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According to Boston.com, the New Orleans Hornets are interested in pursuing Glen “Big Baby” Davis in a sign-and-trade.  It’s obvious why New Orleans would want to do this, as their front line could be the least-toughest in the NBA (the heaviest guy on the team is David West who is more of a swingman than a bruising power forward).  Davis is also from Louisiana and would be a nice hometown addition.  The advantages for the Celtics, however, are less obvious.

Both the Hornets and Celtics are over the salary cap so by sign-and-trade rules, New Orleans can’t receive more than 125% plus $100,000 of their outgoing salary (or salaries).  That means in order for this to work, the Celtics could send Big Baby for a combination of Rasual Butler/ Hilton Armstrong and Julian Wright.

Rasual Butler is an interesting prospect to back up Paul Pierce.  Throughout his career, Butler has been a quintessential glue-guy as well as a spot starter.  Last season, he started 73 games last season an averaged 11 points a game per 32 minutes.  He’s not flashy, he doesn’t make any highlight reels, but he did shoot nearly 40% from three last season (better numbers than James Jones).  At 6’7″, he could come off the bench to spell Pierce and because he’s a threat from three, he could also spell Ray Allen at times.  His rebounding numbers are less than ideal but with a lesser, off-the-bench role, he won’t be called upon to rebound, just put the ball in the hole and defend.

Hilton Armstrong is essentially useless for the Celtics.  As a Glen Davis replacement, he would be called on to rebound and make midrange jumpers and it appears he can’t do either.  Last season he averaged almost 3 rebounds per 15 minutes and the following is a comparison of shot charts (via NBA.com) for Armstrong and Davis:



If you look at these you can clearly see there is no comparison.

Julian Wright is an interesting prospect, but like many of his 2007 NBA Draft early entry counterparts (Greg Oden, Mike Conley Jr., Brandan Wright) right now he’s all hype and no hoop.  Besides, it’s doubtful New Orleans would just dump a guy with Wright’s potential.  He’s only 22, and could be a lot better than I’m willing to give him credit for.

The only way I see the Celtics doing a deal like this is if they lose Grant Hill to Phoenix or New York and they feel they can get a midrange shooting big man (a la Antonio McDyess).  Personally, I like Rasual Butler, but I like Big Baby and Grant Hill better.

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  • jiggy


  • Jiggy’s right–Big Baby’s trade value would be much lower than any new salary because of base year compensation rules. So the Hornets wouldn’t have to give up as much in salary to make the deal work. In reality, they’d probably like to give us MORE than they take in, because NO desperately needs to save money this year. See Hornets247 for more.

  • Arvin

    What about Big Baby to NO for Butler and a No. 1 pick? It would be a low first rounder for the Celtics, but we may not be able to afford him. The Celtics could then pick up Antonio McDyess (if willing) or Grant Hill. Would NO add a pick for Big Baby. I’d rather keep Davis, but not sure we have the dough . . .

  • What is wrong with every one? Sure butler is a decent back up…sure wright has up side…sure Hilton is garbage. But it’s BBD we are talking about giving up! For what? We can afford his because we have his early bird rights… We will and should match any offer. He is getting better by the minute, he plays hard, with heart, the Celtic way, and is coachable. Top that! Seriously BBD WILL BE A CELTIC
    Danny who I don’t exactly care for is playing it smart for now..most teams have dropped out of the bbd sweepstakes and his value to other teams has dropped and isn’t worth the cost. Dannys willing to match any reasonable contract and that’s all any team can offer. Now that bbd has seen his stock drop his price will too and the c’s will get bbd at the best possible price. BBD 4 Hilton, wright, butler *!€#*
    People are nuts to believe that load of…malarky

  • jay

    To me, it’s really a moot point either way, whether we make a deal here, and end up with Butler and a good prospect in Wright, or we manage to resign baby (with or without Hill, whatever) I like our team right now, the only glaring point to me is point guard.

    We need a second string guy, we’ve seen Eddie try to fill that role before, I don’t want to see it again. Pruitt shows flashes, but I just don’t see it happening for him this year. I like the Husdon, but with him probably out for the rest of the summer season, how much can he develop in time?

    I don’t even like talking about more front court deals, until we have a solution for our backup PG.

  • I like this deal if we know for sure we wont b able to sign him. Its better 2 get these guys than just straight up lose him.

  • Rob Ace

    trade Big Baby Davis, Brian Scalabrine and Pruitt

    for : Rasual Butler and Julian Wright(of New Orleans Hornets)

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