Post-game Reactions

A quick round-up of the day’s free agency news, with our usual Celtics slant:

• KG is apparently going full-out to try and convince ‘Sheed to come to Boston, according to Stein. As I explained yesterday, I have mixed feelings. If we get the engaged ‘Sheed for one year at the full mid-level, I’m in. Of course, with someone so unpredictable, you cannot guarantee engagement. If he asks for a multi-year mid-level deal, I’m out of the bidding. I’m not willing to tie up the mid-level for multiple seasons on an aging big man who showed only occasional commitment to playing hard last season.

Of course, signing ‘Sheed to the full mid-level means saying good-bye to our other fave free agents–Marcin Gortat, Bird man, Josh Childress, Grant Hill and the like. That might be a good thing, as Stein reports the competition for all of those guys is going to be tough. Bird man appears close to making a verbal commitment to Denver; Dallas, Orlando and Houston are hot for Gortat (that rhymes!); Denver and Phoenix are the early front-runners to sign Hill.

As for Charlie Villanueva, it appears Detroit may be ready to offer him more than the mid-level–perhaps thwarting the Cavs pursuit of Chuckles. 

• The Celtics have tendered the qualifying offer to Glen Davis, but the Herald hears from “a league source” (whatever that is) that a couple of teams may offer Davis something equivalent to the full mid-level. As we’ve discussed, the C’s have Early Bird Rights to Davis, and they now have the right to match any offer another team makes. Are they willing to sign Big Baby to a multi-year deal starting at $5.5 million per? Even if it jeopardizes Wyc Grousbeck’s stated goal of being in position to sign a max player next season? We may find out.

• The Celtics did not tender the qualifying offer to Leon Powe. As CelticsBlog says today: Not unexpected. Sad, but not unexpected. My guess: The C’s will try and bring him back at a minimum salary deal and let him walk if he gets a better offer. Smart management, yes. But I’ll miss Leon if he leaves. For a small-time role player, Powe has provided us with a bunch of big-time memories. His performance in Game 2 of the ’08 Finals will live forever in Celtic lore. Nobody will ever forget his contribution to this team.

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  • Pasard

    KG would push Rasheed. That jumper of Rasheed's is money like KG's. I would be content with signing 'Sheed, and re-signing Big Baby. However, the main concern is KG's knee. What's the latest?

  • Conner

    I say as much as signing rasheed would be good for the celtics, they should only sign him to a 1 year deal. We need atleast some cap room for next years free agent frenzy! Think about it, would you want Rasheed wallace this year, or Dwayne Wade next year?

  • Marko

    I am a little nervous at signing Rasheed he is a head case and only plays when he wants to. If they do sign him I agree with the above statement of only one year after all he is a aging player that again is a head case!

    I think they should try to get Anderson aka birdman and Gortat they are still young and can improve that bench which needs help.

  • Howard

    Leon, Leon, Leon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • csm99

    Dont offer davis that kind of deal go after some other people leon is as good as davis if not that better. we need a big man and some one behind paul.

  • Arvin

    I cannot believe that the Celtics are looking at signing an old, poor work ethic, over the hill big man like Sheed. He has always had a sweet jumper, but is not a good rebounder and plays with NO HEART! He doesn't play defense either. If he wants to sign for $3 million for one year, OK, but chemistry may be a problem (see Marbury – that worked out well didn't it?) Let's go after Grant Hill, Matt Barnes, Big Baby, or give L. Powe a chance to recover and perhaps later a longer term deal.

  • JE33

    First off I just want to echo the sentiments of Zach Lowe about Powe (that rhymes!); this guy was a warrier for us..He also had a great adittude..Doc loved him, and lets not forget he played like 10min with a torn ACL..That being said i think we should see about sending Scal And Tony(sorry Scal); to the Nets for Tony Battie. They might be open to this if you look at thier roster, and it doesnt effect us going after Sheed..

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  • Jeff C.

    Leon Powe has earned my respect and he deserves a chance to stay with the team. Give the guy a chance, Ainge!

  • I like Sheed for a year. Clearing room for a Dwyane Wade next year. i loved Big baby's heart but he is undersized and may not be worth the mid-level. Powe is solid and hard-working but also not the guy. When you have the Big Three and Rondo (wrap him up), you can afford a tough guy for one year that will play for his contract. Marbury would be interesting if he came into camp in amazing shape. How about Ron Artest? Turkoglu? The only missing piece last year was KG being hurt. they would have beaten Orlando and throttled Cleveland. I do miss James Posey but psyched they are keeping Eddie House.

  • Tim

    Sign Sheed. Gives KG more open looks at the rim if Sheed is money from the arc. Bring back Big Baby for boards. Hes getting his shot straight too. You could also use baby as trade bait.

  • Mike

    I am from Detroit but a big Celtics fan. Take it from me, Sheed has a nice outside jumper but has fallen in love with ONLY that shot! Nothing inside at all. When you combine that with his "play when he feels like it" attitude, I think its a risky pick. I would rather keep what we have and try to stay healthy this year.

  • John

    DWade coming to Boston in 2010!!! Bank on it TDNorth!!! They have to start getting younger at the same time.

  • Yes sign sheed for one year sign big baby back fernandez is upset in portland trade walker tony and scal and 2nd round pick for him if they sign hedo if that happen sign dahntay jones and its on

  • Ryan

    You need to let go of this "sign a max player in 2010" thing. It's not happening. The C's would have to let Ray expire and deal Rondo for expiring contracts. And even then, Ray's departure, I think, comes with a cap hold.

    Anyway, it's not happening. Wyc suggested there was a scenario under which they could offer a max deal. Not that it's his stated goal.

  • Tim

    There is many things that they can do to get a max player in 2010. It can definitley happen.

  • Ryan

    Okay, I'll bite – what many things could they do to get a max player in the summer of 2010 (besides, i suppose trading Ray before the season ends)

  • JE33

    Pierce would have to opt out of contract, then take pay cut..you would have to let Ray Allen go..Then you would loose Rondo, or Perkins, or both..House and Baby would be out to…Not Happening!!!!

  • JE33

    Besides all that, looking at todays market and the state of the economy, unless Your name is Kobe, LeBron, or D.Wade, and maybe Carmello I WOULDNT GIVE ANYBODY A MAX CONTRACT.. Lets look a some of the max contracts that expired or r gettin ready to.. Allen Iverson, Tracy McGrady, Jason Kidd, Stephon Marbury, Jermaine O'Neal.. None have won A championship.. One guy got benched (sorry Marbury), one is always hurt, one may not even find a team to sign with this year(A.I.): and the others have bounced from team to team..The MAX contracts should be reserved for that next level type player(M.J., Bird, Magic) players that are self motivated to WIN…Duncan has been one of those players for this Generation..He should have been our in 97..Last time I checked the league was not loaded with players like this..

  • Ryan

    And on top of all this – wouldn't it be fun to be in Durant when he becomes a free agent? That'd be the guy I'd target.

  • freebird1963

    After watching Anderson (birdman) I think thats what the C's need. Guy hustles, plays hard and has heart.

  • Tim

    Letting Allen go which isn't much since he is getting older anyway and Rondo expire as well is nothing if you are getting a D wade or James. If Shaq doesn't work then James will consider moving. There is ways to get it done if they really want to come win a ring.

  • Andy

    Is 21 million from Allen and Rondo's contracts enough to give wade or lebron?? Or could let scal and others expire instead of Rondo to get more room for them?

  • Sheed reacts to his situation. Everyone thought the Pistons were crazy when they got him from Atlanta, but he turned out to be the last piece of their championship puzzle. He responds well to coaching and team leaders.

    The Celtics are the ideal team for him right now, and he is THE free agent I was hoping they'd go for. He's one of the smartest players in the NBA, can come off the bench for either KG or Perk, can stretch the floor with three point shooting AND score in the post, and is a willing and gifted passer. He'll fill that PJ Brown role and then some if we can get him.

    Assuming he comes for a reasonable price, I really REALLY hope to see him in a Celtics uniform for the next few years. (I also really hope we find a way to keep Powe.)

  • Kenny

    It would be nice to keep powe….yes.