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Via the AP:

The interview was confirmed by a person familiar with the decision who spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because an announcement has not been made. The date of the interview was not immediately known.

Thibodeau, known as a defensive-minded coach, just completed his second season as an assistant to Boston coach Doc Rivers. Thibodeau was an assistant coach for the Sixers in 1993-94.

Eddie Jordan is considered the favorite for the Sixers job right now and has said he’d prefer coaching the Sixers to the Kings (the other open spot he has interviewed for). These are the only two open head coaching gigs right now, and the other 28 jobs seem safe (to varying degrees) for the moment. (Though even some Blazer fans like him as either a star assistant or a replacement for Nate McMillan, which isn’t going to happen). 

How much of an impact would losing Thibodeau have on Boston? I’d like to think that after two seasons with Thibodeau running the defense from the bench and KG running it on the court, the team has learned the system well enough to play it without him. But some continuity is never a bad thing. 

Meanwhile, Kings fans ask: Is Thibodeau sexy enough for the job?

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