Post-game Reactions

Send it in, Rajon!

Brendan Jackson will have a full analysis later. Suffice it to say the offense came though tonight: 9-of-20 from three, 31 points for Eddie House, 22 for Ray on 7-of-15 shooting and a ho-hum 15-18-11 line for Rondo. 

With three triple-doubles in the playoffs, Rajon Rondo has already tied the Legend for most trip-dubs in one playoff season in Celtics history. Wow. 

My favorite stat of the night: 16 minutes for Paul Pierce. Even if it’s by accident, I’ll take the rest. 

Oh: Readers: Should Rafer Alston be suspended for his slap on Eddie House? Weigh in, and look for the usual solid analysis for Brendan later.

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  • MajorTom

    Rondo's dunk…wow! Who's house??? Eddie House! I think Skip to My Lou should receive a one game suspension. It was not part of a basketball play, it was a deliberate assault. Not part of the game.


    He shouldn't be suspended because House threw an elbow first. This is playoff basketball, let the emotions fly, so long as no one is seriously hurt.

  • Yo

    eddie threw an elbow? thats ridicoulous. please, just because thats what rafer said means nothing. there was no elbow thrown by eddie…period.

    should he be suspended? no, I dont think it matters one way or another, it was a lovetap..

  • AlfromHouston

    I think Alston should be suspended because that slap on the back of the head was not called for. If you look at the review then you can see that Eddie House never threw an elbow deliberately. It gets physical I know and a little should be allowed. It's the playoffs. But if the league doesn't suspend alston this time then no one will throw punches in the future. Little guys should then worry about deliberate slaps from big guys like dwight. Ouch….. hey it wasn't a punch…

  • Jeff C.

    I've watched RaferAlston since he played college ball here in Fresno. He has a knack for always getting in scuffles, fights, etc. That's why he has that scar over his left eye. He mouthed off to the wrong guy. Rafer is lucky Eddie maintained his composure….like a true champion.

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