Post-game Reactions

  • No moral victory for Celtics: This kind of thinking is dangerous, and as the Celtics head into Game 2 against Orlando, they can almost be heard talking themselves out of the worst kind of pitfall. Pay no attention to the second half of Game 1, when they trimmed a 28-point deficit down as far as three points. “I don’t live by that moral victory theory,” Brian Scalabrine said. “There’s no moral victories in the playoffs.” [Herald]
  • Celtics need ‘Super’ powers: Until the break, it was like watching an episode of “Fear Factor.” The Celtics would have preferred a plate of worms marinara rather than going all the way to the goal against the Orlando center. The result was a couple of air-balled drives (quick, get rid of it — he’s coming) and a grand total of zero free throws. [Herald]
  • Trick to Magic act: Keep going: Orlando was ahead by 22 and 16 points in the last regular-season duels before squandering most all of the margins, and was up by 28 in Monday’s Game 1 of the Eastern Conference semifinal series before watching the Celts get within three points in an eventual 95-90 Magic victory. As much as you might want to credit the C’s for refusing to give up, it is evident that Orlando has trouble playing “careful” basketball. This is a team with great size, speed and athleticism, and it doesn’t do all that well when someone tugs on the reins. [Herald]
  • The Redheaded Utility Man : It’s hard to believe that a year ago, this guy’s best asset appeared to be his knack for the wildly entertaining celebratory press conference after earning a DNP-CD. It’s nearly as hard to believe that three weeks ago, he continued to suffer the effects of post-concussion syndrome. Yet Scal gave the Celtics his third consecutive big effort off the bench last night, and this one was the best of the bunch. [CelticsBlog]
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Brian Robb

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