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Today the Eastern Conference just got a whole lot better and none of it (yet) is draft related. Earlier, the Cavs pulled off a trade with the Phoenix Suns to get Shaq for Ben Wallace and Sasha Pavolic, a move clearly made to so the Cav’s can defend Dwight Howard next season.

What did Orlando do in response?

Only begin stages of trading nothing for Vince Carter. Not to knock Courtney Lee, as he is a fearless and promising player, but he is not worth Vince Carter. The Magic would also send Rafer Alston, who is very expendable with Jameer Nelson coming back from injury, and Tony Battie, most likely a throw-in to make the salaries work.

So what does this mean for the Celtics? Should the Celts also swing a blockbuster deal? I’m not sure yet. I’m thinking the Celts might want to just trade up or buy into the middle of the first round and select a guy like Brandon Jennings (if available) or Eric Maynor to be Rondo’s back up and address the bench situation with free agency.

What do you think?

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  • KY Celts fan

    Eastern Conference is going to be a beast this year. Several teams are adding huge power to their rosters (Cleveland, Orlando), others have a whole new confidence in themselves (Chicago), and still others will regain the players they lost for last season (Boston, Washington, Philadelphia). And we haven't even gotten to free-agency yet (expect Miami and Detroit to sign some help players, such as Odom to Miami and Boozer to Detroit). If Boston wants to regain the title, which is still possible with the team we have as long as they're healthy, than we need to keep the starters together and trade the entire bench, House and Davis among them. They're the only thing holding us back.

  • FezHenry

    I think Orlando traded a really good young player for a proven loser. Vince Carter doesn't play defense, and is not known showing much heart in big games. If you want someone to score a ton of points during the regular season but choke in the playoffs, the Carter's definitely your guy.

    Courtney Lee on the other hand has the makings of a very good player both defensively and offensively, as well as playing much better than a rookie in some of the biggest games, which shows the kind of heart he has. I think Orlando messed up with this trade and I don't think the Celtics are worried at all about Vince.

  • celtics: make a trade. tradingaway all of our bench wont really help us because we may get one good player in return, and no one can work a six man rotation. the celtics should pull off a blockbuster with memphis looking as such:
    Celtics trade: Rajon Rondo, Kendrick Perkins
    Memphis trades: rudy gay, mike conley, 2nd pick in draft (only if the celtics draft thabeet, evans is useless in my opinion and a player who wont develop into anything more than rajon rondo at best).
    Celtics starters:
    3-Pierce/ Pierce
    4-Rudy Gay/ KG

    Grizzlies starters:
    1-Rajon rondo
    2-Oj Mayo
    3- Hackim Warrick/Free agent signed with the cap space….hedo turkoglu?
    4-marc gasol/Free agent signed such as paul millsap or carlos boozer?
    5-Perkins/Gasol/free agent such as memhet okur
    Obviously the grizzlies cant and wouldnt sign all of the players but if they could sign two, such as turkoglu and millsap, id be impressed with their roster

  • Mark

    As Nets fan let me agree with Fez. While I think the trade makes the Nets worse-off for next year just sheer talent-wise, I don't think Carter is going to make the Magic any better. Carter can't be effective contributor unless he's controlling the ball for most of the game and I just can't see him being getting that kind of role when Orlando has a lot more offensive talent on their roster than Carter is at this point in this career. He wouldn't be taking shots away from Bobby Simmons and Yin Jinlain here. This is a real team.

  • The Celtics mad a fatal error in judgment in their selection-theyr only one. If it were me, I would have selectd Josh Heyfelt from Gonzaga; this man has all the tools. Now thAT hedo Turrgolou is opting out od of his contract, go after him!

  • csm99


  • Jeff

    I say we still go with the memphis trade Rondo Scalabrine and someone else off the bench for Conley and Gay we would be alot better, and why does everyone hate on Perkins. Name another center that played Howard better than Perk and don't forget he is only 24. He will be a force to reckon with in future years so you can't get rid of him if we did Thabeet and KG i love KG but they would not be able to contain Howard we need to keep Perk get rid of Rondo because he is messing up the team big time like a Manny on the Red Sox type thing Ainge knows what he is doing go with the Memphis trade then in the free agency SIGN POWE and Big Baby is gone he will definitley get a better offer so get ARIZA TURKOGLU ODOM OR RASHEED WALLACE we need height and someone that can get to the basket like Pierce. Plus just like him these guys have an outside shot as well. (And have proven themselves in the postseason having all four of these guys play in the finals.)

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