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This is basically old news, but it’s a useful reminder: The Herald today reports that Big Baby‘s options are limited, as Detroit, his primary suitor, has just over $3 million to offer him before going over the cap–a number the C’s would likely match after letting the Pistons hang in the wind for a week. 

Dallas, which has its mid-level intact, is uninterested, Oklahoma City isn’t blowing any of  its remaining cap room on Baby, and Portland is shooting much higher (Paul Millsap). 

So it looks like Glen will likely be coming back here. Something to consider: If the C’s do re-sign Davis, that gives them 12 players with guaranteed money for next season. Which means there are three spots open (NBA teams can carry a max of 15 players during the season) for the following candidates:

Gabe Pruitt (non-guaranteed deal)

Lester Hudson (unsigned draft pick with a broken finger)

-Open slot for a free agent

So, assuming the C’s don’t make a deal here–and that’s an iffy assumption, considering Ainge remains open to a sign-and-trade–the C’s cannot sign both a back-up point guard AND a wing player. 

Which direction they decide to go in will tell you a lot about which set of young players the team has more faith in. They’ve got three guys who, in theory, could fill the back-up wing spot (Tony Allen, J.R. Giddens and Bill Walker) and two internal candidates for Rondo back-up duties (Pruitt and Hudson). 

Personally, I think you have to sign the wing, even if the back-up wing gang is more crowded than the back-up PG crowd. The team cannot afford to play Paul Pierce 36 minutes per game again this season. That is not an option. 

Again, this roster dilemma becomes moot if Ainge moves two guaranteed deals (likely some combo of TA, Scal and Giddens’ expiring deals) for one. 

What do you guys think?

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  • D Brom

    I think that Danny should have drafted Mario Chalmers instead of Giddens and then we would only be concerned about a backup wing right now…

  • csm99

    Bring back J.R. Giddens and Bill Walker forget gabe, rookie hudson and then do a sign and trade with BBD, TA, and ether J.r. or bill.

  • csm99

    If we can find someway to trade for Delonte West and bring in Moon that's it Paul has a backup. Plus we then have two players that can play both the one and two with house and west. So go get west in a trade then sign moon then we are good for the season. And if Rondo leaves then we have west to run the point again.

  • jct

    deal t allen and scal for someone. please.

  • If Baby is back, Scal, TA and one of Giddens/Walker should be enough to bring back a more then serviceable wing player. I cant see how Miami wouldnt trade Moon for that package. They are rebuilding, so they can see if a change of scenery helps TA. Giddens/Walker has potential and would get time. Scal is a good role player for a year and gives them cap relief. As for backup PG. See if Pruitt can handle it, if not you can always get a backup PG during the season for a 2nd rounder.

  • icee cold

    Here's an idea: Trade Big Baby and TA to Utah for CJ Miles and Eric Maynor. That takes care of backup wing and point. Then bring Sweetney to camp as the 4/5th big man.


    sweetney / scal

    miles / walker

    house / giddens

    maynor / house

    that's a pretty solid bench for the best starting five in the NBA right?

  • Matthew

    Dealing Rondo is not an option. he is the fastest up and coming PG in the league and Danny would be crazy to trade. As far as the back up goes Paul does definitly need one. Moon would fill that void but we need to offer Mia something good to get him. we do not need Delonte back in boston keep him in Clev. I believe gabe Jr and bill are all under contract next year and with Gabe backing up rondo i dont think we need Lester. So there can be a sign and trade with Big Baby, Hudson, and Scal for Moon and a 2nd round next year draft.

    PG: Rondo back up Gabe/eddie
    SG: Ray back up Tony A/JR/Eddie
    C: Perkins back up Wallace
    SF: Paul back up MOON//Walker
    PF: Garnett back up Wallace

  • reg35

    Deal Pruitt & TA to Golden State for CJ Watson in a sign-and-trade; Scal, Giddens & a 2nd rounder or two to Miami for Moon. Re-sign LEON



    Pierce/Moon/Billy Walker



  • Ok…let me start, csm99…mr west can’t play point can’t create his own shot or any one else’s. Back up…undersized shooting guard…that’s him..illogical basketball fan that’s u. Moon would be a nice addition and danny knows that. Not likely however unless TA and scal are suddenly valued by other teams…and hey it could happen…It could…ummm ok… ….no it won’t… they are who they are…deepdeep bench players with expiring contracts. TA will be over seas next year. Scal will play somewhere maybe Boston for cheap. I like J.R. And bill. And if I had to pick between them it would be tough. Bill seems to have a higher NBA iq. J.R. Is more agressive and hungry for minutes. Bill seems injury prone. So if packageing up some combo of bill TA or scal for any sf that’s even remotely solid as a back up I’d do it super quick.

  • Jay

    Leon wont recover from his latest knee problems, it's not going to happen.

    Even if he did, the last thing we need is another big man. Deal with the loss reg, we all loved Leon, but he's gone now.

    And I agree with Zach, the swingman is the major issue, Paul can't play those minutes again. We've all seen the numbers of how bad his shooting % drops the higher his minutes get, something has to be done.

    Pruitt I'm on the fence on, I'm not convinced he's going to be that guy to really solidify that second string, but who knows, he's the best option we have right now. Let's hope he surprises us.

  • dkaye

    Boston LOL..the NBA's retirement home…Sheed will bring you guys down faster than Starbury!

    Magic FTW!!!!

  • nottotallynormal

    Ms. dkaye, the basketball gods will descend upon your putrid L.A. Fakers. Gasol's knees will buckle from international competition. Kobe(me,myself and I) will demand a trade. Poof goes the L.A. Lackeys. Celtics Pride will be at an all-time high from banner number eighteen.

  • icee cold


    dkaye said he was a magic fine, why i are you talking trash about the lakers?

    @everyone else who responded after my jazz trade proposal

    thanks for being selfish a-holes and completely disregarding my comment

    @any potential commenters

    please read my comment about a potential jazz trade and let me know what yall think

    @zach lowe

    keep writing gold, homebro

  • icee cold


    dkaye said he was a magic fan, why are you talking trash about the lakers?

    @everyone else who responded after my jazz trade proposal

    thanks for being selfish a-holes and completely disregarding my comment

    @any potential commenters

    please read my comment about a potential jazz trade and let me know what yall think

    @zach lowe

    keep writing gold, homebro

    (reposted because of typos)

  • andre2000

    icee cold got his feelings hurt. MAYBE, just maybe, no one commented because you're trade proposal is ridiculous? Things that make you go Hmmmmmm……


    Arsenio H.

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  • Craig

    I think barring any trades the Celtics will go into the season with what thay have for backcourt and wing help. I'm sure they will bring in atleast 1 more bg man whether it's Davis or someone else they will for depth. Remember this is the new and some say ridiculous NBA where players get bought out and sign with playoff contenders towards the end of the season. So whatever the backup roles are in October probably will not be the case come March. I think they can afford to give 'tryouts' to the Bill Walker's of the world and see how they do. Having the veterans they have will only help the newbies become more aclimated in their roles. More desirable options will become available come spring in the event that the backup experiments fail.

  • Pasard

    Yeah, no need to panick with the moves that LA, and ORL made. LAL may lose Odom. ORL lost Turkoglu. Boston made their splash with Rasheed, and hopefully a healthy Garnett. Vince Carter can hit buzzer beaters, but he will have to mesh in ORL with their current stars from the Finals. Bass was a good addition. I think the 2nd half of the FA signings will get under way now that Milsap is out the way. We can make do with the youngsters until the NBA regular season deadline. Rajon is obviously not in as bad in need of a back up as Paul Pierce is. Both Giddens, and Walker should be able to eventually provide offense if given a chance. If they don't come through then work the waiver wire. I have all the faith in the world in my Celtics. The key is not to panick like Dallas did with trading for Jason Kidd when the Lakers were handed Gasol.

  • Pasard

    When Powe gets better maybe sign him, and trade Big Baby for somebody. The Celtics do have options, and they will present themselves as the season begins and progresses towards the trading deadline. Then standing pat may prove beneficial as well.

  • Pasard

    AI would provide needed offense coming off the bench for the Celtics. If the season got underway Iverson maybe would come around to see that coming off the bench for Boston would give him a great chance to win a ring. Far fetch I know, but that is the appeal that Boston will and does have a solid chance to win a championship for players who value being a chamipion over dollar signs. Boston took a chance with Starbury. AI would be the same situation in theory. Wishful thinking I know, but no body else is jumping at AI. Memphis and Miami were the front runners then Charlotte and LAC jumped in the mix with LAC supposedly in serious discussions.

  • jim c

    i live in louisiana…long time fan….dont start perkins…start wallace….cut scal…most horrible player ever!!!…you need a backup to pierce that can score and allen…young guys…maybe walker

  • Daniel

    The C's should keep Big Baby, he proved his worth last season with KG out. He's worth keeping.

  • jay

    icce, it ain't happening, that's why noone bothered to reply, cause there's a better chance of me winning the lottery, and then simultaneously being struck by lightning, while watching a flying pig go overhead.

  • B Bowen

    I am surprised that I still haven't seen signing Free agent Matt Barnes posted yet. Matt Barnes is a far better, stronger, and more productive player than moon, and not to mention very economical. Matt Banes got paid $797,581 last year from the Suns, so we can afford him. Leon powe of course we all love him, however he is not expected to recover from his last surgery until feb next year! So we should not waste our valuable dollars, due to his injury track record. We should resign Baby if its a good price (under 3mil), and definitely trade Tony Allen for someone Please (maybe back up point guard)! TA sucks on so many different levels. Lastly Perkins earned his starting spot, and Rasheed may mess up the chemistry if they just automatically insert him into the starting line up, I feel sheed would put us at our best coming off the bench, and maybe finishing games instead of starting in Perks place.

  • jay

    Why are we even mentioning AI, we can't afford him.

    He's not even worth spending a veteran minimum on (which starbury turned down, mind you) not that he'd take it anyway. And we're already over the cap. Not even sure why you'd bring the name up.

  • mallz

    picture…… a bench of eddie house, rasheed wallace, big baby if he comes bk AND LATE OFFSEASON PICK UP OF ALLEN IVERSON OR JERRY STACKHOUSE and one of there young developing players. if the bench was pruitt,house,stackhouse,baby,wallace. that would relieve pierce like they said. but a bench of house,iverson (walker or giddens) baby, rasheed… iverson would have to take even more of a pay cut. but he would secure leads with scoring and give the starters something to go aww about. realistically tho stackhouse is a good back up for pierce

  • S.Gomes

    i like the idea of bruce bowen or matt barnes or moon in a sign n trade deal if we can do one with the players we have pg. I think either pruitt or lester hudson should be fine until further notice

  • B Bowen

    Free agent juan dixon would be a nice addition to our back court for a good price, he only made $797,581 last year.

  • j pirog

    to be honest i really dont think that pruit,walker,giddens or hudson are ready to step in as key bench players..also with the signing of wallace scal becomes useless bescause hes just a bad version a of wallace..we have to have a back up pg and and another s/f for paul…..i really like that kid rush who plays for indiana… i dont know if any of u remebr the game he had against us last yr but he can staright shoot the bal and get to the rack…. as for the point guard spot…. why havnt we offered A.I a 1yr 3/mill deal??? or offer andre miller or nate robinson the same offer to come and be champs ?? bet any one of them would get a huge deal some where else the next yr if they win a ring with he celtics… look at posey

  • mallz


  • norman

    We can't let Chris Lofton get away theirs not a team out there who doesn't need a shooter especially one like this kid has a chance to be one of the all time great shooters.

  • kg5fan

    Lets keep bbaby trade Scali n Tony for Daniels an see if we can get Matt Barnes for cheap then we faster an more atheletic on the wing with players who can play more than one position i think thats a better move

  • Justin

    Rondo isn't going anywhere. He is the best young PG in the league, and potentially the best player in the playoffs. Bringing back Big Baby is huge because he has shown he can make the mid-range jumper and there is noone that can push him around. The signing of Daniels is good since he can back up Pierce or be a SG.

  • BJ

    Sign n trade for daniels works out amazingly if we can get rid of Scal n TA. I still think we should try to bring in Barnes. But one thing is the future, who are our young players? We go BBD (assuming he re ups), Rondo, then Walker? We need to give these young guys a shot at playing cuz as we saw last year, when one of the Big 3 go down, it HURTS! Still second line of House, Daniels, one of Walker/Giddens/Pruitt, Big Baby, n Sheed is a 500 team by itself! The season is talking too long to get here!

  • kg5fan

    where is Matt Barnes i dont hear anyone talkin about him he is a free agent right is his askin price that high?

  • Paolo

    Hope the Celtics would sign the young robert swift,,,coz I think he is very talented big man

  • Kaveh

    It's true that I'm a lakers fan and all, and thus biased against the celtics….but i thought you celtic fans would be better than wishing (as nottotallynormal just did) that Pau Gasol's knees would give out so you guys could win again, lol. That's low, even for a celtic fan.

    The truth of the matter is that the celtics are OLD. They are the grandpa team of the NBA. Nevertheless, they have great young talent in Rondo and…well, it's just Rondo. However, I think the celtics in their current form are a 1 and done team. They got lucky that my lakers didn't have Bynum or Ariza when we played the 08 finals against each other. Not having TWO of our starters playing is hard to get over, and that's why you guys won.

    But that was 2 years ago. Since then KG has had serious knee injury and Pierce looks like he is simply too old to play in the NBA. Next year if everyone is healthy and we get Odom back, it is going to be TOUGH for the celtics to even get to the finals, forget about winning the finals against the lakers.

    KG is old/injured

    Allen is still very good, but how long can that last at his age?

    Pierce is too old and well over the hill. He should retire promptly unless he wants to be remembered like the current Shaq.

    Sheed is also over the hill. What did he average 6 points in the playoffs last year AS A STARTER?

    Your hope is for Rondo and Perkins to a lesser extent to offset the rapid deteriation of your Granpa 4.

  • d2

    ur not gettin odom back hahahaha

  • Big3head

    With all due respect, I think the premise that the C's need either an extra swing man or point guard is false when Wallace, Garnet, Perkins and Scal are the only big men on the roster. Danny is going to need more height.

  • bigvik5190

    Its clear that depth is a need. Wallace is going to be great off the bench and we all know what eddie or big baby will do off the bench but a BIG big man and a legitimate back up point guard who can control the game would make us the team to beat. I would love to see them go after a Brevin Knight or Steve Blake to back up Rondo. Pruitt will hold is own but wont be great. Walker is explosive but a little shaky. What about big men like Mark Blount or SAn Dalembert, both have been proved to be great down low, not great speed but good big back ups for Kev and Perk. That way sheed can go in as the 4 not a 5. I love baby but hes to short to play the 5 and sheed is our best back up at the 4. Either way, our team is going to come back explosive and be ready to compete for a championship