is a silent center piece 2 our bench and team. ball now get paid later.