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Quick hit, because it’s Friday and I’m out the door: 

Fanhouse is reporting that Marquis Daniels could be headed to Boston in a sign-and-trade with the Pacers, possibly involving Brian Scalabrine’s expiring deal. 

Here’s the lede,  which contains the requisite qualifiers:

Indiana free agent Marquis Daniels could be headed to the Boston Celtics by next week as part of a sign-and-trade deal still being discussed by the two teams, according to two NBA sources.

Here’s Daniels on his future:

“I’ll be with a contender. That much I can say with certainty,” Daniels said Friday at his Feed the Children charity event in Orlando, just a couple of miles from where he grew up. “There still are a few options, but I’ve pretty much got my mind made up. Just some small details have to be worked out.”

Daniels, 28, is 6’6” and played more often at small forward than shooting guard last year with Indiana, according to 82games. So he’d be the back-up wing I’ve been agitating about endlessly (and annoyingly, I’m sure).  

Daniels is an awful jump-shooter, which in part explains his very low offensive ratings on Basketball Reference. But he can create off the dribble and get to the rim; nearly half his shot attempts come from in-close. He’s not a three-point threat, but he’s a far more polished ball-handler and offensive player than Tony Allen, whose failure to jump up and grab the back-up wing role over several seasons is the reason the Celtics would deal one attractive asset (Scal’s expiring deal) for wing who can’t shoot threes and puts up a below-average PER. 

But Daniels can help. He can be a piece of a championship team. He can be a scorer off the bench who could slash to the rim when the second-unit offense breaks down and the shot clock is running out. 

He can help. But it’s far from a done deal, it seems.

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  • Daniels would be a nice pick up, especially if it only costs an expiring contract or two. With him being a smallish wing, it would become very important to re-sign big baby for the front court help though.

    Sounds fine, do it.

  • bobo

    Daniels has his upside,and he is can be relentless on defense at times.I think he will fit perfectly with a team like the Celtics,who hang their hat on defense.He always played well aganist the C's in regular season games.I like the signing,its a 100%improvement from the bench situation this past season…almost feel like a championship team again.Daniels is younger than Hill and might be that intanglable player we lost in Posey,or at least some of it.I realize he is not a 3pt threat or even a good jump shooter but he brings intensity and energy when i seen him play in the past.Daniels is a very good slasher to the hoop.

  • Steve

    RODNEY CARNEY!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! My lord, Carney would probably come cheaper, is taller, more athletic, better defender, and a MUCH better shooter. Carney is actually a threat from downtown unlike Daniels or TA.

  • mallz

    house, daniels , baby , rasheed. umm i like ! could go small with one of their young pgs or go big wit house at point and throw in house daniels walker baby rasheed.. this team is gunna smell blood from training camp WATCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kobe send that trophy here. who told u guys to punk lamar odom like that

  • Buckets

    WOW! If we sign Daniels we'd have a 2nd unit that can probably compete with most teams 1st unit. Re- sign BBD, cut Pruitt, tender Powe and sign Marcus Williams ex PG from Uconn. This is what i'd like our roster to look like…


    PG- Rondo

    SG- R. Allen

    SF- Pierce

    PF- Garnett

    C- Perkins

    2nd Unit

    PG- Williams (the distributor)

    SG- House (the deep threat)

    SF- Daniels (the slasher)

    PF- Davis (the mid range game)

    C- Wallace (inside and out)

    The Rest

    T. Allen, Giddens, Walker, Powe and Scal

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  • Pasard

    Defense and ability to get to the rim far out weigh being able to knock down a three. We have House that on the 2nd unit, and Pierce and Allen on the 1st. He can steal, and block shots. Remember last year the Pacers was one of the few teams to beat us early in the season. They beat the Lakers as well. Daniels was unquestionably a factor. I've been sleeping on Carney, but would be highly elated with M.D. I don't know other than I hope Lamar Odom goes to MIA, and not back to LAL. Health will be a concern this upcoming season, but it always is in sports. We're looking pretty good. I hope Wilcox stays away from LAL, also.

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  • Jay

    I like M.D. in that second unit… a lot, hoping this goes down.

    Having a slasher type player in that second unit will be great, teams can't clog the paint when wallace is in the game, they have to respect his jumper. This is ideal for a slashing type guy like M.D. no big man help underneath, because their tracking wallace, if he takes his man off the dribble, we'll see a lot of easy buckets for him, or better yet, errent fouls when the help defense comes late.

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