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  • Rally in fourth allows Celtics to take advantage: Somehow this team continues to live by what it does in the last five minutes of a game, now needing just one win to reach the conference finals and an overly rested Cleveland team. But the C’s, so busy living minute to minute and basket to basket, haven’t lifted their heads long enough to notice. “Toughness – a lot of character,” said Glen Davis, who in the wake of his Game 4 game-winner in Orlando added to his celebrity by scoring 16 of his 22 points in the second half, including a 10-point fourth quarter. “When you go through trials and tribulations like that during the game, to come back and win like that is unbelievable. Our guys showed a lot of character.” [Herald]
  • Taking a shot proves worthy: Then, like a death row inmate finding religion on his walk to the chair, they finally located the Garden strings. After Stephon Marbury lit the path with 12 points in the first 6:05 of the final period, he stepped back and watched his mates score 13 unanswered points for a 92-88 win that wrote its own page in the Book of Celtic, which is a pretty hard tome to crack. [Herald]
  • Stephon Marbury is a star again: Last Saturday afternoon, Marbury stood in a hotel lobby in Orlando, Fla., and chatted for some time about many things. He talked about the long, hard year it’s been. He talked about what it meant to read Bill Russell’s defense of him in the New York Post. Then, at one point, he joked, “I haven’t got to the podium yet.” [Herald]
  • A Magical Collapse: There were five minutes left and the Celtics were down by 10 points when Doc Rivers put his starters back on the floor. It was, as he said later, “a gamble” because at the time the players who were doing the most on the court were Stephon Marbury and Eddie House. But if the Celtics were going to go down in their building they were going to go down with the ones who had brought them here. [WEEI.com]
  • Orlando Magic suffer historic collapse, fall to Boston Celtics: If you called this the most devastating loss in Orlando Magic history, I wouldn’t argue with you. If the Magic lose one of the next two games, this meltdown will go down with Nick Anderson’s missed free throws, Shaq’s departure and Fran Vazquez as some of the worst memories in the history of this franchise. [Orlando Magic Daily]
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Brian Robb

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