Post-game Reactions

Buried in an ESPN article about the four team trade where the Mav’s nab Shawn Marion is a little blurb about how the Cav’s signed Anthony Parker.  I then double checked and found that information here as well.  I can’t even find anything about this on the Cav’s website.

My question is, did anyone else here about this?

And, does anyone have contract details?

UPDATE:….answering my own second question, according to the Chronicle-Telegram:

“Terms of the contract were unavailable, but are believed to average around $5 million per season.”

Seriously, who gets $5 million per season when they’re in their mid-thirties….



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  • Answer (re: $5 million/season in mid-30s): Rasheed Wallace. SOon: Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce.

  • Craig

    Does anyone know what the Cavs total salaries are at? Seem to spending a ton to win now and keep Lebron happy. Are they over the Luxruy cap? They also re-signed Anderson Varejao to a multi year deal!

  • Craig

    Another answer: Antonio McDyess (for 3 years). Meaning a 37 yrs old injury prone PF will be making over 5 mil/yr

  • Arvin

    Next question: Who do the Celtics go after now? Will Grant Hill be courted for a 1-2 year deal? Parker is gone, who will back-up Pierce? Pruitt may step up to back-up Rondo (can’t be worse than Starbury!) Sheed is on board, but he is not enough to overtake the Cavs and Magic!

  • Nate

    If the C’s miss out on Hill, they should go after Stackhouse once he gets bought out or Matt Barnes.

  • JE33

    Nate just hit it right on the head. Those are just about our best options at this point.I have heard Quinton Ross and CJ Miles names mentioned but neither impress me and Quinton is being signed by somebody else.. I think Matt Barnes is the best fit. So can somebody tell me why he is not Danny Ainge’s radar. In my opinion he would be a better fit than Hill. The Team is set we need ROLL PLAYERS..he could play a roll alot like posey did for us, and with the addition of Rasheed that makes us him even more dangerous.. And he even plays pretty good D..

  • JE33

    To answer Craigs question the Cavs are WAY over the Cap..And Arvin we dont need to overtake the Cavs and Magic we are already better than both of them..The addition of Shaq and Parker make Cavs a little better, Orlando got worse.. They lost Hedo, Courtny Lee, and Rafer Alston, and will problably loose Gortat too.. Granted Vince still has game but come on !

  • Orlando definitely got worse, and c’mon but a healthy Orlando or Boston last year was better than a healthy Cavs team (even an injured Orlando team whooped the Cavs). If Garnett is healthy and the team stays healthy we should be the best team in the East. I’d put Orlando 2nd and Cavs 3rd. I think Cleveland just padded their record against weak opponents last year, seems like they won a lot of come from behind games against really weak teams on the shoulders of Lebron (and the calls he gets).

  • got 2 get g. hill. imperative. 35 year olds in sports these days are like 29 or 30 year olds, twenty years ago. besides he sat a lot over a few seasons. his body hasn’t taken the beating others at his age have. we get him, we’re in.

  • I had no idea until listening to summer league game tonight. BTW, Dante and Galante have been absolutely dissing the snot out of you all night.

  • Yeah, the Cavs are not paying Parker the full MLE. From what I’ve read, its closer to around $3.5 mil.