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Given the rampant trade speculation in the past couple weeks, it was a relieving sight in the Herald to see a Celtics team official denying the team would trade Rondo. The entire situation has caused me to try to wrap my head what Danny Ainge is facing when entering any kind of trade negotiations this offseason. There haven all kinds of rumors and speculation regarding names like Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen and even Kendrick Perkins being brought up in potential deals.

As Zach Lowe reported this morning Danny Ainge denied the likelihood of any of these deals taking place, but acknowledged the possibility the C’s could still make a deal. I decided to breakdown potential scenarios Ainge would be facing entering any of these deals.

The first thing all Celtics fans must understand when looking at the roster, is that the Celtics have no legitimate signed assets outside of the starting five. Even diehard C’s fans wouldn’t admit these guys had any significant value to other teams around the league.

In my estimation, that means Danny Ainge was FORCED to bring up names like Rondo, Allen and Perkins in trade talks, in order to just get the dialogue started. You can imagine how a trade discussion would with Danny would go without Danny acknowledging he was at least “considering” to deal a member of his starting five.

Danny Ainge: Hey, we are looking to upgrade our bench at the PG, SF and big man spots, or maybe move up in the draft.

NBA GM: Sounds good. What do you guys have to offer?

Danny Ainge: Well we want to keep our starting five intact so pretty much anyone on our bench is available.

NBA GM: I see….and are you willing to take back any bad contracts?

Danny Ainge: No, we really can’t afford to take on any overpaid players, we are over the luxury tax enough as it is.

NBA GM: Ok then. Remind me who is on your bench again.

Danny Ainge: Well we have Tony Allen and Brian Scalabrine’s expiring contracts as well as Bill Walker, Gabe Pruitt, J.R. Gidd……


Danny: Hello? Damn it, not again!

Clearly that’s an shortened version of what a negotiation would sound like, but you get the idea. The Celtics quite simply have NO signed assets on their bench. No one any other team would look at and think “Hey, they’d likely be a contributing member of our rotation.” or “Sure, that’s someone we’d be interested in dealing for” unless they got rid of some dead weight themselves in the deal from their roster.

Therefore, if Danny even wants to keep these other GM’s on the phone, he has to at least acknowledge the possibility he’s willing to part with one of his starting five even if he has no strong intentions of dealing them. Once Danny floats out those bigger names in trade talks, the other teams are forced to listen and stay on the line. Once Ainge has their attention in my estimation, there are two ways Danny could make a deal.

1) A team bowls over the C’s with an offer for one of the an aforementioned players, (Rondo, Perk, Allen) that still allows the team to be a contender for next year and Danny would be foolish to turn down.
Chances of Happening: Slim/None

2) Over the course of trade talks, Danny turns down any deal involving the starting five, but during these talks manages to convince an opposing GM that a player like Tony Allen or Bill Walker could be a good “fit” on their roster and gets back a draft pick (think early 2nd round) and/or another insignificant but potentially serviceable player. Given TA’s injury woes and the Celtics’ young bench players lack of floor time, convincing any team to bite on a deal involving them that still makes sense for the Celtics financially is a long shot. You never know though if Chris Wallace is involved.

Chances of Happening: Slim/None

So there you have it. Those are the only ways I see the Celtics making any deals involving their own guys this offseason. Danny has been a very active GM in his career as far as trades go, so it only makes sense he explores the possibilities. Ainge attempted to stand pat last year and the lack of a deep and balanced bench became magnified with the team’s injury woes. The team’s weakness was exposed.

Ainge won’t let that happen again. My guess though is he will address it in free agency and by purchasing/trading for a draft pick or two in the late 1st round/2nd round.

As the Celtics stand right now, there is no reason to tinker with the foundation in my view. Not when you have Ray Allen coming off one of his best shooting seasons of his career. Not when you have your two youngest starters taking giant step forwards in their production last year. And especially not when you have a motivated KG returning to a lineup he has shown great chemistry with.

This morning in the Herald, Ainge was quoted as saying, “We’re trying to win a championship next season. That’s my goal this summer.” I believe that the Celtics brass feels they have the best chance of doing that with their starting five remaining intact, turning a blind eye to the future for the time being.

The Celtics will make moves this offseason. They just won’t involve the starting five.

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • Good, cuz our starting line up is just so good. We need to trade scal, ta, leon powe, and giddons to the kings for andres nocioni and a draft pick. That will really help our bench. We then need 2 resign big baby and steph then sign either drew gooden or birdman.

    Our bench would look like this then

    eddie house

    stephon marbury

    andres nocioni

    big baby

    birdman/drew gooden

    thats a pretty solid bench that doesnt seem like it would b insanely expensive

  • Brett

    Consistently compelling content brings me to your site, but please tighten up the grammar and spelling. It makes it difficult to read. Dilemna?

    Don't want to sound like a jerk, but I think your writing and your prospects would greatly improve with some editing. Thank you.

  • Arvin

    The onjly way someone takes TA, Scal or Pruitt off our hands will be if we throw in a second rounder to boot or we take on another temas bad contract. We could make a trade for M. Jaric, or any number of King players. The knicks want to unload a contract or two (but not E. Curry please). I think Danny Ainge will stay pat with our team and try to sign Bib Baby, pay 3 million for a 2nd round draft pick, and try to sign McDyess or Birdman, maybe Q. Ross . . .

  • I'd just like to state what i believe the Celtics should do this off season and see if any of it makes sense to people.

    Don't trade Rondo or Allen.

    Keep them through this year then resign both with the same amount of money next year. Rondo isn't going to get anything more than a 10 mil offer from any team next off season (if that because of the economy and the amount of great players already out there next off season) And Ray has already said that he wants to end his career in Boston so he may be willing to take a pay cut next year (Possibly down to 12 mil) which then if you combine the two amounts would equal about what they're making combined this year. ( I know that's going on the assumption that Ray will take that much less but maybe he will if the C's are loyal to him now.)

    Sign a good (youngish) wing or backup PG.

    There are some great Free Agents out there that likely are going to go at a good Price. (Jamario Moon, Anthony parker, Desmond Mason, Matt Barnes, Keith Bogans, Jarett jack)

    Sign a veteran Backup

    (Grant Hill, Antonio McDyss, Michael Finley, Drew Gooden) This veteran leadership and consistancy is what the C's were missing this last year.

    Bring Back Gerald Green.

    For the cheap price that the C's could sign him for and his always palpable "Upside" maybe bringing him back under the leadership of a guy like KG who came out of HS too, he could become what he should be, a great player (It would be worth the risk)

    Resign Leon Powe but Let baby Go:

    Leon can be had for cheap becasue of his injury and Baby will likely go for too much. Unless maybe they can get him for 3 mil or can use him in a sign and trade.

    Let Eddie go if he wants to. They'd save money and could spend it wiser.

    Here's What i hope their roster will be next year.

    C Perkins

    F Garnett

    F Pierce

    G Allen

    G Rondo

    F Grant Hill

    F Antonio McDyess

    G jarett Jack

    F Bill Walker

    G Tony Allen

    C Steven Hunter

    F Scal

    F Powe

    G Pruitt

    G Giddens

    i know it's unlikely that the C's could sign all four of those Free Agents but with the combined numbers of Eddie's 2.9 mil Baby's 700 grand, they could sign one and a half of them with that, then use the exemption to sign the other and then Steven Hunter would be a good defensive big to get under 1 mil.

    Thanks for letting me vent

  • Nate

    This is what needs 2 happen,


    1. Big Baby

    2. Eddie House

    3. Scals

    4. Walker

    GET rid of

    1. Pruitt

    2. Tony Allen(he is terrible)

    3. Giddens

    4. Powe(hes a FA and coming off another big knee surgery).


    1. Grant Hill

    2. Antonio McDyess

    3. re sign Marbury

    4. Bobby Jackson

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  • marbury dont wanna come back he said that he a starter not a backup , he held out for several months till the last minute to jus shave off 1 million dollars gabe is a nice player, plays good defense has great ball handling skills and can shoot better then rondo if ta is healthy he can guard nebody in the league but ive seen him foul 3pnt shoooters at the worst timebill wlaker and jr giddens dont trade em gidden will be poseys replacment 6-7 great leaping ability averaged 8.5 rebounds in the d-league n college 20ppg he can block rebound defend the perimeter pass , bil walker got great athleticism can create shots and doesnt back down from ne1 look it up on youtube him against tmac yoa and lebron james all in his rookie PRESEASON he also he a confrontation with kg in which kg praised him for CELTICS DONT NEED TO GET RID OF NE1 JUS SIGN SOME VETS THAT CAN PLAY BETTER THEN MIKKI MOORE AT LEAST IT WAS AN UPGRADE PATRICK OBRYANT

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