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stephkg1Speculation has been running rampant in the past 48 hours regarding the potential return of Stephon Marbury to Beantown. It started with an unconfirmed report from NES247.com that the former Georgia Tech star would be back in green. This story has fueled futher speculation as well as the rebuffing of any new movement towards a deal from different sources all around the net.  

At this point, I think if any deal were to go down with Marbury it’s not going to come for a while yet, unless Marbury takes his medicine and accepts the veteran’s minimum contract he reportedly turned down from Danny Ainge weeks ago. There have been reports out there that the C’s may offer Marbury some, if not all of their biannual exception for him to return to town, but that rumor seems foolish to me for a couple reasons.

1) The team has committed that money (1.9 million) to Marquis Daniels for the time being. Now we know Ainge is looking to avoid this and acquire Daniels in a sign and trade with Indiana while shedding some of the C’s excess baggage in the form of Tony Allen and Brian Scalabrine. However for the reasons I discussed earlier this week, that scenario doesn’t look promising unless a 3rd team were to get involved. If that somehow gets done, I think that still wouldn’t matter much which brings me to my second point.

 2) Stephon Marbury is not worth the biannual exception. That may seem like a harsh assessment but it is the truth. His inconsistent play combined with a down economy has left most teams looking to shed excess dollars. A few years ago, the market for a reclamation project like Marbury would have been more promising for the former Knick. For a couple million dollars, someone could have been willing to take a flier on Marbury becoming a competent NBA point guard once again after sitting out the majority of last season.

Right now though, we are talking about a guy in Starbury who is 32 years old and shot 34% from the field last year and 24% from downtown. Do I think those numbers will go up next year? In the right spot with the right team, absolutely. I wouldn’t be willing to bet the farm on it though, and to be honest I just don’t think there are many of those situations out there for him.

There are clearly far fewer than Marbury himself anticipated going into free agency as it appears few if any teams have come knocking. In fact, several teams lacking depth at the one spot, also addressed their need in a draft that was deep with PG’s this year (Utah, Minnesota, Philadelphia, Sacramento, Denver to name a few)

Those draft picks combined with a bear market has worked in favor of the Celtics on potentially having the option of bringing back Marbury at a discounted rate. I guess my question through all of these rumors is if Stephon is worth bringing back all together? A closer look at this proposition after the jump.I spoke at length to Gary Tanguay about this in my interview with him last week. Gary made the great point that while Starbury likely has nowhere to go this offseason, the C’s themselves have nowhere to turn themselves for a backup PG having no real money to spend on one.

The C’s wisely addressed more pressing needs at other positions (big man, swingman) with Rasheed Wallace and Marquis Daniels using up their free agent budget commendably in doing so. The acquisition of Daniels also helped to address the PG problem as the former Pacer can play some point if called upon. It’s likely he will be needed more in relief Paul Pierce and Ray Allen, rather than giving the 23 year old Rondo a blow.

Despite the Daniels signing, what the C’s need right now is a guy at the backup point guard spot is someone who can hold their own for 10-15 minutes a game and facilitate what will be a much improved 2nd unit with several capable shooters (Wallace, House, Big Baby if he returns.)

My question to Celtics fans is if we want Stephon Marbury to be that guy? He has shown that he can be the man and take lots of shots on a mediocre team. The C’s bench this upcoming year will not need him to do that. He will have to distribute the ball better and learn to pick his spots, something he struggled with last year as he proved to be almost too hesitant and unselfish at times with the 2nd unit.

I remain hopeful he will improve in that department next year if he gets a complete season with the team under his belt. It’s also possible though his shoddy numbers from last year are a sign of a decline in his overall play that has come to fruition.

If that is the case, there are many other cheap but flawed point guard options out there on the free agent scrap heap that could be had for the veteran’s minimum. I will take a closer look at these options tomorrow. For now though, I want to know if you think Marbury would be the pick of the liter from those lackluster options (Anthony Carter, Jamal Tinsley, Kevin Ollie to name a few) out there. The guy may have nowhere to go, but then again neither do the C’s.

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • csm99

    Gabe pruitt or hudson boston needs to give guys like giddens and gabe a chance forget about Stephon Marbury.

  • jeremy hitchcock

    forget big baby and daniels
    bring back marbury and powe T.A just needs a clean bill of heath and come confidence he started last season well in november scoring in double figures in 8-16 games shooting 52% getting 2 boards an assist and a steal. a healthy powe is more valuable than davis more efficient scaore better rebounder . marbury had just sat out to long and couldnt blow the cobwebs out in enough time for the celtics liking but a full preseason should see him return to form . i dont see the point of bringing in daniels i think he exactly the same player as TA and to get him we lose scal a fan favorite who brings energy hustle plays mutiple positions great 3 point shot and ready to play at any moment does not mind not playing for extended periods i think you under value brian scalabrinie

  • Buckets

    I think now that Tinsley was waived he needs to be that guy if willing to accept the vet minimum. I still belive we need to cut loose Pruitt and bring back Powe as well as BBD. Keep Scal and TA instead of doing the sign and trade with Indy and let them go next year to cut cap space. Just give Daniels the bi annual straight up.

  • KY Celts fan

    i don’t mind bringing back marbury if he’s willing to take the vet’s min. we know he has talent, and he showed flashes of his former self in the playoffs this year. And he’s a lot better than pruitt, or house at the point. i’m not sure about giddens, i’ve never seen him play. if marbury is willing to take the minimum, i say give him a training camp and let’s see what happens.

    would andre miller be willing take the vet’s min if it means a chance at a championship? the sixers don’t want him anymore. worth a thought.

  • jerry

    i think that bring back marbury is a good idea because he help the Celtic in the playoffs just send him to training camp in order for him to get better.

  • Joshvinne Matula

    I believe we should give Pruitt a chance to be the back-up point guard. He has shown last season that he can command the second unit until he lost his playing minutes when he got a DUI and the signing of Starbury.

  • marbury wants to be a starter, gabe has been on the celtics 3 seasons and barlety played like patrick obryant giddens has got a all round game like posey but i thnk giddens can be better the posey givin his age and athleticism he can also block jump shooters and rebound for some1 at the 3 is a high quality avg 8rpg in college even tho he played for a smaller market still good numbers tho

  • Jordan

    @greenthumb – punctuation my friend, don’t be afraid. embrace it.

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  • bobo

    Just as Mikki Moore,Patty.O’bryant,and a few other potential backups,Stephon had his chance to prove his worthiness to the Celtics and failed.He failed in my opinion to show he is worthy to play backup to Rondo next season.How many chances should you take on an aging bench player?Im not a big fan of bringing him back aboard this season.Obviously,Danny knows best but i don’t always have to agree with him.

  • Jeff

    The real reason we need someone in this spot is if Rondo misses a stretch due to injury. The Ray Allen/House/Pierce/Daniels/Pruitt etc. gets it done if it is just about covering 12 – 15 min./game.
    If someone has to go to 24 – 32 min./game, Starbury at vet. min. becomes an intriguing prospect. Doc and Danny are the best judges of whether he still has rust to knock off, still might learn the system, still might get back to the form of 3 or more years ago. If he can he’s insurance at a bargain price.

  • jman

    steph would help the celtics this year as a back up. hudson needs a little more experience and pruitt isnt good. but id much rather test our luck with hudson by getting marquis instead of steph

  • jman

    in response to bobo, ur a moron, steph wasnt in bball shape and he did prove some worthiness despite him not being up to speed

  • I have no problem with the idea of bringing Marbury back, if the price is low enough. One year vet minimum deal would be fine. I think that by the time the playoffs roll around again he’d fit in much better. Going from not playing for over a year to trying to fit in on a championship-contending team can’t be an easy thing to do. Even if he WAS “too unselfish” at times, that alone shows a willingness on his part to adapt his game to a more team-oriented style of play. Unlike, say, Allen Iverson.

    Now, if he’s going to want millions of dollars, then obviously not, but if he’s willing to take a lot less for a shot at a title and a bigger contract next year, he really could help us out a lot THIS year. I don’t care what anyone thinks Pruitt has “earned”, he hasn’t done anything in his time here to show that he can help the team. If he winds up being the best we can do for a backup PG then so be it, but if we can somehow bring Marbury back for a full season I’m more than OK with it.

  • bring back steph. he makes the celts even more hate-able by the rest of the country, and that makes me love these guys even more!

    but steph and house showed a pretty good chemistry. he did not develop much chemistry with anyone else, but let’s not forget, rotations were kinda weird at that time with mikki moore finding time in KG’s absence, baby playing heavy minutes with the first unit, and so on. give him a chance to get comfortable being on the floor with baby, daniels, and a member of the KG/sheed/perk platoon, and he’s a steal at the right price.

  • Matt

    Please, please, please re-sign Starbury.

    With him, Sheed & KG, the team will be hilarious to watch.

    Kinda like the thee Stooges.

  • bobo

    to response to jman…your mama is a moron,and your grandmother too.

  • $0.02

    The team would benefit from having steph. He will bring a gritty swag to the second unit that will exude more confidence then the other options available at the vet-minimum. If rondo goes down, steph will come through. Let him get the rust off his game. He will improve every facet of his stat line. Would be a loss for celts if he is not on the roster. With sheed and house on the floor, he will be dishing the rock no problem.

  • $0.02

    Steph will bring a gritty swag to the second unit that will exude more confidence then the other options available at the vet-minimum. Let him get the rust off his game. He will improve every facet of his stat line. Would be a loss for celts if he is not on the roster. With sheed and house on the floor, he will be dishing the rock no problem.

  • andre2000

    If Starbury accepts the vet min…bring him back. he needs a little more time with the team to shine.
    I find it hard to believe that he will accept that price. Too bad we couldnt afford Andre Miller though. That would be the best option out there.

    Note to Ainge: You let Posey go. Don’t do the same and with Powe. He is going to flourish on another team and in a year from now we will be blogging on how we should’ve kept him. He is a straight up baller.
    Never forget the coast to coast he threw down on the Fakers!!!

  • Tim

    It took Stephon until the playoffs to feel at home with Boston, but he showed that he was no bust. If he wants to come back, the Celtics would be nuts not to take him back.

  • boston

    bringing back steph is better than handing the reigns of the suecond unit over to an unpollished and unproved young pg. steph is a proven scorer and a great passer something doc mentioned last season. get rid of TA and scal TA has been there to long without any consistant production atleast daniels can finish at the rim unafraid. and most def bring back BBD and leon they are both better defensively and are both better rebounders than scal and besides we got sheed to be a big man shooting the 3 who is also a better rebounder and defensive player than scal. sorry scal but ur softer han pao gasol was 2 years ago in the finals against KG and boston needs to maintain that level of physical play in order to hoist banner #18 at the beginning of the 2010-2011 season on opening night!!!!!!

  • boston

    and steph can also guard the bigger more physical guards that rondo and pruit would be beasted by but rondo is still my starter though but think of this for a second bostons possible second unit of house, marbury, wallace, daniels, and either powe or big baby thats a hell of a bench to have

  • jerod jones

    I really think if steph does come back it will be the perfect fit for both parties..steph will still be a huge threat do to having all the big names coming off the bench it will open up his shot on top of creating for other players..i think Scal would be a better fit for the sign and trade because of his contract i would keep TA for a different trade if possible

  • KY Celts fan

    if we bring back steph, that’ll be a second unit of marbury, house, marquis, big baby (he’ll resign, i’m pretty confident), and sheed. that’s better than the starters of half the NBA teams.

    personally, i’d love to see marbury get his ring. Boston is becoming the team where great players who haven’t won a championship finally get a chance to hoist the trophy.

  • dapogi

    bring back steph, get rid of ta and scal. powe will be back by jan or feb. the c’s will be the champs by june 2010.

  • Although, I guess Jason Williams is an UFA, trying to make a comeback. 33 years old, good shooter(good enough to force teams to account for him, anyways), good passer, not a potential headcase like Marbury, and probably available for vet’s minimum.

    I don’t know how healthy he is, but he might be worth at least a look.

  • Arvin

    Marbury can back for the vet minimum only. He could use training camp to get in shape and find his shot. Pruitt doesn’t have the experience we need (although he has the athleticism). Hudson can go to Europe.

    Brian, could you address if the Celtics can still sign Powe? Since we released him and he is a free agent, might we still sign him in December or January? He may be critical for depth and hustle during a playoff run.

  • Earl

    Are you serious? This man has lost a step?! Ok, lets see, he hadn’t played basketball in over a year. He was brought in around the end of February and by that time half of the NBA season was over.

    This is the NBA and not the YMCA so there are things called offensive and defensive sets. I promise you Einstein would have struggled trying to learn all those sets in that little time frame. People forget, practices are way shorter during the season and even shorter during the playoffs!

    He was playing about 10 minutes per game, try finding your grove with those minutes. Plus NY took some of his swag. It was obivious he was giving his all for the team concept.

    People must have forgot! Go youtube “Stephon Marbury highlights”. This dude was sick! You just dont loose skills like that. He needs to be in a training camp. I promise he will bust a$$ with a full training camp under his belt.

    Just think, by this man not playing for that long period of time, he just added about 3 to 4 years on to his career. He was able to sit back and get completely healthy.

    The idiot that wrote this article must have been in my stash of kush! Did he just ask would the Celtic fans rather have Kevin Ollie, Anthony Carter, Jamal Tinsley over Stephon Marbury?! Ha! I guess he is going to really insult Celtic fans next and ask for Michael Adams!

  • John A

    How about Marcus Williams?
    Rather see him get a shot.

  • norman

    Forget Starbury give the kid Lofton a chance, we know he can shoot the lights out.

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  • JMoose77

    I agree with alot of you..Marbury with a litle more experience with the team could help us ..Then again he was on USTREAM the other day, and he is not ALL THERE!! If he could behave himself ALL SEASON i am all for it but thats a big IF.. I also like getting help in Daniels but he isnt exactly the player i would have liked to have got..And one more thing, GIDDONS cna play guys. im from NM.(kind of sad) but i an here to tell you this guy can play..He looked almost as good as Grainger in college(from NM like Giddons) no BS!!!

  • KY Celts fan

    after marbury's little webchat, I think it's pretty safe to say he is not coming back to Boston, or any team, any time soon.

  • jeremy hitchcock

    yeah steph aint coming back anywhere

    bobby brown, lester hudson, patty mills

    and a vet one for the future one for right now

    boby brown and patty mills i am pretty sure could fill the void at the back up spot yeah unproven but so was rondo when they won the championship weather they can win rivers trust is another thing or the safe option would be anthony carter but i would like to see them take a gamble on youth . if your going to spend alot of time or money try and upgrade rondo go after a steve nash i am pretty sure phoenix would bite for a direct swap for rondo and other guys just to make the finances work