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With a few days left before the draft, here’s a quick look at who some of the mock drafts have the C’s picking at #58:

DraftExpress: Donte Cunningham, PF, Villanova

MyNBADraft: Robert Dozier, PF, Memphis

NBADraft.net: Courtney Fells, SG, North Carolina St.

ESPN’s Chad Ford: Bryan Mullins, PG, Southern Illinois

RealGM: Jeff Adrien, PF, UConn

So there you go. Five different mock drafts, five different players, all of whom have about a 5 percent chance combined of having a meaningful NBA career. But hey, the draft is fun! 

I’ll do an update on the various mocks on Wednesday. In the meantime, college hoops experts: Chime in. Tell us about these dudes. Bryan Mullins could break into my apartment wearing his jersey and I wouldn’t know who he was.

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  • WindyCityEx-Pat

    Looks like Danny and Doc are itching to clean the locker room of the little thug. The cat-who-ate-the-canary routine may sell on TV and to fans, but is the Cs front office fed up with Rondo? (They obviously want to sell high as well.)

    Looking forward to Celtics Hub's passionate, subjective response . . .

  • Book

    Bryan Mullins, out of SIU, is a very heady player. Not overly quick, but is a heck of an on the ball defender, smart and careful with the ball, and can knock it down from deep when left open.

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  • We've got a "Getting To Know Bryan Mullins" blog written by our guy who used to cover the former Saluki guard for the Celtics fans who want to know a little more than what the national media can tell you about him.

  • Samuel

    I have seen Courtney Fells play since he was about 7th grade. He is a very athletic 6'6" sg who has good 3pt range and a 7'ft wing spand. He is also a great defender of 2s or 3s.

    He played under 3 different coaches at NC State and neither offense showcased his offensive abilities. The guy is a definate sleeper and will be a good addition to any basketball team.