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From Mark Cuban’s Twitter:

If you believe NBA execs during free agency, you can now ignore Gary Tanguay’s report from last night that the Mavs have entered the Big Baby bidding. (Hat tip: CelticsBlog)

Meanwhile, Ainge gave his clearest statement yet on the C’s intentions with Big Baby. Via the Herald

“We like Big Baby a lot, and we have every intention of keeping him.”

The same story reports that the Spurs–and possibly the Magic–may be prepared to offer Davis something close to their full mid-level should Rasheed Wallace choose Boston. Would the C’s match that? 

Remember, the C’s already have about $73 million committed next season, with the luxury tax expected to be somewhere around $68 million. Toss in the mid-level ($5.6 million or so) for Wallace, say, $5 million for Davis, a $2 million bi-annual exception for a wing player (Doc is meeting with Grant Hill, FanHouse reports), and you’re already up to nearly $86 million–which is equivalent to shelling out $104 million once the luxury tax is factored in. And it remains unclear who will back up Rajon Rondo next season. 

Wow. Can’t accuse the C’s of failing to spend to win.

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  • Arvin

    If the Celtics can sign Sheed, then Glen Davis will be a sign and trade casualty. I love how Davis has progressed and improved his game. He really stepped up after KG went down. Only disappointed in his defensive rebounding numbers. We cannot afford the mid-level salary numbers for Big Baby. If he would sign for $3-4 million starting per year, then maybe. Otherwise I hope Ainge is exploring what we could get in a sign and trade deal.

  • Craig

    Davis will NOT be a sign and trade casualty. He may very well leave the Celtics but "sign and trade" deals are generally reserved for max contract guys because their current team can offer more money according to NBA rules. Last I checked Davis is not that! So there would be no point.

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