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Celtics’ 2009 Salary Cap For Dummies, Geniuses Alike

A great post on CelticsBlog explaining what the current cap situation looks like.

  • http://www.northstationsports.blogspot.com Nick Gelso

    I think we should trade off Scal and TA. I hate to lose Scal. I will not miss TA.

    That would open up $7mill on the payroll.

  • Q.S. Chapman

    As Much as I hate to say it, thinking long term. Next year should be Ray Allens' last year in a Celtic uniform. We could use his money to get one of the 2010 free agents and sign Rondo and Perk long term. Need to let Pierce retire a Celtic. Too bad they wouldn't take a page out of Magic Johnson's book late in his career. Give up some salary to be able to bring in better teammates. How about Pierce and Garnett each give up 10 mil. That would bring in some mor quality players or one really, really good one. I know it will never happen. But regardless. I think next year is Allen's swan song.

  • James Haley

    I agree with making some trades, however unless we break up the big three there isnt any real money to free up for a good quality player who can contribute. Tony allen, Scal those guys are eating up cap space but we would still be in luxury tax.

  • James Haley

    Heres an idea fellows tell me what you think.

    Trade Tony Allen to the Wizards for Andray Blatche a good young back up center, I dont agree with trading ray because he will take a pay cut to stay a Celtic and go for another ring which will free up cap space depending on Rondo's new contract. its time to get a new bench lets not forget about Giddens and Sky walker. Power Forward may Bradon Bass or Channing Frye.

  • Mike

    the Celtics are in the ideal position. After next year, Ray Allen and Scal walk. There goes 23 million right there. This should put them in play to give Rondo a raise and maybe go after say, Joe Johnson to replace Allen. Now if Paul Pierce opts out and goes for the money, then can you smell the Lebron James sweepstakes????? WE would have more money and KG to go after Lebron with.

  • Mike H.

    in terms of getting ready for the big 2010 free agents: keep garnett, pierce, and rondo in the starting line up and maybe look to keep eddie and Powe off of the bench. Other than that, clean house to get some cap room. I love ray of course, love scal, and many of the rest (however, get TA and mikki moore outta here, like now)

    But the 3 (+eddie/powe) i mentioned above are a solid core to build around and maybe we can score one of those big names coming down the pipeline

  • http://autobloghub.com Ayako Griffard

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