Post-game Reactions

Dartmouth College mostly seems to make news for some wacky story, a nasty controversy or straight up tragedy. We’ve had the ugliest trustee election maybe in the entire country in the last decade, an attempt to make a beer keg an unofficial mascot (Keggy!), a move to abolish (or at least make co-ed) the traditional Greek system that was met with the level of protests students used to reserve for international wars, the newly popular “Young Con Anthem” rap and the unspeakably tragic double murder of two popular professors

Basically, the school has a strange, strange national reputation, one that sort of matches New Hampshire’s reputation as a Bizarro State. So it’s cool when it’s in the news for benign reasons, and even better when those reasons involve the Celtics. Yes, this happened four days ago, but I haven’t mentioned it: Dear Old Dartmouth gave none other than Bill Russell an honorary degree. He’s not a Nobel Prize winner or anything, but Mr. Russell does have 11 NBA titles, four best-selling books and a fairly prestigious NBA trophy to his name, so he’s as good a candidate as any for an honorary degree. 

Congrats, Bill. Now if you have any money to spare for a donation…

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