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In today’s latest Draft Buzz (note: ESPN Insider) Chad Ford makes some interesting possibilities if the C’s, despite what they say, are hell-bent on trading Rondo:

Given that, a couple of potential trade scenarios come to mind. These are not rumors, just hypotheticals.

What about San Antonio’s Tony Parker, Roger Mason and Matt Bonner for Ray Allen and Rondo? The Celtics would get another young championship point guard and the Spurs would get a new backcourt capable of winning a title, as we’ve seen.

Or, what about Memphis’ Mike Conley and the No. 2 pick for Rondo? Conley isn’t Rondo, but he’s young and improving, and the Celtics could get their man — Tyreke Evans — with the second pick.

Personally, the first option doesn’t do anything for me.  Tony Parker is an older and arguably worse Rondo.  Although a better outside shooter than Rondo, Parker’s offensive strengths are speed and tear drops (sound familiar?).  Roger Mason is not as good as Ray Allen now, but had a very impressive season last year and has become a clutch three point specialist.  However, if the Spurs couldn’t get over the hump with him, there’s no guarantee the Celtics would either.  Matt Bonner would be great off the bench.  He’s big and plays hard.  However, he’s essentially a bigger/ tougher Scalabrine clone who is starting to fall in love with the three ball.   All in all, I can’t see how the Celtics could really benefit from this trade aside from not having to sign Rondo to an extension and getting Ray’s salary off the books (if that’s even a goal of theirs).

The second option interests me, albeit mildly.  Conley is “young and improving” as Ford points out, and could prove to be an adequate replacement for Rondo.  Assuming the Celtics take Evans with the second pick and he becomes Derrick Rose, the C’s would get younger and more explosive.  The Elephant in the room is potential.  Although both of these players have a ton of potential, there is no guarantee that these players will be any good.  With the ever-closing window for KG, Pierce and Allen to play at the best, it just doesn’t make sense not to stick with their proven point guard.

All in all,  I’d say wait for the Wolves to try and dump Randy Foye and Mike Miller….oh wait…

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  • I know I’m a Celtics fan and blogger, and stuff, but I have to disagree with the idea that Parker is a worse Rondo.

    I’d take Parker over Rondo in a second. The difference in jump-shooting ability alone makes up for any advantage Rajon may have in youth, rebounding and defense. It’s the rest of the junk in the deal that doesn’t appeal.

    As for the other proposal, Conley stinks. No interest at all.

  • Arvin

    I agree with Zach that Conley stinks. Watched him at Ohio State and he still seems 4-5 years away to me! Now the #2 pick and Rudy Gay for Rondo would work for me (doubt it would work for the Griz though!)

  • csm99

    I they do trade with the spurs just take out ray.Because ray is better the mason and bonner i say tony, and matt for rondo.