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I didn’t think it was possible for Perk to be demoted, but it sounds like Doc is already thinking about it. Via Fanhouse:

“We’re going to put our best five on the floor,” said Celtics Coach Doc Rivers Wednesday. “At this point, I don’t know if we’re going to change the starting lineup.”

This makes me…uncomfortable. More tomorrow. 

Oh, and ‘Sheed’s deal contains a player option for the third season, according to the Globe. This makes me more uncomfortable. As of right now, the only players guaranteed to be on the 2011-12 Boston Celtics are Kevin Garnett and Rasheed Wallace.

UPDATE: CelticsBlog has a poll up here asking who should start at center, Perk or Sheed. The incumbent is winning in a landslide right now, which is interesting. Are we, as fans, blindly loyal to Perk because of the hard work he’s put in to become a more complete player on both sides of the ball? If so, are we, to put it bluntly, being stupid? If you polled GMs and asked them who is better at this moment, Sheed or Perk, I bet at least 20 would say Sheed without thinking about it for more than five seconds. 

There could also be another dynamic at work here. For whatever reason, we like the idea of an offensive force coming off the bench. We like balance in our line-ups. We don’t like the idea of Perk out there as the second scoring option among the back-ups. 

Of course, basketball is much more complicated than this, and no matter who starts, Doc will do all sorts of mix and matching so that each of the “centers” plays with various combos of the Big Four. That’s the nice thing about having depth.

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  • MaineFan

    If Perk doesn’t start, it’s a travesty. He has put in his work. Also, the idea of Wallace having an option on the 3rd year makes me nauseous.



  • T

    I may be blasphemous here, but is it an absolute consensus that sheed will be replacing perk? Do we know what kind of condition Garnett’s knee is in right now? Progress on Garnett’s rehab has been awfully quiet over the past couple of months. And it also seems interesting that they went out to get sheed when Garnett’s and and ‘sheed’s game are so similar.

    It would be silly to put Garnett and sheed out there at the same time because they are not post-up paint players. Perk definitely showed some flashes of a post game against the Bulls in the playoffs. Yes, he got quiet against D12, but with such a depleted bench he needed to stay on the floor and do his heavy lifting on the defensive end.

    Perhaps the big wigs aren’t giving us the whole story.

  • Michael, South Carolina

    I think Doc needs to start Perk! Perk will get into early foul trouble so you have to spell him. I think Perk played some of his best ball against D12 on the defensive side. However can you imagine a frontcourt of Sheed Kg and Perk on the floor at the same time.

  • R

    Six months ago, as much as I love Perk, would have said Sheed, hands down. NOW, after watching him handle D Howard in the semi’s, BETTER than all others on the defensive end (look up the numbers) I’d have to say Perk. Mark my words, Perk will be one of the great ones. Big men, especially playing center, take the longest to develope. He’s almost their now.

  • alan

    i see arguments for both starters. i’m pretty loyal as a person though, so i’d hate to see perk lose his starting job.

    in favor of perk as a starter: his defense has escalated him towards being one of the top centers in the league. maybe not top-tier, but 2nd tier at least. in his favor, he knows all of thibs’ defensive schemes and he has shown that he can be a force on defense. his offense developed quite a bit this past season, and he showed us a baby hook and a 6-foot turnaround move that could develop into a good low post game.

    and for wallace: he is a veteran who has shown that he has the length and ability to provide consistent defense and his basketball IQ is through the roof. he will be able to learn the celtics’ defensive rotations and should fit into them nicely. in addition, as everyone has been writing about, he has the ability to stretch the floor with his jump shot, which is a nice quality to have in a center. i have to admit, watching perkins work with the ball beyond 10 feet can be kind kind of scary. and let’s not forget doc’s tendencies towards veterans.

    we’ll have to wait until training camp to see how it all shakes out. i think if doc can manage the egos of everyone, a situation could shake out where perk and sheed both find themselves starting based on matchups. i know coaches don’t like to change their starting 5 every night though, so this seems like a longshot.

    i think the celtics already put the best starting 5 on the floor in the nba, and sheed has the potential to be an impact player off the bench while perk holds it down with the starters.

  • mallz

    rumors rumors rumors! i think it will be rondo allen pierce kg perk- thats where the chemistry is. the young mixed with veteran solid frontcourt play. rasheed can close out games, if he gets it goin. the bench needs to be out there more in 2nd quarter and end of 3rd start of 4th. they key is to keep our stars fresh for games for playoffs for finals ceremony lol

  • jay

    I like Wallace in that second unit better. If Perk becomes a backup, there’s no big man that can spread the floor as well. Teams have to respect Wallaces jumper, they don’t respect Perks. First unit already has KG, with a reliable mid-range jumper.

    You take Wallace out of that second line-up, and there’s no big man to spread the floor. Teams will lay off Perk if he’s off the block, and clog up the paint.

  • Cas

    20 GMs would say Wallace?

    You mean the same GMs who drafted the Kandiman at #1, and Michael Redd at #43?

    Yeah, those guys are credible…

  • EMF

    the better player doesn’t always have to start….look at manu in SA…the best interest of the team is to have sheed come in off the bench. I think it will hurt perkins developement to come of the bench. He feeds off the attention the big 3 get

  • csm99

    I think it’s good because then Perk can come off with more energy off the bench for Sheed or KG.

  • Sheed having a third year option doesn’t bother me so much, even if he takes it he’ll be an expiring contract and thus valuable trade bait, right?

    I don’t like the idea of him starting, though. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, and our starting five ain’t nuthin’ close to broke. Perk fits in perfectly, why change that? Also I really like the idea of Sheed off the bench as a sixth man, substituting for Perk most often because of his tendency to collect fouls. Sheed’s abilities, and more importantly his intelligence knowledge and experience, at BOTH ends of the court, would be an invaluable resource to have on the bench. He’d be like a combo of everything Posey and PJ Brown gave us two years ago, only more so. Add in Grant Hill(maybe), Eddie House, hopefully Big Baby, and you’ve already got a decent-looking bench. Still got Veal’s expiring contract which, along with Tony Allen, or someone from the trio of Walker Giddens and Hudson, could be used to bring in another decent role player from some poor loser team that only cares about saving a few million dollars.

    No, I hope Doc has learned to be smarter than that by this point. I hope he’s learned that it’s dumb to screw up established chemistry. I hope, but I’m not sure I believe…

  • jon

    To answer your question, yes, Celtic fans completely overrate Perkins. he’s a 24 year old center with six years in the league who last year averaged slightly over 8 and 8. yes he is a good post defender but he’s shown little evidence that he’ll ever develop a solid low-post offensive game. yes he should start simply because otherwise the celtics don’t have a large presence inside but to claim that he’s in the second tier of centers in the league is ludicrous. i’m not a big fan of Hollinger’s PER as an end-all be-all, but is does provide a decent starting point and Perkins wasn’t even in the top 20 centers last year.

    Some stats from another player in his 6th year and at 24 years old:

    27.6 min/game
    8.4 pts.
    6.0 reb.
    solid low post defender

    congratulations, you have a slightly better version of…..

    Kwame Brown

  • Mike

    Sheed was a good pick up. Remember how foul trouble keeps Perk out of games and on the bench??? He can now play more aggressive and not worry about fouling out. He will have Big Baby and Sheed for back up. I don’t see Mikkie back so someone else will come in.

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  • Travis

    Dumb idea to not start perk….really, really, really…like I cant even express how dumb this would be….what are we trying to continue knock our 2 young guns with upside that help us win now? we have wonn 128 games in regular seasons with perk starting….hes a starting center…period, end of story.

    we need sheeds prescense off the bench, and he can play just as many minutes as perk, fine…but perks starting or else we are making a huge mistake

  • phoebus

    dear y'all, i'm a spurs fan somewhat excited about the impending matchup between the spurs and celts in the finals next year after 1. odom signs with the blazers and/or bynum goes out for the year, and 2. vince mails it in, and 3. shaq goes out bynum-style. anyone willing to go in with me on our teams meeting next year, hollah.

    anyways the point. sheed, as T notes above, has a serviceable post game, much like KG's at this point in his career, but absolutely nothing that will stop dwight howard. that's why you need perkins.

    and forget about shaq. it's a catch-22. either he cares or he doesn't if he does, there's basically nothing you (or we) can do. but frankly i don't think he does anymore. he'll blow out a knee and call it a season in march.

  • icee cold

    it would be absolutely absurd to change the starting lineup. perk is one of the best defensive players in the league and did a phenomenal job against dwight.

    with that said, rasheed is definitely a better player but with the big 3 on the floor, we don't need another talented scorer to start games as much as we need to preserve the chemistry.

    sheed joined our team knowing he might come off the bench and that is how it should go. he can lead the second unit and finish tight games.

  • xxx

    starter or bench, wallace will help his team his a proven all star. he can score and most importanly defend well. the celtics is all about defense and they prove it in there championship run.. we all know that if KG didn't when down last season they may all have a chance for a repeat… but its all in the past right now I like the new acquisition of the team.. i like shed he can really do a lot of things in this league.. the problem only is that wallace has a short temper.. but KG will be a big factor to control him.. if wallce start that doesn't change anything.. as long as he plays 25-30 minutes a game giving the celtics a 12pts, 8 reb, 1.2 blocks ave a game that will help us.. i know he can do more… thanks for going the celtics more power…. I think this will be our year again celtics……