Post-game Reactions

The Bulls bought out Tim Thomas today

A few commenters are asking about the possibility of bringing Tim Thomas here should Big Baby leave.

I’ve made my views on the subject clear.

To review: Thomas has one, and only one, discernible skill: three-point shooting. And he doesn’t solve the C’s pressing need for someone capable of spelling Paul Pierce on the wing. 

But as long as he can hit threes at a useful rate, you can bet there will be interest in him.

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Zach Lowe

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  • No. No. No. Nonononononononononono.

    Dear god, for the love of everything that is awesome about Celtic basketball, NO.

  • Pasard

    I don't know if he is our best option, but I do like Tim Thomas.

  • better than ta but still eh

  • Luc

    They should not let Big Baby go to sign thomas because

    the C's are just getting older and plus it is not worth it Big

    Baby is better.

  • Arvin

    Tim Thomas had a few good years, but Zach is absolutely correct that Thomas is only a shooter. No rebounding, no defense, not much hustle. Almost not worth writing about! Dispel any thought of him joining the Celtics please!

  • Tyler

    I think Glen Davis need to look at what team suits his game best. and that would have to be the Celtics. the way the team is structure both offensively and defensively he can cradled and not exposed for his lack of foot speed. Join a less structured defensive unit and Big Baby minutes will disappear. I also think Stackhouse could be a Posey factor the C;s need.

  • I initially inquired about the possibility of Thomas yesterday, but after thinking about it, I have come to this conclusion:

    As for the need to have a guy come in and play 10-15 minutes a game to spell pierce, Thomas and his 3-pt shooting would fill this role fine.

    But, heavan help us no, in the unfortunate possibility that something happened to Paul, the player we get will need to be able to step in and hold down the three for 5,10, maybe 20-25 games… And Tim Thomas is definately NOT that guy.

  • Jeff C.

    I can't believe Tim thomas is even a consideration. Am I the only guy here who is glad to see him come into the game for the opponent? He is a zombie on the floor. No thanks.

  • I can't believe my eyes as I read all of this! Let me just say that all of you whom feel that the wasted career/talent/life of timothy thomas might be serviceable to any team other than Europe are not knowledgable NBA fans. I used to be blind like all of you. I used to see tim's potential and size and shooting abilty. But u can only hide your non-existant work ethic and lack of heart 4 so long. Dear Tim…do basketball as a sport a favor…RETIRE!

  • Stack however might be an option. He plays little d but in Boston everyone plays d..or else! LOL stack is never affraid to shoot. Age and injury may be a concern but stack may add some scoring to the bench…anything but tim Thomas is an upgrade to TA.

  • Tonaj

    hell no hell no hell no, he dont bring the engry that big baby has brought. big baby is young and he is develop a jump shot from 15ft big baby is a better fit for the C's.