Post-game Reactions

The Boston Herald has an anonymous team source flatly saying “Rondo is not going to be traded.” (H/t: CelticsBlog).

Danny Ainge wouldn’t say that on the record, but he did say it’s “unlikely” (but “possible”) the C’s will make a trade to move up in the draft. 

So: Is this enough to kill the Rondo speculation? 

Also of note: The C’s are bringing in (or trying to, anyway), four college guys for workouts:

• UConn’s Jeff Adrien

• Tennessee-Martin combo guard Lester Hudson

• Duquense PG Aaron Jackson

• Mizzou forward Leo Lyons

I’m from Connecticut, so I’m seen Adrien a ton. I’ve read up on the other guys, but I haven’t watched them play a ton. If there are some experts out there, tell us more about them.

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  • sj

    The celtics will throw away all their chances to win an NBA title if they traded rondo. without rondo they would have not been able to win the championship last year and get so far in the playoofs this year prior to KG not playing

  • trade ray raywhile there might be interest. free up money for a run at josh childress and a good backup center. another scenario would be perkins and ray ray for pick to get thabeet. the next bill russell. will history repeat itself? remember the coup pulled off by auerbach to get draft rights. don't get me wrong, ray ray is great, but 33.

  • get something for ray ray now. free up room to lure josh childress from greece. 9 to 11 million would do it. he and billy walker, together, would be great for the future. pick up a 2 guard or put pierce at the 2. he can cover defensively. or ray ray and perkins for pick to get thabeet. the next bill russell. history could repeat itself.

  • brian

    trade ray for a pick and get younger and hope to get a high pick to get the next best thing thabeet

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  • Arvin

    I don't mind trading Ray Allen (our only Last second shot gamer!), but get off the Thabeet is Bill Russell garbage. Thabeet may be OK, possibly a S. Dalembert, or another Johan Petro or maybe Greg Oden . . . but he's no Russell! I like Ray Allen to Phoenix for Barbosa and J. Richardson. We need athelticism like those two. WHy not keep Ray and let his contract expire after next season and go after LeBron, D. Wade or Bosh??

  • Don't panic Ainge don't trade nobody off the starting line up the bench is what need to be address the starting five have to much chemistry the celtics need to get athletic and size off the bench and let ray allen contract expire next year and then think about next year

  • jay

    I don't understand why all these trade rumors are flying, bottom line is we don't need to do anything till next year, then let's worry about it. And lay off Ray Allen.

    4th quarter, game on the line, there's noone in basketball I'd rather have take that shot than Ray allen, noone. Maybe he doesnt have the first step speed he used to, but he's still as good as anyone at moving without the ball, coming around picks and finding that space to get his shot off. We don't need any blockbuster trades, just need to beef up that bench a bit.

  • Crystal

    I seriously hope the Celtics WON'T trade Rondo. He has stepped up so much. Without him, the Celtics wouldn't have gotten that far. I hope this source is right in saying that Rondo won't be traded. I hope Danny is smart and won't trade him. Rondo stepped up so much when Garnett was out. He averaged a triple double in the playoffs! He has so much to offer; if they trade him the Celtics are stupid.

  • Rondo is going no where. I say trade Allen and his 18 million dollar expiring contract. Get a James Posey ish player to come off the bench (Ariza) and get a draft pick high in the draft and get a Tyreke Evans or Maybe Stephan Curry. If he's still available which I highly doubt James Harden. There's some possibilities let's hope Mr. Ainge makes the right choice

  • Paul

    The past two seasons Boston has played extremely well together and went to the playoffs and lost a game 7 to Orlando, without KG. Why trade any of the starters. Rando and Perkins are young and Boston has another year to try and make a run at it.

  • Paul

    Boston should have thought about getting under before the trade but the goal was to win an NBA championship and must stay on the same ship until the big three splits up.

  • Paul

    I want to see more of Walker and Giddens. Picking up a guy like Josh Childress is exactly what Boston needs. Boston also needs to think about Big Baby Davis and Powe. Why not put Pierce at the 2 and bring in a guy like DeMar DeRozan for Allen.

    Allen struggled against Orlando and I don't think Boston can win next year. They need a guy like Ariza. Someone that can create his own shot, play defense, athletic, ans size. If they were able to sign Ariza, then I would consider making a trade for Allen/Perkins for Thabeet. Perkins is extremely physical and Boston would miss that. I think making a trade of Allen, Powe, and a future first round draft pick would make more sense. I would still looking into bringing in a guy like Josh Childress.

    Starting five would be:

    1. Rando

    2. Pierce

    3. Ariza

    4. Garnett

    5. Thabeet


    1. Josh Childress

    2. Big Baby Davis

    3. House

    4. Walker

    5. Giddens

  • Paul

    Once the big three retires or leaves Boston would still have several key remaining pieces.

    1. Rando

    2. Childress

    3. Ariza

    4. Big Baby Davis

    5. Thabeet


    1. House

    2. Walker

    3. Giddens

    4. (need a center)

    5. (need a power forward)

  • Allie

    I would be really upset if the Celtics traded Rondo. Rondo really stepped up this year, if it weren't for him they wouldn't have gotten as far as they did.

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  • I agree, I would be really upset if Rondo were traded, he has really played a good game this year.

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