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If you don’t think the Celtics are open to trading Rondo, I don’t know what to tell you anymore. Ainge was on WEEI’s “Dennis and Callahan” this morning, and he was honest–and fair–in his assessment of Rondo. (Hat tip: Red’s). 

Among the tidbits, via the Globe:

“There were just a couple situations where he was late this year, I don’t know if he was sitting in his car, but showed up late and the rest of the team was there. We have team rules and you have to be on time. He was fined for being late, he said he was stuck in traffic, and it’s just unacceptable.”


“As we saw in the Orlando series, they left him wide open,” Ainge said. “His presence hurt us in winning right now because his man went and doubled onto Ray [Allen] and Paul [Pierce] and made it difficult for us.”


“He’s got to grow up in some cases, and I think he is, too,” Ainge said. “Slowly but surely Rondo is maturing. He’s getting a little bit more control over his emotions and he’s responding in a more positive way as he gets older and more mature in the league. We certainly would not trade him because of those things. We really need him as our point guard to be a leader than someone who thinks more of himself at times.”

And, finally:

“I think it’s a good goal for Rondo to have just from a monetary standpoint, but to be that kind of player that warrants a max contract — I certainly don’t see Rondo as a max-contract player today,” Ainge said. “Next summer is a summer where we’ll probably have to make some financial decisions on Rondo if we don’t come to a conclusion this summer.”

Face it, folks: There are Rondo trade talks happening. We don’t know how serious they are, and it’s clear Ainge would prefer not to trade him. But those talks have happened. And it’s not because of Rondo’s attitude problem. That’s clearly not enough of a reason to trade him or discuss trading him. The main reasons, as they should be, are basketball- and money-related. He hasn’t developed a jump shot, and if he doesn’t, he’s not worth the max contract Rondo may believe he’d be entitled to after another All-Star-level season in 2009-10. Those are reasons to talk trade. The attitude, the tardiness–those are issues, and they may put a bit of an extra push behind trade talks.

But it’s basketball and money, folks. That’s why these rumors are out there, and that’s why Ainge is clearly open to dealing Rondo. 

I still contend it’s not happening, but only because the Celtics will not get equal value in return–especially at the point guard position. 

More on this tonight. 

(Note: The full WEEI transcript is here. Thanks to CelticsBlog). The full transcript reveals that, according to Ainge, Doc is NOT frustrated with Rajon. Interesting, and good to know).

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  • Corey West

    If Ainge does trade Rondo; he would put the Celtics in the same situation as Detroit by trading Chauncey Billips away. The kid will develop a jump shot. But when you have KG, Paul and Ray on the same team it’s hard to get better as a shooter. So as a young Point Guard you would tend to focus on being a better passer than shooter. So as the Head Coach and The GM you are partly to blame for his lack of shooting skills because of your emphasis on the BIG THREE.

  • Rajon Rondo is a must keep. As Ainge pointed out, he is a YOUNG player. The Big Three are getting up there in age. Rondo is the future, the player you can build off of after Pierce retires/leaves. Ainge acts like this is the first time he has had to deal with a player who is still maturing and improving his game. Hopefully Doc Rivers who has taken Rondo under his wings kinda puts a halt on any possible trades.

  • Danny Ainge if you don't get Chris Paul Deron Williams Monta Ellis Devin Harris or Derrick Rose for Rondo then you lose out Rondo is a triple double ready to happen and hid jumper will get better think about you almost beat Orlando without KG you won a championship with Rondo at the point and he was a worse shooter then stop tryin to shop your future point guard for some mediocre backup

  • shawn geiger

    keep rondo! get rid of ainge. remember chauncey!!!

  • KY celts fan

    I would love to say that Rondo has to stay. The team plays horribly without him. But it's all about winning, and if Ainge can get a point guard with a jump shot… You honestly don't know if Rondo will develop his shot. It and his attitude have been a vice of his even when he was at UK. Tubby Smith was saying the same things Ainge is saying now. I think Rondo has the potential to be the best point guard in the league in a few years, but its all about the ring and what makes the best team. If that doesn't include Rondo next year, than so be it.

  • And Rondo also need to practice 1000 shots a day to improve his jump shot and I agree with Cory West with the big three you focus on being a passer and defender

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