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A Celtics Hub Challenge: Who Plays 2-Guard, if Not Ray?

Jeff Clark over at CelticsBlog outlined the case yesterday for trading Ray Allen. Jeff’s theory–and he makes it clear he really likes Ray–is that Allen’s trade value will never be higher than it is now, when his contract represents nearly $20 million of expiring money right when teams want their contracts to expire. Jeff also outlines some acceptable Trade Machine Deals that are mostly fair. 

I’m going to be addressing this topic in-depth in the coming days, but I wanted to get the ball rolling here by throwing out a challenge: If the Celtics decide to trade Ray Allen, who is playing the 2-guard position for this team? 

The only way this deal works is if the Celtics, either directly through the deal or through free agency or even another trade, acquire someone who can shoot three-pointers. Who’s it going to be? 

I’m not saying the Celtics need an All-World shooting guard to win the NBA title–not if they get a top-notch asset (a big man, a small forward, whatever) in this theoretical Allen deal. But I am saying they need someone besides Paul Pierce who can be on the court for 30 minutes a game and shoot three-pointers. And it would be helpful if that someone can–like Walter Ray–occasionally create his own shot in the mid-range game when teams overplay the three-point shot. 

You can’t win in the NBA right now with only one capable three-point shooter on the floor. Not with Rajon Rondo drawing defenses, and not with a team that has finished 5th and 1st in three-point shooting accuracy in the last two seasons. 

There are two main ways to get a perimeter shooter:

1) In the Allen trade, in which case it will be an older, overvalued shooter with a contract that runs beyond 2011. (Peja Stojakovic’s corpse, for instance); 


2) A mid-level-exception-type player (or cheaper) the Celtics can sign during the off-season (provided the Theoretical Ray Allen Trade happens in the off-season, and, honestly, I can’t see a scenario where it goes down mid-season). 

So: Prove it to me that a Ray Allen deal is workable. Because I’m not doing it unless we somehow add a dependable three-point shooter.

  • http://www.celticsblog.com Jeff

    what, JR Giddens doesn't do anything for you? :)

  • http://Celticsblog.com Roy Hobbs

    Anthony Parker would at least be an adequate fill-in, depending upon what else the return was.

    I think a downgrade at SG would be inevitable, but if the other pieces were good enough, the team as a whole would be improved.

    The other option, of course, is to find a SF, and move Pierce to SG in the starting lineup. While it's not Pierce's natural position, he is able to guard his share of SGs (including the best SG of them all, Kobe). I don't like this option much, but it's possible.

  • http://www.celticshub.com Zach Lowe

    @Roy: Parker's an interesting option. I wonder how much he can get on the open market this off-season. The full MLE? I'm not sure. He's getting old, but he's a been a decent three-point shooter over the last three seasons.

    But if we're going with him, we gotta get something good for Ray.

    By the way, does the BYC rule work in reverse? I.e. if the Raps sign Marion to a much less lucrative deal (say $8 million/season) with the intent of trading him, does his old salary ($17.8 mill) still factor in for trade purposes?

  • http://Celticsblog.com Roy Hobbs

    No, BYC says nothing about guys getting big pay cuts.

    I think the primary purpose of the rule is to prevent teams from manipulating contracts to get around the salary cap, i.e., signing Leon Powe to a $20 million, partially guaranteed contract and then trading him for Shaq.

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  • http://espn.com greenthumb

    i wish the celtics would have gotten jason kapono or a better kyle korver for ray other then that as long as they dont trade a young star perk rondo powe or davis maybe a future pick gabe pruiit but i also think the former rokks gidnes n walker will contribute nex season

  • http://espn.com greenthumb

    sorry for my istyping meant to type trade away a future pick and send off gabe pruiit since he wastin his time so he dont wind up like patrick obryant or darko milicic

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