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The Celtics made the absolutely correct decision to offer Stephon Marbury only the veteran’s minimum, and Marbury, perhaps believing this is 2002 or something, turned the offer down immediately and will try his luck on the open market, according to Spears

Good luck, Steph. I was honestly stunned by the percentage of voters over at CelticsBlog (85 percent last time I checked) that wanted Stephon Marbury back here next season. In fairness, the CB poll didn’t specify a salary, so perhaps those Steph supporters assumed the C’s would sign him for the minimum. There is no other explanation for such support. 

Steph had one memorable playoff performance (Game 5 against Orlando, when he kept the team within striking distance for an improbable comeback) and was otherwise…well, let’s just say not very good. He couldn’t shoot, he often wouldn’t shoot, he could no longer finish around the rim and he rarely drew fouls. He was turnover prone, shaky as always on defense and a shell of whatever it is he once was. Just look at the numbers. That is not the statistical profile of a useful NBA player. 

The veteran’s minimum was made for guys like Steph–aging players who might reclaim a bit of their old glory if about 100 things break the right way. With the C’s on the verge of tying up their full mid-level on Rasheed Wallace, there was no other play here. Goodbye, Steph. 

Now the question becomes: Who plays back-up point guard? The C’s are apparently looking at Magic cast-off Tyronn Lue (a vet’s minimum guy, for sure), and I have a couple of other ideas I’ll share with you later this weekend. 

Other notes:

• The Mavericks are about to blow their entire mid-level exception for five years on a center who barely got off the bench during the playoffs. I understand they are about to lose Brandon Bass, that Marcin Gortat is young and promising, and that the Mavs need big guys who can do something offensively, but, my god, this seems like a ton of money. 

• The Mavs are also making a play for Brian Robb’s favorite under-the-radar back-up swing man, Quinton Ross, according to Eddie Sefko.

• As I’m sure you know by now, the Lakers and Rockets essentially traded athletic, defensive-minded small forwards, with the Lakers preferring the insane, selfish and older player over the sane, unselfish and younger player. Obviously, Ron Artest is a far more proven commodity, especially offensively, than Trevor Ariza, and Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant probably carry the gravitas to stop Ron Ron from jacking crazy 22-footers off the dribble. And we’re about to see if Trevor Ariza is a really talented offensive player or the lucky recipient of open threes out of the Triangle. (As Hollinger pointed out in his chat yesterday, Ariza’s PER and per-minute numbers have always been very good, which is promising for Houston). 

• A bunch of teams made inquiries about Big Baby, according to Gary Tanguay. Those teams include the Knicks, Grizzlies, Spurs and Pistons. Of all of those teams, I really only see the rationale for the Pistons signing him. They need some bulk without ‘Sheed (and perhaps McDyess), but I have no clue why the Knicks or Grizzlies (after acquiring Zach Randolph) would have any interest in him. The Spurs, I suppose, could use a power forward if they fail to land ‘Sheed. In any case, I still think Baby will be back here at a reasonable price.

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  • I agree I think big baby will ultimately be back here. I still think we will land Sheed if that happens maybe we do get Grant Hill. Do you think there is any chance of them bringing back Pruitt? I liked him and think he could be a decent back up with another year of growth. I also kinda like Lue. I think signing Wallace within the first few days of next week is imperative as it could make another player or two come here to try to win a championship. I guess we will wait and see.

  • Also would it possibly for the C's to trade with Portland for Rudy Fernandez? Rudy doesn't want in at Portland if the get Hedo and would he be a good fit for backing up Pierce. I'm not sure what we would offer but if we could have him back up Pierce I think that could he short term and long term as the nucleus of the Big Three ages. I could see a team with Rondo, Big Baby, Perk and Rudy with the aging Big Three as role-players being competitive for years to come.

  • Lefty,

    I read somewhere that the Rudy rumors are false. Portland isn't going to give up Rudy for anything we have to offer.

  • BB

    Steph had bad stats??? He only played 15 mins or more in 4 game in the playoffs. In those games he average 7.25 PPG and 3.25 APG. If he played 30 mins thats 14.5 PPG and 6.5 APG and 45 mins is 21.75 PPG and 9.75 (you get the idea) That's not

    THAT bad of stats.. YOU ARE JUST ANOTHER STEPH HATER. Next time put some research in when your working, instead of taking the easy road. I don't know when it became cool to hate on Steph, but it seems like all you writer do not think for yourself, you just say whatever sportscenter says.

    Steph is as talented ,of a point gaurd, as any that has ever played the game. The man hadn't played for over a year in a half. To come in last year d0 what he was told to do to the best of his ability, take an unaccostommed backseat and play the way he did. Which is certainly not up to his standards, But at least LEAVE THE MAN ALONE.


    and do some original work. That article is not you.. its you being brainwashed.. Your better then that!!!

  • csm99

    We can maybe go after Channing Frye he would help alot now and the future.

  • BB,

    People who play 10 minutes a game usually play 10 minutes a game because they're not good enough to play 35 minutes a game. That's why it's silly to say things like, "Wow, Tony Allen averaged 14.6 points per 36 minutes (which is true!) Play him more!!!"

    As for stats, I didn't list them, because sometimes numbers are tiresome, but if you insist, here are his regular season stats with Boston:


    34.2% FG%

    24.7 turnover rate (which is historically awful)

    0.6 free throw attempts per game

    a net plus/minus of -13.9

    PER of 4.4

    I could go on. But I'll stop

  • mike

    Do you think Ainge will try and use the expiring contracts of TA and Scal to try and strenghten our bench? As you pointed out back-up PG will be an issue (and T Lue just does not seem the answer)and unless Giddens and Walker can play ball (TBD) our bench may hurt us once again… Even if we sign Sheed which by the way I believe would be a great pick-up as he would be able to play behind both Perkins and KG.


    i think it's better if the C's get rudy fernandez to back-up pierce and think of the future… rudy is very reliable.

  • Jeff

    I knew Big Baby probably wouldn't stay, but I hope he does I would like for him to stay. Steph didn't play well, but doesn't deserve min. wage. He hadn't played in a year and a half. So 1. No matter how much you work out you aren't in shape to play basketball. 2. Also he couldn't have been working on his shot because he lost faith in it but if you sign him. He will be in shape from the START and he will be shooting for a long time, so he will have FAITH in his shot and will SHOOT more. I think hes a good fit back up to rondo. House for Allen. (we need someone to backup for Pierce). Baby/Powe or Sheed for KG. And Baby/Powe/ Sheed for Perk. And we still need someone like a spark off the bench like Posey again.

  • KY celts fan

    I think if Marbury had a training camp with the C's, his stats would improve and would be a perfectly good backup for Rondo. But I completely understand only offering him the vet's min. He didn't prove himself last year, and I don't think any team will offer him more than we did after that.

    Marbury, Sheed, and the possibility of Grant Hill (doubtful) would be a darn good bench.

    1. Rondo

    2. R. Allen

    3. Pierce

    4. Garnett

    5. Perkins

    1. Marbury

    2. House

    3. Hill

    4. Davis

    5. Sheed

    That's a Championship team. Three All-Stars to start. Three off the bench. And a lot of young talent to fill in the gaps. Now let's see if it can actually happen.

  • Ed5

    Lefty, Gave Pruitt is still under contract for this year. I hope he gets an honest chance to win the back up PG position.

  • Ed5

    That would be a miracle if they could unload Scal and TA, but who would want them , even with their expiring contracts ? I would much rather see Walker or Giddens garner minutes that might got to TA. On the Marbury discussion, I would like to see what he could do with a camp under his belt. Also, the minutes he was give by Doc were very inconsistent, so I do not agree with Zach at all. some games he never played in the 2nd half after having a productive first half.

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  • BB


    That's exactly what I am saying…..

    Your comparing Stephon Marbury with Tony Allen… hahahahahahahahahahahah

    Come on Zach… I know you have to be smarter then that. The reason I point out the min that he did not play, is because he is a bonafide star that is used to playing the entire game. So when he was given decent amount of minutes he did decent. He came back from not playing a year and a half to play a roll he never played (back up, 10 mins)

    He played 10 min a game not because he is a 10 min a game player. he played 10 min a game because of the situation. Some players no matter what team and what situation, they only play 10 minutes. Thats not the case here.

    We are not talking about someone that is of Tony Allen's calaber. We are talking about someone that is a superstar. Someone that in the recent past has done things that only Oscar R. has done (average 20pts and 8 asst a game for a 10 year period) Isiah Thomas didnt do it, Magic didnt, John stock didnt. NOW, I am not saying he is better then any of those players. I AM saying he is as talented and athletic as any of them. AND that he is defintely closer to their calaber then to Tony Allen's..

    If Steph gets a full season, he will be a valuable asset to any team!!!

  • Arvin

    Zach & BB,

    Steph would be a valuable backup for the Celtics at the vet Minimum only. He is a shadow of himself. He helped the Celtics win ONE game. Otherwise he was always a liability on the court. Will Bynum of Detroit picked his pocket twice during the playoffs. Steph still thinks he is a big time player (he is not). Pruitt is a shooting guard in a PG's body. He is servicable at best. T. Lue would be an upgrade even though he is small. Zach, what are our other backup PG possibilities?

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