Post-game Reactions

  • Celtics fail to show up for 3 quarters and get burned by Magic 117-96
  • Besides Eddie, everyone just looked to be going through the motions in this one
  • Another poor shooting night for Ray Allen (3/13) Time to panic?
  • Where’s the D? Celts allow Magic to shoot 59% from field, 50% from 3 point range
  • Full analysis and recap from Zach Lowe on the way. I personally feel bad for the guy as it was painful to find anything good to talk about after this one
  • C’s have made it hard on themselves all season, go into game 4 with the pressure on.
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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • MagicFanatic

    How can i say this…other than….HA HA HA HA!!…i would formally like all the Celtic's who were talking crap after Game 2 to now formally eat CROW!! Please don't be shy…step up and please explain to me how with our 34yo 3rd string PG, A. Johnson makes Mr. Superstar Rondo look like the young punk he is while he schooled him for 3 quarters. The Boston "scrubs" …and thats really what they are as you Celts fans know even better than anyone, have no match for the Magic front court of Howard, Lewis, and Turkoglu. Let's face it…the only thing that will Magic from sending your Celts golfing early…is the Magic from sending your Celts golfing early…is the Magic themselves. And i love Eddie House…you know why?? Because Eddie House on the floor means Ray Allen is on the bench. And no matter how much Eddie shoots lights out…he will NEVER EVER be Ray!! Oh and i think everyone saw clearly Perks elbow to Pietrus's chin….so we'll see how many times the Cetic's can go to the NBA favoritism well now that the NBA front office has clearly made a statement with Lakers's suspension and with the suspension of Dwight for the exact same kind of play!! Who's going to start with Kendrick out?? Mikki "Foul Magnet" Moore??? Good luck with that!! LOL

  • Brendan Jackson

    I can't see the league suspending Perk for the elbow. There was no wind up, no follow through, and it occurred on a basketball play by Perk establishing position. Was it a dirty play that cost the Celtics and shouldn't have happened, yes. But as John Barry said during the game, it was a response to a shot Perk took from Pietrus earlier. If they review the play, they'll review the Pietrus one as well and by your account both will be suspended. However, I believe it'll rule out like the Kobe Bryant situation, where Perk won't be suspended and the elbow is shown to land below the shoulders. Besides, he didn't "throw" the elbow like Howard did to Dalembert, he brought the elbow up and moved it into Pietrus. I think expecting a suspension is a little greedy.

  • MagicFanatic

    Lol…i see….somehow the "Elbow" moved itself into Pietrus?? Maybe we should just suspend the "Elbow"?? Lol…oh and the "Elbow"…..not Perk of course…struck in the throat/chin area….CLEARLY above the shoulders Stu Jackson so vigorously defends. But i'll gladly take the Perk for Pietrus trade on suspension…that would leave Mikki Moore starting??? LMAO

  • Yo

    Hey magic fanatic….whats the deal?

    It was 1 game, and I dont believe anyone from this blog was talking trash.

    boston scrubs? yes our bench isnt deep, and we have a young team mixed with 2 over 30 perimeter players. Pierce is just out of it, and obviouslt ray isnt shooting the ball well

    You havent won the series mind you, and just go away and shut up about rondo being a punk, its sports bro, take a step back and calm down about it…punk? lol….

  • Yo

    Oh and by the way, its not killing me to be down in this series. if we won this series, what a joke that would be, honestly. are team is depleted and exhaused. whoever wins isnt going to beat cleveland anyways, so good look with that

    oh wait….magic still have to win 2 ball games to get there

  • MagicFanatic

    Yo…from the looks of the massive response…either Boston fans are too embarrassed after getting the air sucked out of their "huge" momentum in Orlando or nobody even reads this blog..lol. Oh and way to use the injured and depleted card after a game that we don't have our All-Star PG…don't have his back up do to an iffy suspension, lose our 3rd string PG for the entire 4rth due to a tiff with SVG, have a rookie coming back in his first game after face surgery 10 days ago and play the entire 4rth also without our best player, Howard due to iffy foul calls. Without all of that we took a 7 point lead back to as much as 25!! So yea…great point you made there..lol. Also…we beat the Lebrons 2-1 in the regular season…including a 30 point beat down…and we'll do it again in the playoffs. Oh…and love your grammar and spelling..just what i would expect from a Celtic fan!!

  • Tony N

    Yo, I would normally agree with you that MagicFanatic is out of line with all the trash talking, but you should try reading our local paper blogs and you will see how rude Boston fans are. 90% of their comments are out of line and now it's time for them to eat it. Go MagicFanatic! By the way…Rondo IS a "punk" along with Garnett, House, and Perkins. They should start a punk rock band and name it Gone Fishin'.