Post-game Reactions

Two excerpts from David Thorpe’s chat on ESPN.com today

And #2:

More proof that the Celtics are right there with the Lakers for most despised NBA. This isn’t a serious issue or anything (we’ll get to the off-season moves soon, I promise), but I’ve already admitted I felt a pang of shame when Doc rattled off the injury list about 36 hours after Game 7. It didn’t feel right, even though I understand the team owes its fans an injury update. 

In any case, we’ll move onto more serious matters soon.

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  • Stephen Dick

    Let's hear it for impartial journalism… Whatever that is. Yes, Thorpe, I'm sure Doc just made this up because he didn't have an excure like missing a starter for the series or anything. He felt he had to exagerate the injuries of the rest of the team to justify losing to a team that had lost 2 more games then they did all year.

  • PJ

    Well, another way of looking at it is that Doc was standing up for his players — pointing out that they were injured so they didn't have to say it themselves.

    In any case, Thorpe must mean "Celts and Magic at full strength" minus KG, Nelson, and Powe, right? Or does he seriously pick a healthy Orlando over a Boston team that is really at full strength — and has homecourt advantage? Because that's just silly.

  • Yo

    David thorpe is a moron.

    If KG is healthy, is rashard lewis going to defend him? lol…I dont think people realize with KG the matchups do a 180 turn into our favour. I like shard just fine, but KG would eat his lunch, without KG noone could defend him

  • Yo

    Oh, and doc never made 1 excuse during the series. HE WAS ASKED on the radio about the injuries on a local station and simply was honest

  • Yo

    Oh and david thorpe lives in florida and grew up a bulls fan…dundundun…this guy is an idiot

  • Yo

    Oh, and how doed a depleted celtics team take the magic to 7 games, and this idiot actually lets spew from his mouth that the magic woould if both teams were healhy. truly hilarious

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  • For the record, I like David Thorpe a lot, and went on to qualify those remarks by saying the Celtics are a fabulous team when healthy and that the C’s, Magic and Cavs are all just about equal at full strength.

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  • Jim

    I respect Thorpe a lot, but really, I dunno what he was talking about. When the teams were full strength,the C’s owned the Magic and won by 10+ both times. And even in the radio spot, Doc said it wasn’t an excuse.

  • Caleb

    Yo, you’re forgetting about Jameer Nelson. He was the second-best three point shooter in the league and shot .503 from the field, pretty strong for a jump-shooting PG. With Nelson, I doubt the Magic give up the big leads they have this off-season and they certainly would’ve shot better from the 3-point line for the first 6 games (sans game 3). Not to mention Jameer opens up offense for Dwight, driving to the hoop and throwing it up for Howard to finish. That would’ve been very effective given that Perkins is such a mismatch for Dwight.

    Both teams were missing some very key All-Stars. It should also be noted that Nelson is the only real outspoken leader on the Magic. Howard is developing, but the team is Jameer’s for now. I think at full health, the series still goes to 7 and you have a 50/50 game to decide it all.

    And Jim, Jameer wasn’t playing when the C’s owned the Magic in Boston the first game this regular season. Last year, I believe both teams were healthy for the most part and the Magic were 2-1. The one in Orlando this year came down to the wire, albeit Boston pulled it out. It would’ve been a fun series to see, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see it next season.