Post-game Reactions

Big Baby > kid sitting courtside

Comment of the night:

The last play is an amazing testament to Pierce’s maturity over the years. With KG out, besides him and Ray it’s a fairly young Celtics team like it was for all those years before KG and Ray arrived. I guarantee you that back then Pierce would of took the double-teamed contested jumper at the buzzer instead of giving it to a youngster like Davis.

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • John

    Gotta be Mark Cuban's son. Get off the court!

  • Yo

    Paul Pierce , in years past would have forced a contested jumper over a double team…you mean the last series against the bulls? lol, no really. finally pierce started playing the right way last night. hes been playing like that all year, and makes that pass all the time, its annoying people even make a big deal out of it, unfortuantely he got away from it in the early rounds, and something snapped back in him last night

  • Amidst the unyielding and celebratory exuberance after the game, I couldn’t help but be a little sad after Baby sunk that 20 footer to win the game– I had barely recovered from 30 seconds prior when Baby hit a 15 footer to give the Celts a 93-92 lead.

    For so long we leaned on our captain, Paul Pierce, to be the guy that takes the most important shot when it mattered most. When the game was on the line, Pierce was our guy. He was our closer. The Truth.

    With 1:07 left in the 4th, and the Celts up 91-90, Pierce tried to take control of the game. He dribbled at the top of the circle like he has done so often. He spun. He pumped faked. He faded away. He shot from about 14 feet. He missed. I can’t remember who was guarding him (Pietrus?), but he stayed with Pierce when he spun. He didn’t bite on the fake. He faded with Pierce to put a hand in his face.

    People have been very critical of Pierce during this playoff series, myself included at times. We criticize his iso plays and heroic antics. Winning teams win because players understand their roles: some score, some pass, some are defensive specialist, some are enforcers. Paul used to be the scorer. But with his dedication to defense that started last season and welcoming Ray and KG, we can see him letting go of his offensive control of this team. He has turned into a different kind of play maker.

    Change is hard; with difficult habits, addicts find themselves still falling off the wagon. We’ll still see moments when Pierce tries to make the last big shot every, but he’s learning to let go. Change is hard. But more often than not, change is necessary.

    You’re still a winner. Still a champ. Still ’08 Finals MVP. You don’t need to sink a buzzer beater to be a winner. You’ve willed your way to leading this team through 62 wins this season, plus 6 more this post season. And it’s not over yet. I am glad you didn’t take that final shot and trusted Baby’s open shot was better than yours in double coverage.

    But, it still makes me sad that you didn’t take that shot.

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