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*While there has been talk around the NBA from several scouts that the Celtics have been shopping guard Rajon Rondo, he isn’t expected to be dealt. While unlikely, one Eastern Conference executive said the latest trade rumor included Rondo and forward Brian Scalabrine going to Memphis for guard Mike Conley and swingman Rudy Gay.

Read that sentence carefully: One executive has told Spears that the latest rumor is Rondo/Scal for Gay/Conley. In other words, Spears, who has great sources, has heard from one executive who in turn has heard a rumor that the Celtics and Grizzlies have discussed this deal. 

I wouldn’t get too worked up about this. I don’t like this trade, mostly because I don’t like Conley–though he did improve his play considerably once Lionel Hollins took over the Grizz job. I guess Rudy Gay comes off the bench for Boston in this scenario? Eh. Gay looks wonderful on the court at times, but I’ve read and heard enough questions about his motor/desire/whatever-you-want-to-call-it that the superficial appeal of his game long ago wore off. 

In any case, I don’t think Rondo is going to be traded. Not now. I have a post that will go up later todaypr tonight explaining this in greater detail, but the basic reason is that it will be very difficult for Ainge to make a deal involving Rondo that helps the team now. The Detroit offer, which I believe really happened, came very, very close, since Boston would have received a decent young (alleged) point guard in addition to the two highly-paid (if overpaid) salary chips necessary to make a Ray Allen/Rondo deal work. 

Because of Rondo’s low salary, he can’t net an equally valuable player alone, so the Celtics must toss in their other assets–namely, expiring contracts. Scal and TA have expiring deals that total about $6 million, meaning a Scal-TA-Rondo package combined is worth $8.6 million in contract dollars. If the C’s trade that package away, they can take about $10.8 million worth of salary in return under the league’s trade rules for teams over the cap. That may not be enough to net a package that makes up for the loss of Rondo. Richard Jefferson, Vince Carter and Rip Hamilton, for instance, all earn more than that number alone.

That’s why you’re seeing packages involving Ray Allen’s deal along with Rondo’s, and those alter the Celtics core so dramatically that I don’t think Ainge is willing to do them unless they include a decent point guard and an experienced veteran–and such packages are hard to find.

And Ainge, amid all of his statements at yesterday’s press conference, made one thing very clear: He’s not making a deal that doesn’t improve the team immediately.

Does this Memphis deal qualify? I don’t think so.

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  • i would like to see this trade we would get 2 great future prosepects for a good one and a very good againg 2 guard. i personally love ray allen, and rondos growing on me, but i love the combo of conley and rudy gay. it gives us so many options and most likely a great bench instantly, which is something we lacked last year. our lineup could look two different ways. (assuming all are willing to play this lineup at least in some points of the games.

    i would love a 4th quarter lineup of

    PG-Ray Allen

    SG-Paul Pierce

    SF-Rudy Gay

    PF-Kevin Garnett

    C-Kendrick Perkins

    another possibility would be:

    PG-Michael Conley

    SG-Ray Allen

    SF-Paul Pierce

    PF-Rudy Gay

    C-KEvin Garnett

    That would be a great last push/scoring lineup hwen necessary.

    And finally, the most plausable lineup would be

    PG-Mike Conley

    SG-Ray Allen

    SF-Paul Pierce

    PF-Kevin Garnett

    C-Kendrick Perkins

    Bench-Rudy Gay, and other free agent signings such as Jamario Moon (hopefully!), and others

  • Detroit laughed at the entire celtics organization for that enticing trade –

    Rodney Stuckey, who in his own right is comporable to Rondo.

    Rip – who is a top 10 shooting guard

    and Tayshan Prince – a serviceable wing player

    for Rajon Rando…Rondo, are you serious?

    honestly, he is a top 5 point guard in the league at best. and if you can steal Rudy Gay and the #2 pick for him, then you should…what else are you looking for, Dwyane Wade?

  • kik

    lol. you guys are so silly. you must be those boston fans i hear about that aren't capable of reasoning.

    rondo was a triple double threat through the playoffs. he is one of the best rebounding PG's in the league. he can shred offenses at will.

    why are we comparing him against stuckey??? what a ridiculous notion that stuckey is comparable against rondo. stuckey is bigger, shoots better, and that's about it. they don't even play the same.

    and rondo is definitely a top 10 PG in the league. top 5 is just difficult to breakout, because after CP3, many of the entries are comparable.

  • I forgot about Jesus, but an aging ray allen is a decent spot up shooter, that’s about it…bad knees who disappears from the 2nd round of the playoff on.

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