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Redesign: It just happened

Picture 4Good morning from the C-Hub redesign force. Notice anything different?

Slow clap for Phase I of the redesign. Throughout the offseason, we hope to add a lot more static content this offseason (schedule, rosters, etc.) as well as interactive forums (in the works).

Comment on this post if you’ve got suggestions, complains, kudos.

  • rav

    aww really???? i liked the old crappy design.

    just kidding. great job, looks real sleek, but just make that green bar at the top a bit darker

  • http://www.celticsblog.com Jeff


  • Jordan

    Yeah, looks good, but like rav said, change the shade of green.

  • jay

    Takes a little getting use to but it is ok…its the content that counts.

  • http://derekshowerman.com Derek Showerman

    Looks great. I would start a facebook fanpage and replicate each post in the fanpage. This will help with "link juice" as well as exposure. I would then add the fanpage to the right nav with some kind of graphic. I would also join freindfeed and tie in all of your socialbookmarking habisst and post the FF widget on a page of it's own. Finally, post all of your posts into Technorati and Postrank.

  • http://celticshub.com Zach

    Great suggestions, Derek. The TrueHoop Network has an overall fan page that just started recently, but having our own isn't a bad idea. You should be able to find the THN one, though.

  • Robert

    Second the notion of the green bar up top. Make it darker.

    More Celtic-like, more pleasant on the eyes.

  • http://www.celticshub.com Bryan Roy

    Thanks, Derek. We're definitely going to be improving our social networking this summer; thanks for the tips.

  • http://celticshub.com Bryan Roy

    A darker green has been updated. Definitely looks a hell of a lot better. Thanks guys!

  • Billy

    Looks great,you should put wallpapers too.

  • http://www.celticshub.com Bryan Roy

    Great thinking, Billy. The only issue is obtaining the high-res shots. We don't have an AP subscription, nor our own photogs. But I'll dig around…

  • Brenda C

    Looks good – still the best content around guys!

  • http://celtics.com Walter Brown

    Love the RSS!

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